Never judge a book by its cover. I picked up The Journal last week at the Village Pantry in Fortuna. I was going to read all about "Art on a Hanger" (February cover story). Much to my surprise there was a wonderful article about Dr. Charles Dietl.

Why was I interested? You see, my husband was one of the six who died after surgery at St. Joseph Hospital.

First, Dr. Dietl was one of the kindest, most gentle, caring men I ever met. My husband's surgery had to be aborted because of calcium build-up -- not anything the doctor did or nothing the nurses didn't attend to.

But did reporters bother to question the families of the deceased? Not to my knowledge. I never received a call.

Had Dr. Dietl continued the surgery, my husband would have had a massive stroke -- or died on the operating table. By aborting the surgery, Dr. Dietl gave my husband 20 more days of life. To him I will be forever grateful.

Yes, I did enjoy the article on quilting! But the article about Dr. Dietl was the most fair article I have seen or read on the subject yet. To you I say, thank you.

Marjorie M. Jenny, Fortuna



As an enthusiastic book club member and bookseller, I was pleased to see the cover of the March edition ( "Book Junkies"). The article itself, however, was disappointing. If I didn't know better, I would have concluded from it that the only reading groups on the North Coast are in Arcata.

I know of three or four reading groups primarily composed of people from McKinleyville. The local branch of the Association of University Women sponsors several book clubs. There is at least one group which meets at the Senior Center in McKinleyville's Azalea Hall. Two or three groups from Trinidad have members who shop at my store. ... I know of a mother and daughter book group formed through one of the local schools. Another local group rents a houseboat at Trinity Lake every summer for a week of books and sun and margaritas.

We are taking names now for a general reading group and for a mystery lovers' group. Book lovers are welcome to come to McKinleyville and sign up.

Courtney Blake, Blake's Books, McKinleyville

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