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Arts! Arcata Febuary 


1. ARCATA ARTISANS COOPERATIVE 883 H St. Prints and figurative assemblages by Elaine Benjamin; painting, watercolors, monotypes and ceramics by Linnea Tobias; polymer clay creations by Candace Miller. Wine served to benefit the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project.

2. ARCATA CITY HALL 736 F St. Photos by Angie Valetutto.

3. ARCATA EXCHANGE 813 H St. Mixed media drawings by Jay Brown s. Music by Greg Willis and Friends. Wine served to benefit Health Care for All.

4. ARCATA HOLISTIC HEALTH CENTER 940 9th St. Mixed media by Genesis Gromlich.

5. ARCATA MARSH 569 South G St. "Watercolors of the Arcata Marsh" by Cynthia Noble.

6. ARCATA SCOOP 1068 I St. "Redwoods in Redwood," photos of the redwoods framed in redwood by Thomas Dunkin.

7. BUBBLES 1031 H St. Bluegrass by Clean Livin'.

8. CAFÉ BRIO 791 G St. Paintings by Laura Chapman White.

9. FIRE ARTS CENTER 520 South G St. Suite A. Members show: "Setting a place at the Table" functional wares. Live music. A portion of proceeds go to the food bank.

10. FUNK SHUI 1091 H St. Tall Tree Designs by Jacob Brauning: functional creations hand-crafted from reclaimed indigenous woods.

12. THE GARDEN GATE 905 H St. Dorje Kirsten, visionary painter. Live music by Chris Parreira. Wine served to benefit Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.

13. HENSEL'S ACE HARDWARE KITCHEN STORE 884 Ninth St. "The Monsters Inside" Art made from recycled materials by Shilo Quetchenbach: Electronic music by Subfungus.

14. HUMBOLDT OUTFITTERS 860 G St. Wine served to benefit NAFS.

15. HUMBOLDT BREWS 856 10th St. Photos by John Chapman.

16. IRONSIDE GALLERY 900 9th St. Humboldt Arts Project artists.

17. JAMBALAYA 915 H St. Art TBA.

18. LIBATION 761 Eighth St. Rocky Whitlow's Valentine's Day inspired multimedia art. Guitar music by Duncan Burgess.

19. MAZZOTTI'S 773 Eighth St. Jen Mackey: mixed media.

20. MONUMENT SETTINGS 1499 10th St. "Trails of my Travels," photography by Lisa LoBue.


22. MOORE'S SLEEPWORLD 876 G St. Photographic wildlife portraiture by John Blanc; oils and live painting in progress by Sanford Pyron. Live music.

23. NATURAL SELECTION 708 Ninth St. Mixed media and paintings by Michelle Remy.

24. NORTH SOLES FOOTWEAR 853 H St. Landscapes by students from Arcata High Art Institute.

25. OM SHALA YOGA 858 Tenth St. TBA.

26. PACIFIC OUTFITTERS 737 G St. Oils and spray paintings by Darius Sanchez.

27. PLAZA  808 G St. Paintings by Regina Case and Victoria Ryan. Wine served to benefit Trinidad Coastal Land Trust.

28. PLAZA GRILL 791 Eighth St. Photography, mixed media and acrylics by Bob and Donna Sellers.

29. REDWOOD CURTAIN BREWING COMPANY 550 S G St. No. 6. "Abraham Lincoln Unicorn," acrylic, paper cut-outs, pen and ink by Dave Van Patten. Garage folk music by Rainman.

30. RENATA'S CREPERIE 1030 G St. "A Show of Love" mosaics by Laurel and Marley Skye.

31. ROBERT GOODMAN WINERY 937 Tenth St. Cartography inspired watercolors by Emily Silver.

32. THE ROCKING HORSE 791 Eighth St. Children's art.

33. STOKES, HAMER, KAUFMAN & KIRK, LLP 381 Bayside Road. Tiles and watercolors by Sara Starr, paintings by Samuel Lundeen, antique assemblages by Daniel Lazarus; pastels by Lisa Landis, music by Mary Harper and Dick Stull.

34. TRAINWRECORDS 685 F St. No.22, upstairs. Paintings by Victor Kibbe. Live electronic music.

35. UPSTAIRS ART GALLERY 1063 G St. "Painting The North Coast," oils by Yuma Lynch.




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