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Sexy Brought Back 

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It's OK to admit it, boys and girls. You've hit a bit of a passion dry spell. It happens. But as the merciless Feb. 14 holiday of love fast approaches, the holes in your datebook look ever wider.

Here's how we're gonna fix your lacking love supply, Humboldtian. You just need an opportunity to gather with other sexy individuals to showcase the power of your sexiest organ: your brain.

And where will sexiness and braininess be in ample supply quite soon? Why at the return of Advocates for Choice’s Sexytime Trivia Night taking place this Friday, Feb. 8, at Blue Lake Casino. You, Romeo and/or Juliet, will have the opportunity to play solo or in a group to answer questions -- supplied by your superhot emcees for the night, Miss Gina and, uh, some other guy -- on a variety of steamy topics. You could win tantalizing prizes. And, if you really know your sex stuff, surely someone potentially special will be impressed. (Note: Blue Lake Casino is offering room discounts for Sexytime players. Ahem.) Here let’s try some sample questions to get your brain ready:

1) What were the first condoms made of?

2) What is a frotteur?

3) Multiple choice!: How many orgasms did Master and Johnson observe in order to amass their data?
A) 500
B) 1,000
C) 10,000
D) 1 million

See? That was totally easy, right? You’ve got this in the bag. After your sexy victory, the night will conclude with some sweaty, grind-worthy beats supplied by DJs Pressure Anya. Tickets for Sexytime Trivia are $15/$10 in advance and benefit Six Rivers Planned Parenthood. For more sexy info, email Chelsea at [email protected]. Yowza.

(Answers: 1) Animal bladders and intestines 2) Someone who achieves sexual arousal by touching or rubbing against another person without consent. 3) 10,000).

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