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Re: “Service Call

Religion and government do not mix. I find it to be irresponsible governance when a highly religious and extreme right wing evangelical politician is making decisions for the people. Those decisions will no doubt be skewed toward the favor and benefit of a few, not the populace as a whole.

Posted by Humboldtrish on 04/26/2017 at 7:39 AM

Re: “Who Was Jeff Zander?

I served with Lance Corporal Jeff Zander at the DoD language school in Monterey, CA. He acted as a mentor to me until we had a falling out over a road trip to buy some M-14 rifle stocks for the drill team he headed up. Back then, Jeff was a weasel who twisted words and falsely claimed permissions he didn't really have --- like a non-existing approval by our unit commander to drill with rifles with unsheathed bayonets, in an incident that resulted in a Marine getting his arm sliced open during a drill performance. Jeff's white collar crimes are not heinous compared to others I've seen in my lifetime, but I'm not at all surprised he committed them.

Posted by jdarling2k on 04/21/2017 at 11:42 AM

Re: “The Butterfly Effect

My backyard looks like nature took over. I have swarms of bees from next door. The bees seem to like my yard. And of course there's a lot of birds . I have fushias blooming year around most of the time so that the hummingbirds don't go hungry. I don't feed sugar water to them.

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Posted by Carol Weaver on 04/21/2017 at 2:21 AM

Re: “The Butterfly Effect

I am creating a garden in Arcata Bottoms. I want it to be a habitat.please et me know what exactly I need to do . Thanks! Sharon King

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Posted by Sharon King on 04/20/2017 at 6:43 PM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

Foghorn....did you even read the article? Apparently not. Are you an engineer? A geologist? Experienced in road construction? If not, then your faux "expertise" is simply opinion unsupported by facts. Driving the road in an RV "many times" does not an expert make.

Kurt- it's s tough situation with no easy answer, obviously. Glad to hear that there's a stakeholders group and that Jared Huffman is on it. I hope the re-routing happens in time or we're all going to need those new flying cars...

Posted by Reynard on 04/19/2017 at 8:57 PM

Re: “Playing Hardball

If your local public schools were failing it's because parents are not involved, they're not at teacher-parent meetings, they're not at school board meetings, they're AWOL.

Charter schools have a horrible record, even after culling the special-needs kids from their ranks.

Whether they graduate from a private Trump university or a public university, they will suffer debt-peonage for decades and zero career prospects.

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Posted by Howard Smith on 04/14/2017 at 12:49 AM

Re: “Banned

too bad!

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Posted by Ed Erwin on 04/13/2017 at 5:43 AM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

Excellent in-depth story on one of the worst parts of Highway 101 in Del Norte County. I'll never forget that going home from an assignment, when I was The Triplicate's editor, a car came around the corner shown in the photo in this story and overturned. Thankfully, everyone was fine, but I've covered too many bad accidents in that stretch. That was so long ago that the wall shown in the photo was not even there yet.

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Posted by Glenn Franco Simmons on 04/11/2017 at 7:55 PM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

Good solid land on each side...
the article said...slipping into the ocean below... meaning, there is only one side of a mountain, the other side is a cliff with the ocean below.
It also said that once eroded from below the segment topples. The ocean eats the base of soft rock like sandstone. It's not granite, it can't be cored into for stability. The weight of the vertical slab topples it. The road sits on that top of the vertical slabs of unstable, soft ocean eaten rock. Anything you do has to be done on soft crumbling rock. There is no stability. It's a no win.

Posted by Kirsten on 04/08/2017 at 8:35 AM

Re: “Red Handed

Much prejudice surrounds this issue, that's why actual theft-statistics are always missing.

It doesn't matter.

It's about hate.

Media has no sense of proportion, abandoning investigations of far worse crimes costing taxpayers millions and remaining unreported because they are committed by area elites.

Every poor working family in this county subsidizes the infrastructure, and emergency services for high-priced subdivisions miles from downtown, homes that most residents cannot afford, homes that will be part of the next perfectly legal housing bubble bailed out by taxpayers, homes requiring a $30 million "Martin Slough Sewage Interceptor", the largest single reason Eureka resident's water bills doubled in 5 years, and are going to double again over the next 5 years.

Business theft, called "shrinkage" remains about 1% of sales where it has been for many decades, mostly the result of disgruntled, underpaid, mistreated employees with zero healthcare, massive student debt, and no career prospects.

One crime begets another.

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Posted by Howard Smith on 04/08/2017 at 1:35 AM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

kurt. i have driven over this road in my R.V. many times over the years and not all 10 miles is affected with sliding, just some areas. since Caltrans has not solved this problem, and you sound like you are defending them cause you work there, has a study ever been done to consider short sections of bridges to span each area that is sliding? regards bob

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Posted by foghorn on 04/07/2017 at 2:39 PM

Re: “Naming and Blaming

TwinMed, where all of the medical supplies for the nursing homes comes from.. Is also owned by Schlomo. The homes pay rent to him, and buy supplies from him. It's crazy.

