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Community Smoke Offering & Ocean Blessing

This annual event is free and open to all, the entire community is encouraged to join, the more of us who gather the more powerful our impact. These practices remove and purify obstacles in our life, health, nature, and for all of humanity. Now more then ever before we are seeing unprecedented destruction and disturbance to our planet. This practice focuses on harmonizing the elements both within and without. What to Bring????? 1.) You are invited to bring offering branches of fresh wet cedar, redwood, juniper, fir, or cypress. Fresh Flowers, dried flower, fresh or dry medicinal herbs, sage, etc.. 2.) Your are invited to bring a small (ounce or less) amount of sacred clean water. It could be from a spring, a river, lordes, shasta, your well, or any place in the world that is sacred to you. We will combine all of our waters into one vase and imbue with our intention to heal our oceans, ending in offering the vase back to the ocean. 3.) Warm clothing in case it gets cold and a blanket or pillow to sit on. 4.) Your friends and whole family ♥

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