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Timothy Christopher Trower: 1965 - 2024

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Tim was born to his parents Dan Trower and Suzanne (Walker) Trower (now Smith) in southern California.  He was raised in Cypress, California, for most of his first 12 years. 

The family camped on the small 13-acre parcel purchased in 1973, on Wilder Ridge, south of Honeydew, California, during vacations over the next 5 years, where Tim and his father explored all over the property, planning where to build, and agonizing when the vacation was over and they all had to return south.  In 1974, half-sister Kathryn (Kate) was born in October.

The family moved to the property in 1978.  Tim was in 7th grade at Mattole Union School – in a multi-graded classroom taught by the principal, meeting friends he made for the rest of his life.  He attended Ferndale High School, boarding with a Ferndale family in town, where his love of football proved evident on the field.  His half-brother Peter was born to Sue and step-father Ron Smith in 1980.


Tim graduated from Ferndale High in 1984, and he spent most of his weekends and summers combing the Mattole Valley, with various high school friends.

Tim joined the Coast Guard in 1987, where he was trained as a Machinery Technician second class.  During his six years of service, he married Joan LaPierre, served as the last lighthouse keeper in Mukilteo, Washington, and when leaving the Coast Guard, moved to Mississippi in 1993, returning to California in the summer of 1994, and working for 3 years for Van Meter Logging as a maintenance mechanic.  In July of 1997, he was hired by the Mattole now Unified School District, serving as custodian and then Maintenance Lead for 3 campuses, which included Triple Junction High School, until 2012.  During that time, he acquired his Water Distribution Operator license.  He was a member of Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company, serving as Captain and eventually fire Chief for 5 years.

Tim and Joan divorced, and he then met Kimberly Cronan, and they were engaged shortly thereafter.  They spent over 10 years together, enjoying what the Mattole had to offer.  He was hired on by MUSD, to serve as the school’s Water Operator again, when he suffered a stroke.  He was starting physical therapy when his heart finally gave out.  

He was preceded in death by his father Dan, his step-father Ron Smith, and is survived by his fiancée Kimberly, his mother Sue Smith, his brother Peter Smith, his sister Kate Trower, and his step-mother Claire Trower, along with many friends and relations too numerous to list.   His heart lived in the Mattole Valley, and that’s where he left it.

A memorial is planned for July 14, his birthday, at Honeydew School. He will also be honored at Honeydew Fire’s 35th annual Roll on the Mattole, for his service as chief.  The family asks that any donations in his name be made to Honeydew Volunteer Fire Company, P.O. Box 74, Honeydew, CA 95545.  

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