The prime trail idea for the Eureka area is rarely spoken aloud by trails advocates for fear of stirring up opposition from homeowners the gulches.

Already traversed by scores of informal trails, Eureka's gulches could accommodate a trail system. One advocate envisions a trail from Eureka Slough on the northeast edge of town to Elk River to the southwest.

Others say land east of Cutten could be made into a community forest, with trails up Ryan's Slough.

A trail alongside the railroad on the western edge of town may be closer to realization.

Meanwhile, in its 1997 Bicycle Facilities Planning Project, the Redwood Community Action Agency identified four possible paths between Arcata and Eureka. Two are rails with trails concepts, one alongside the railroad from Arcata west and the other next to the railroad along U.S. Highway 101.

Two other options are a path close to but separate from U.S. Highway 101 on the east; and a trail through the Indianola and Bayside pastures built in conjunction with an access road to Eureka's watermain.

North from Clam Beach the bicycle study identified a couple possible trails, all of which include a bike-pedestrian bridge over Little River:

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