I was pleased to see the article about the Clarke Memorial Museum in your July issue ("A breach of trust?"). It covered some aspects of a complicated matter and now provides a long-overdue opportunity for dialogue between the Clarke Memorial Museum and its community.

During the last 15 years I have attended many, many of the museum's events and exhibits, and I myself have donated a few items. Probably the individuals on the board of directors believe people from this community want to donate historically significant items to the museum. Probably they also want the community to support the Clarke with money and goodwill, and I recall that the community did respond to calls for help at the time the Clarke was raising funds for the Hover collection.

But your article points out that there may be reasons for concern. One primary concern I have which isn't addressed in the article is the persistent leak in the roof that brings too much moisture into the building and into the exhibit and storage areas. Surely the members of the board know how damaging this is to the collections in their care and understand their responsibility to take sufficient action to protect the items entrusted to them by providing an organization and a facility that encourages public trust.

I think now is a good time for interested and concerned members of the community to open a dialogue with Clarke Board of Directors by telling them what they want in a museum community partnership.

Edith Butler, Eureka



The article you published on my departure from Louisiana-Pacific was needless to say overwhelming ("Lois' place"). I would be remiss, though, if I did not point out one omission that being my comments on Western Division Manager Joe Wheeler.

There was no way one could not admire Joe Wheeler, who always put his employees first. His laughter was infectious and his caring of others contagious. Joe's departure from L-P came at a time when Harry Merlo was going to make change no matter what.

I would also like to clarify that I serve on the Eureka City Harbor Commission, not the Humboldt Bay Harbor Commission as stated.

It is always difficult to express one's appreciation, but I must say your article has helped me put my past accomplishments and my future endeavors in perspective.

Lois Lee Busey, Eureka



I am thrilled to read that Louisiana-Pacific is closing its doors. After years of polluting Humboldt County air, land and water, Harry Merlo and Co. are not only demons, they are criminals.

Good riddance to L-P. It is my hope that Pacific Lumber and Charles Hurwitz and Simpson are next. Then Freshwater, Elk River, Kneeland and all of Humboldt County can breathe easier.

Carol Clarke, Freshwater


Marc Marshall was misidentified in the July cover story, "Square peg, round hole: Educating individuals." Marc was the student who received more than 200 unsolicited university recruitment letters from Harvard to Cal Tech. The error has been corrected on the Internet version of The Journal.

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