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Bryan Radzin

Bryan Radzin, HSU creative writing and journalism graduate has published his first novel, Search for Truth...the seeker begins, which will be featured at a book reading/discussion/signing event at the Westhaven Center for the Arts. Refreshments will be served. You can learn more at his Facebook page under the above book title. Sandy Factor designed the covers for the novel. This is his fourth published book. His first three were non-fiction published under the title, Manifesto of a Madman for Good under the pen name, Jay Sherman. Bryan is dedicated to the promotion of Truth, Accountability and Humanism which are reflected in all his books. Excerpt from novel: “Our minds and thoughts are like nuclear bombs. When we drop them, I mean really let go and drop them on something that allows them to flow freely, there is nothing more powerful on earth, not the toughest armies or biggest guns. If a pen is mightier than the sword, then the mind and thoughts are the ink that goes into the pen. And if we don’t spend time to gather the best quality ink, we’ll drop a dud when we try to help the world consciously evolve.”

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