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Joseph Aaron Oakes: 1982-2023

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click to enlarge Joseph Aaron Oakes, Jan. 21, 1982, to Sept. 28, 2023.
  • Joseph Aaron Oakes, Jan. 21, 1982, to Sept. 28, 2023.

Joseph Aaron Oakes was born in Los Angeles to Billy and Peggy Oakes, to join his sister Anne. Joseph spent most of his life living in Northern California and Southern Oregon with his life partner of 24 years, Sergio, who preceded Joe in his passing into grace. He now joins the Almighty, along with his grandparents, aunts and cousins who have passed before him.

Joe was an "old spirit" who loved 1930s to '60s music, films and swing dance. He loved playing organ was well skilled in gardening, antiques and their restoration, and cooking. He found solace in fishing, clamming and crabbing and things water related. He lived life large, often with flamboyant style, and had a brilliant wit.

He is survived by parents Billy and Trish Oakes, of Salyer, Peggy Putnam, of Portland, sisters Anne and Sara, and brother McKenzie. He is greatly missed by all.

No services are planned at this time. Think of Joseph and smile. He is with good company and at peace.

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