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Lame Lions Lame Lions Do-goodie political filmmakers are starting to bore November 15, 2007
Puppets at the End Plus: Whiteout is a gray celluloid mess and Sorority Row is really awful September 17, 2009
Jason Statham Is Not Gay Jason Statham Is Not Gay Plus: More grim-faced characters light up Anthony Hopkins spookfest The Rite February 03, 2011

Recent Articles

  • Charlie Says Farewell

    With one good film and one lousy, Myers caps off his movie critic gig
  • Distinctive <em>Drive</em>
  • Distinctive Drive

    Crime saga is dead-right, Sarah's Key satisfies
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  • Spread It Around

    Soderbergh's Contagion worth catching, Warrior grounds and pounds
  • Spies, sharks and secrets
  • Spies, sharks and secrets

    The Debt is tautly effective, Apollo 18, well, competent
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  • Help!
  • Help!

    Detestable Southern clichés, foreign tearjerking, 3D death, meh
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  • Do the Monkey!
  • Do the Monkey!

    Charlie likes Apes! John gets nostalgic for body-swap humor!
    • Tags:
  • Go See <em>Buck</em>
  • Go See Buck

    Really. Go see it. And maybe Crazy, Stupid, Love. But definitely Buck.
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  • Attractive and Talented
  • Attractive and Talented

    Friends benefits from hot stars, and Captain America looks good, at least
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  • Wizard of Awe
  • Wizard of Awe

    Harry completes his journey, plus Pooh's new chapter

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