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Posted by Roby on 04/07/2017 at 2:12 PM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

Last Chance Grade isn't a short section of highway that would support a bridge to solve the continual movement of the current road bed let alone the fact that it is so unstable. All you have to do is look at retaining walls that were built in 2011 that are falling apart due to movement that began a year after their construction. As Caltrans has stated in our Stakeholders meeting and at town hall meetings the road bed has move east 55 feet from the original location. The Highway doesn't sit on an easement any longer it sits outside of that on parkland. I would suggest that anyone who thinks a bridge is the solution should take a drive over Last Chance Grade to understand what we're dealing with.

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Posted by on 04/07/2017 at 2:05 PM

Re: “Slip, Sliding Away

why on earth is nobody talking about creating a bridge over the troubled sections of the road. if there is good solid land on each side of the problem, why can't we build a bridge? sounds cheaper then bandaging what's there or spending billions to reroute, very time consuming idea which we don't have, the road back in the mountain. casons to bedrock, prestressed concrete and steel sections built offsite while we repare the existing road. hey, maybe you need a consultant to get this project resolved. regards bob

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Posted by foghorn on 04/06/2017 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Naming and Blaming

Without NCJ's skilled reporting, most of us would never know about this maze of predatory malfeasance. Until we, or a loved one, are in one of those beds? Thank you, Linda Stansberry.

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Posted by Barbara Madaras on 04/06/2017 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Game Over

If you want help to leave the sex industry but can't call the police for help - please reach out to

Posted by Williams Jody on 04/03/2017 at 8:21 PM

Re: “The State of the Grange

I started attending meetings, around 1985, at my local grange. We had pancake breakfast, cards every Thursday, and meetings where we honored the traditions that accumulated in the organization since the 1800's. The grange has dwindled through the years, there are no more pancake breakfasts, no one to play cards on Thursday, and the meetings are a former shadow of what they used to be.
I was at the Grange State Convention when Bob McFarland was elected. I think a large group of people expected the prior president to be re-elected, he was very well liked.
I remember the first thing Bob did after he took the podium was to raise his voice at Katie Squire. Katie was the secretary and was one of the hardest working people at the convention, for many years. It was very awkward and uncomfortable. After convention, Bob wanted to restructure the Grange. He did not want the traditions of Grange in the meetings, because, he said, "it alienated new members."
After that, he wanted to succeed from the Grange Charter, so, a new non-profit could be established. They were touting, Grange membership was up, but, also, there was a lot of talk about falsification of membership records.
The bickering continued, until the charter was pulled. Litigation ensued, ending with a court decision that Bob McFarland was not allowed to use the name "Grange". The Grange Halls are still being fought over by the two groups, the non-Grange sanctioned "Guild" and the nationally sanctioned newly chartered "California State Grange".
Just so we're clear. It is the goal of Bob McFarland to gather as many members and property as he can, but, under supreme court law, he is not allowed to associate himself as a Grange member, or use the Grange name in any form. If you are in support of the Guild you are supporting a hostile takeover aiming to have a community organization without the traditions that built the organization.
I am saddened that this would be the case. I believe in tradition. I believe in the Grange. I believe in the United States. So many of us lost whats worth fighting for just because its difficult to set out the instruments of day. We choose satisfaction without effort, comfort without clarity, and reprisal without cause.
The Grange needs your support. It needs you to learn the history. If there is no one that seeks the truth, it will be lost forever.

Posted by I've been a Grange Member for a long time. on 04/03/2017 at 7:35 PM

Re: “Saga of an Ape — The surprising true story of the late Bill the Chimp

I visited Bill many times while living in Eureka. I always enjoyed his antics, even his "turd throwing"... but often times I felt sorry for him and wished that his life could have been lived in freedom in Africa, rather than inside the confines of a small zoo. He certainly had his following though, and will not be forgotten for a very long time.

Posted by Sandi Crane on 04/03/2017 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Past Lives of the Coral Sea

Just a little slow catching up with this story, but hopefully a different audience will benefit.

Posted by TruthBeTold on 04/03/2017 at 3:20 PM

Re: “Red Handed

What is messed up, is my benifits for food, shelter and utils have all been cut off. If i want to stay healthy and live, I must lift. I dont like doing it, but I have to or I will get sick. I am exploiting these laws and rights because I have so few rights to exploit and it always seems like Anybody with money if above the law. Ill never apologize for trying to survive, But Ill also not take my thefts out on mom and pops places that are just as hard up as I am.

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Posted by Leo1 on 04/01/2017 at 7:04 PM

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