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Re: “Corrections

Not sure about the "astrological identification" (which would mostly be concerned with zodiacal constellations), but the astronomical enhanced pinpoint of light up above and to the right of the Big Dipper is indeed Polaris. (Despite Ms. Wilburn's conjecture that "what is seen in the photo is a planet" you won't find any planets anywhere near Polaris!)

Posted by barryevans on 12/26/2019 at 11:44 AM

Re: “Correction/clarification:

Karen Paz Dominguez attempted to speak the truth and was quickly reprimanded.

We the citizens of EUREKA REQUEST that the Journal apologize for all of the inaccurate articles
and errors of fact.
Is it not time to report the truth??
Your silence in this matter is not appreciated..

I am writing to inform you of a situation that I believe is occurring in the Eureka Superior courts on a much too frequent basis.

I have a legal and moral duty to reveal what I assume is blatant judicial misconduct and attorney conspiracies.

This aberration of justice not only destroys innocent families, it costs taxpayers many millions of dollars while providing only a few thousand dollars to the systemic corrupt practice.

My case alone is expected to cost citizens over 2 million dollars once it has reached the higher courts. More importantly, it can only soil the reputation of Eureka and the justice system.

The matter that I refer to is unequivocally one of the most pressing concerns that Eureka faces today. Eurekas reputation, from the genocide of the 1860s to the ecological devastation that followed, has never really been able to surface from the cesspool of historic facts.

Therefore I believe it is unquestionably irresponsible for individuals to milk the system for their own benefit, leaving tax payers to foot the bill. In addition, the reputation of these `kangaroo courts does little to promote our city or create trust among citizens. From the dozen or so conversations I have had with members of the law enforcement community, I have this belief.

The police and sheriff are highly opposed to this unjustifiable arrangement, and subsequently the judicial orders that they are forced to follow. To implement inhuman actions against innocent victims causes a professional conflict.

From my research, it would appear that Eureka California provides an extreme example of this type of sanctioned `domestic terrorism perhaps more than anywhere in the country.

The Commission on Judicial Performance will reprimand a judge who takes an early paycheck but is hesitant to investigate a potential `kids for cash scandal even when it is clear that the emperor has no clothes.

We, as men do not have equal protection under the laws as stated in the 14th Amendment. The loop-holes built into the complicated legal language give rise to misinterpretation and obstruction of justice and allows criminals to get away with the most henous crimes.

I ask for your assistance on behalf of my family and the citizens of Eureka to investigate my allegations to the best of your abilities. I will continue to voice my concerns as is my duty as a citizen of the United States.

Just about every aspect of the family law system has an inherent predisposition to treat you as a threat to your family. Especially if you are a male.

While the law has very good intentions, it is being misused regularly. The most egregious abuse is the false allegation of domestic violence that is, one party flat-out lies about the conduct of the other. The more insidious abuse is the allegation of domestic violence as a tactic to get the upper hand in divorce proceedings that is, the party doesn't outright lie but makes the allegation with the hope that the court will buy it. The courts do buy it, all the time!

Judges most definitely have adopted a better-safe-than-sorry approach whenever presented with an allegation of domestic violence. After all, you may be the next O.J.

But wait... it gets worse. You can be hauled into family court with no notice and no preparation to defend yourself against an ex parte allegation of domestic violence. Whether or not you dodge this bullet, you'll be back in court 21-days later to defend yourself again. But even if there is scant evidence of any threat, you are likely to lose since the burden of proof is so low and the risk, in the court's eyes, is so high.

What does losing mean? Most likely you will be immediately removed from your home, restrained from seeing or speaking to your children, and lose all your possessions until a later (usually much later) trial. In the meantime you are now a perpetrator of domestic violence in the eyes of the law. Your name will be registered as such throughout the state and you will have a three-year restraining order against you

In the wake of the Simpson case, AB 840 (2000) added section 3044 to the Family Code, which makes it very easy to use restraining orders as a tactical weapon in custody battles. Specifically, the change allows restraining orders which are given out in assembly-line fashion with little or no evidence required to be considered a finding of abuse, thereby making the restrained person ineligible for joint custody of the children.

AB 840 was opposed by a very credible group, including the Family Law Section of the State Bar, California Judges Association, California Judicial Council, among many others.

They recognized that the change proposed by the bill would open Pandora's Box and leave the door open for abuse of the restraining order process in divorce and custody proceedings.

California AB 99 amended Family Code section 6361(b) to provide that Domestic Violence Protective Orders issued in family law proceedings can be extended for a maximum duration of 5-years (effective January 1, 2006). Though AB 99 passed, it was again opposed by a significant group that included the California Public and most of the Judicial bodies.

Posted by Eureka Injustice on 04/20/2018 at 10:52 PM

Re: “Clarification…

Disinformation is usually not an accident.

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Posted by Oscar Leatherman on 01/19/2018 at 5:01 PM

Re: “Correction

Sorry to be such a fly in the ointment... but, your description still requires some modification. The fault that moved is NOT between the Gorda and Pacific plates. The January 9 earthquake was caused by left-lateral movement on a strike-slip fault WITHIN the Gorda plate. This produced about 2 meters of horizontal displacement. Movement on similar faults (within the Gorda plate) caused the Nov. 1980, two of the April 92, the Dec 94, and June 2005 earthquakes. ...and to be more precise, faults are not "lines" but planes or surfaces. Thanks again for your interesting article

Posted by Dave Bazard on 01/21/2010 at 4:08 PM

Re: “Clarification

once more the ncj purposely characterizes and yes even lies to promulgate its partisan views of rejecting and making fun of all conservative, religious, and traditional views in Humboldt Society. Journalism is an endangered species at ncj. well done.

Posted by unanonymous on 10/02/2009 at 9:03 AM

Re: “Correction

now if only the Sub could start doing this. It's really sad to see their stories and photos credited with "Associated Press" half the time. We never really know who wrote their stories or took their pictures. Maybe that's the goal, to mislead us so much that we don't care anymore where the news came from. Maybe a reporter in Bangladesh who speaks really good English? Is that who Thad Greenson really is? Any maybe Josh Jackson is really a Mexican illegal named Pablo who will work 12-hour days for $5 a day under the table. If the source no longer matters, then our standards are no higher than those of anonymous bloggers...

Posted by anon on 09/17/2009 at 9:22 AM

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