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Re: “A Boozy Flavortown Meat Party

I have a "Surf & Turf" here in Georgia that would win the "Most Unusual" award.

Snapping Turtle and Venison Tenderloin.

Harriet Gray and I have a 115 acre farm here in Georgia, with two fish ponds and too many deer to count. We sell the cows, and eat the fish, turtles, and deer.

I do miss a lot of Old Town Eureka, but this farm life is great, John Norton

Best wishes to all in Humboldt County

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Posted by on 09/01/2019 at 6:22 AM

Re: “A Boozy Flavortown Meat Party

This is one of the most well-written stories that I have ever read in a periodical. Ms.Silva made me feel as if I was there enjoying the fun along with everyone else. Her writing style is very entertaining, and most rare in today's world of writing newspaper copy. I look forward to future articles by Ms Silva.
Thanks again

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Posted by Radiodeluxe on 08/31/2019 at 10:54 PM

Re: “The Colonel Comes Back to Eureka

Is KFC coming back to Eureka in our lifetime

Posted by Michael D Buell on 08/18/2019 at 7:10 PM

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