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Ode to Humboldt 

Murdering by numbers:
One, two, three people
Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty pounds.
Whoever says weed is harmless
Must not live in this town.

Counting all the plunders:
One hundred, two hundred
Three hundred thousand bucks.
Big fat piles of ganja
Lead to loved ones in the ground.

Legalizing our weed wonders --
Tax, control and regulate --
Uncountable money mounds.
California loves marijuana
Smoke it up and pay debts down.

Diminishing Humboldt thunder --
Strains, schemes, rebel culture --
Four grow WAREhouses, Oaksterdam.
The MAN comes out on top
And we lose our cannabis crown.

Trading-in rookie grows, trafficking,
Taboos, livelihoods, lifestyles, murders:
Illegality for legality.
This is progressiveness -- all together now --
And organic, quality pot abounds.
(At least in Humboldt, and let's keep it that way!)

C'mon Cali, we can do this.

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