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Bonus Round! 2013 

Readers' Picks and Commentary

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Lynn Jones/Drew Hyland

Best Thing to Bitch About: The Weather

Ah, the "bonus" category. Let us be very clear: Bonus does not imply "non-essential." Rather, these are the things that get at the very essence of a truly Humboldt experience. We think you voters did a pretty good job capturing that in your replies — with a couple of gauche exceptions. (Wedding Rock. Really?)

Without further chastisement (yet), the winners are:

Best Humboldt vista that never gets old

Trinidad Head. Yes! Not to mention the soothing, nautical auralscape — doyng, doyng, hmmm hmmm — that backdrops the soaring views from the Head.

Best place to kill time browsing

Old Town Eureka. Yup. Trinkets and treats, galleries, topshelf secondhand goods, books and ice cream. Even turkeys like it.

Best thing to bitch about in Humboldt

If answer-purity is the goal here, then we have to report that two words, "the weather," dominated this category. Oh, you people. How common. What, nobody warned you before you moved — or were born — here that it would be gray and cold most of the time? Sheez.

But the weather isn't really what you all like to bitch most about here. Far and away, it's the "hobos, homeless, plazoids, homeless tweakers, bums, crusties, trim kids, hippies, stinky hippies, panhandlers, trimmigants and transients." And, actually, if anyone has a reason to complain about the weather, it's those houseless folks.

Best Humboldt place you miss from back in the day

Bon Boniere, though a lot of people also miss Globe Imports. What only one person — one person — misses? Trains. There's somethin'.

Best place to propose

Really? Wedding Rock? Sorry to inform you, dear voters, but that's where people get married. Propose someplace else. Any place else. Bend knee, proffer prize, hold breath. If you fear the answer and absolutely require an oceanbound cliff for potential post-proposal flinging, there are many options other than Wedding Rock.

Best last meal in Humboldt

Larrupin' Cafe. Start with the carpaccio appetizer, continue with the smoked beef brisket and finish with the rest of that $1,000 bottle of Knappogue Castle 1951 pure pot still Irish whiskey you copped from a friend's cabinet and have been nursing all night with swift dropped-my-napkin swigs under the table. After that, you're good to go. Ahem.

Best cop

Assorted cops garnered a vote or two each, but the scofflaws clearly owned the votepower in this category. The most frequent answer was a haughty "none/no such thing." Several folks called the notion an "oxymoron" and many simply said "LOL" or asked, "Huh?" and "Is this a joke?"

We're fond of some of the more true-blue answers, such as a funny girl's confession that she "was too drunk to catch his name," and a humble soul's vote for Eureka Sgt. Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez because he "broke up every party I ever went to under 21. Probably the reason I am not in jail!"

And that's it. Oh, wait. We'd like to throw a big kiss-kiss to one called "Stargirl," because that's how she voted in every category — with a daring, simple, says-it-all, loves-everything-and-everybody, charming little double x. Sweet stars, girl! You're the best! xx


Video Extra: Behind the scenes, making of the Best of Humboldt cover art.

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