by Judy Hodgson , Editor and Publisher

NORMALLY WE DON'T DO MUCH crime reporting. But as more and more information surfaced about the June pot bust near Berry Summit, I couldn't help becoming fascinated. I found myself composing a Help Wanted ad in my head:

"GET RICH QUICK! Make up to $500,000 a month in your own home in your spare time. Small investment required. Great seasonal employment opportunity. No college required! Knowledge of horticulture and hydroponic gardening a plus. Openings for plant sitters and manicurists, too, starting at $15 per hour. No experienced needed. Send SASE."

Think of it: A building the size of an ordinary house capable of producing 50 pounds per month of a crop worth a half million dollars. Every month.

Are our economic development specialists looking into this? (See story)

In a more serious vein this month, parents should be more than interested in the results of a state test administered this spring to all California schoolchildren. Although the results are lengthy and a nightmare to typeset into a legible format we felt the information was worth the effort. (See "Scorecard on Schools")

The total scores for county schoolchildren compared to the state look good. But before we congratulate ourselves, remember that nearly all Humboldt students enter school speaking English which is not true in the rest of the state. (The higher percentage of limited-English students and those on the "free or reduced-price" lunch program lower the test scores.)

In fact, the test results confirm that California has long been neglecting education. If we are able to rejoice about anything it is that comprehensive testing of students has finally been resumed after four years. Even flawed tests are better than no tests.


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