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Arts Alive! 

Saturday, June 5, 6-9 p.m.

1. WORLD CUP 1626 F St. Phyllis Barba; music DJ Kissyface.

2. EUREKA INN 518 Seventh St. Join us as we participate in Arts Alive for the first time in over six years.

2a. HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St.

Performance Rotunda: Music by Wallace & Phines; William Thonson Gallery: Images of Water; Homer Balabanis Gallery: Morris Graves & Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection; Knight Gallery: Jeff Craig, At Earth's Edge, photographs; Anderson Gallery: Selections from the HAC Permanent Collection; Mel Schuler Sculpture Garden: Richard Kistler; Second Saturday Family Arts Day Gallery: Children's art.


4. EUREKA OLD GLASS HOUSE & ANTIQUES/EUREKA SOAP FACTORY 604 F St. Artist Suzanne Sicard, handcrafted bees wax ornaments.

5. DALIANES TRAVEL 522 F St. Edie List, watercolors.

6. IMAGINE 523 F St. Terry Osborne, inhouse stylist.

6a. OBENTO'S 517 F St. Jill Koelling, photographs.


8. OASIS 520 Fifth St. Oasis Beats Volume 1, CD Release Party; sidewalk sale; open mic and DJ after party.

9. PLAZA DESIGN 427 F St. Gus Clark, lively acrylic paintings; music by Bayfield Children's Quartet.

10. NORTH COAST DANCE 426 F St. Instudio performance works set to Karen Carpenter's music; and debuting Accordiona For Gabriel, inspired by the life of Romano Gabriel, new choreography. $3 donation requested.

10. INDAH BALI 440 F St.

10b. SURFSIDE BURGER BAR 445 Fifth St. Music by John David Young Trio.

11. SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering 401 Fifth St. Allan Diaz.

12. WELLS FARGO ADVISORS GALLERY 318 Fifth St. Carol McFarland, April in Paris, photographs.

13.  AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 Fifth St. New photographs by the Fortuna Camera Club.

14. ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CENTER 4 W. Fourth St. (at A St.) Joel McCoy, environmentally friendly furniture; Jan Roletto, photography; live music Tyler Matthew Smith, Ukesperience.

15. EMPIRE SQUARED 47 W. Third St. Thrice Invitational.

16.  CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY at the Studio 272 C St. Jaimal Kordes, Connecting to the Soul of My Art: Music with Josephine Johnson.

16a. ACCIDENT GALLERY 210 C St. Over 90 local, national, and international artists; live music Jose Nunez and Krumplestilskins.

16b. HALL GALLERY  208 C St. Hannah Walt, David Hodes, John King, Regina Case, Marceau Verdier, Jay Brown and studio artists.

16c. MANTOVA'S TWO STREET MUSIC 124 Second St. Live music Confusion Hill.

16d. LIVELLA STUDIOS (Music Recording Studio/Art Gallery) 120 Second St. Psychedelic artwork Alejandro Escudero Ochoa; live studio recording with the Mob Brothers.

17.  STEVE AND DAVE'S First and C Sts. Music by Dr. Squid; John Harland, photographs.

17a. REDWOOD CURTAIN 220 First St. Sharon Falk-Carlsen, Diane Williams, Murline Georgeson, and John Lynch, photographs; live music.

18.  CHAPALA CAFE 201 Second St. Traditional Southwest artists' prints.

18a. HUMBOLDT COUNTY GENERAL STORE 219 Second St. Mr. Airbrush Hands, multimedia work.

18b.  GOOD RELATIONS 223 Second St. Tricia the Picture Lady, A Little Something Special, photography.

19. HUMBOLDT HERBALS 300 Second St. Louise Bacon-Ogden; music by Jenner Cohune.

20.  ART OF WINE 308 Second St. Local photographs.

20a. HEALTING ARTS CENTER 320 Second St. Upstairs, Suite 2A. Tina Allen, CMT, free 10-minute bodywork sessions; Kristin Pedersen, woodcuts and serigraphs.

21. ROMANO GABRIEL SCULPTURE GARDEN Eureka Heritage Society will have the doors open.

22.  RUSTIC WEST TRADING CO. 339 Second St. Christine Siverts, watercolors; MaryAnn Swan, pin art; Debi Paladino, handmade gift bags.

23. CIARA'S IRISH SHOP 334 Second St. Samuel and Angela Lundeen, oil paintings.

24. CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM Third and E St. Exhibits on Humboldt history.

25. AMY POLLOCK TEXTILE ARTISAN 426 Third St. Live men in tie-dye undies.

25a. SHIPWRECK AND YARN 430 Third St. Music by Jeeze Louise and Tomorrow Lights 8:30 p.m.

26. CAFÉ NOONERS  409 Opera Alley. Arcata Art Institute, stencil artwork.

27.  HUMBOLDT BAYKEEPER 211 E St. Music by Kenny Ray & the Mighty Rovers; student photography exhibit; Rick Gustafson, photographs.

28. RAMONE'S 209 E St. Paula Anderson, Bobbi Bennetzen; music by members of Vintage Jazz and Vintage Soul.

29. BOOKLEGGER 402 Second St.

30. TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 Second St. Humboldt County Landscpaes by Sheik & Wond.

30a. BELLE STARR 405 Second St. Rachel Schlueter, oil paintings.

30b. NORTH SOLES 417 Second St. Steven Infantino, acrylic on canvas.

30c. REFLECTIONS GALLERY 417 Second St. Brooklyn Marvin, photographs.

31. OLD TOWN SQUARE Second and F Sts. Music by Pan Dulce Steel Drum Band; Origami Crane Community Art Project.


33. BAYFRONT RESTAURANT F St. Plaza. Richard Duning.

33a.  SEA BREEZE CANDY AND TEE'S F St. Jelly Bean Mural by Alice Burney School students; live music with Full Gospel Tabernacle Choir outside.

34. VANITY 109 F St. Meet and Greet Paul Gallegos; David and Joan Dunning.

35. STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS 123 F St. Paula Anderson, watercolors.

36. PAUL HAGEN CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS 416 Second St. Sara Starr, Matthew Filar, Rick Greene, Cecilia Ricci and Wylie Landry.

36a. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HERS 408 Second St. Barry Post.

36b. BELLA BASKETS 412 Second St. Lost Coast Daily painters; food demo, Calhoun's BBQ Sauce.

36c. EUREKA FABRICS 420 Second St. Connie Rose, textile art.

36d.  EUREKA BOOKS 426 Second St. Author Mary Nether, The Famous Nini, book launch with live cats.

36e. SHORELINES GALLERY 434 Second St. Jelly Bean Mural by Alice Burney School students; also new metal art by Yardbirds.

37. MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 Second St.

37a. ALL UNDER HEAVEN 212 F St. Gus Clark, Golden SkyBird Show.


38. MOON'S PLAY AND LEARN 218 F St. Alder Grove Charter School artwork.

39.  SASAFRASS 226 F St.

40. BAA BAA SHEEPSKIN 234 F St. Konaloha Coffee.

41. DOT & DAUGHTER 311 F St.

42. COCO & CUVEE 531 Third St. Jen Backman-Stone, sculpture, acrylics and mixed media.

42a. DANNILYNN'S SHOE BOUTIQUE 527 F St. Kim Norrie, paintings.

43. DISCOVERY MUSEUM Corner of F and Third St. Kids Alive Program Drop off 5:30-8:00; call for reservations 443-9694. Dawn Woodman, Native American jewelry.

44.  OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 233 F St. Redwood Camera Club.

45.   BON BONIERE 215 F St. Elizabeth Mackay, Catch-Light Photography, wedding photos.

46.  OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Adam Scheele, abstract paintings; music with Spudgun.

47. OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING Corner of 2nd and F Sts. Bea Stanley, oil paintings and drawings; Denie Schach, glass fusing; live guitar music by Pete Zuleger.

48. HOLLYGOLIGHTLY 514 Second St. Summer Color, paintings.

48a. OBERON GRILL 516 Second St. Photographs of Old Eureka from Historical Society.

49.  LINEN CLOSET 127 F St.

50.  HURRICANE KATE'S 511 Second St. Chris Wisner, Produce as Art, photographs.

51. THE LOBBY CAFÉ 525 Second St. Peter Zambas, representational oils on linen and panel.

51a.  PLUS MODES 527 Second St. Fern Diller and Bobby Mauch.

51b. HIMALYAN RUG TRADER 529 Second St.

52. BUHNE ART STUDIOS 207 G St. Karen Merry and Fran Kuta, Studio 109, oil paintings; Erik Horvath, Studio 206.

53. HUMBOLDT CARPET SHOWROOM AT THE GALLERY Second and G St. Tony Machado and Junior DeLeon; Cija Bellis, Exploration Into Memory.

53a. SUKI BOUTIQUE 612 Second St. Linda Turley, impressions and sunsets.

54.  PIANTE 620 Second St.

55. SMUGS PIZZA 626 Second St. Andrew Meinzer.

56. AVALON Third & G Sts. William S. Pierson, Photography 2007-2009.


58. STUDIO S  717  Third St. Preview Open Studios artists.

59. HAS BEANS 738 Second St. Open Mic, 6-9 p.m.


61. ADORNI CENTER 1011 Waterfront Dr. The Ink People Center for the Arts in coordination with the Adorni Center presents it's June 2010 Gallery Show, PURPLE.

62. HUMBOLDT 1103 Fourth St. at L St. Jon Marx, Jon Marx Photography.

63. LOOKING GLASS RESTAURANT 1436 Second St. Natalie Craig, digital photo collages.


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