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Carole Diane (Rogers) Higgins: 1950-2023

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click to enlarge Carole Diane (Rogers) Higgins, Feb. 3, 1950, to Sept. 6, 2023.
  • Carole Diane (Rogers) Higgins, Feb. 3, 1950, to Sept. 6, 2023.

Please join the family for a Celebration of Life
Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023, from noon to 3 p.m.
The Monday Club
610 Main St., Fortuna

Carole Diane Rogers Mausa Higgins, a Karuk Tribal member, was born Feb. 3, 1950, to Lolita “Sister” Attebery and James Antone Rogers in Eureka, California. She was the middle child between older sister Patricia Elizabeth Rogers Davis Eaton (Fortuna) and younger brother “Junior” James Antone Rogers Jr, (Santa Rosa). She spent her childhood at 4116 Soule St., “the alley,” in Eureka. Back and forth between cardboard hill, the house and Bonomini’s Market. She attended Alice Birney Elementary School. Waiting on the front porch when her mother arrived home from walking her to her first day of kindergarten. Obviously she knew a short cut. She also attended Jacobs Junior High, where she lettered in medicine ball, and Eureka Senior High.

Her first marriage was to Dustin “Dusty” Mausa and in 1966 they had daughter Lisa Ann Mausa Scates. Her second (and third) marriage was to Larry Higgins and they had a daughter Robyn Lynn Higgins in 1975. Larry and Carole spent 50 years together, not together, laughing, fighting, everything in between. No matter what, they loved and cared about each other deeply, passing away only 13 days apart.

Carole worked briefly at the Eureka Fisheries before beginning her lifelong career at various lumber mills in Humboldt and Shasta counties. She worked at Korbel, Flakeboard and Sierra Pacific, driving front end loader, dumping chip trucks and pulling green chain. For many years she came in second place in the women’s arm wrestling competition at the Mountain Folk Festival in Leggett, California. At 5-foot, three-inches tall and 120 pounds she was very petite compared to the other entrants, but she was stronger than most men.

She moved to Redding from Eureka in 1988. Moving to Anderson for quite a few years spending time with her family and enjoying her grandsons taking them fishing and going camping with them.

She lived in Laytonville for five years. The time she spent with her friends at Boomers made her happy.

She lived with daughter Lisa and son-in-law Rob for the last two years of her life in their in-law unit. When she got sick, they cared for her until her passing, bringing her home to spend her final days.

Carole and her sister Patty had a very close and loving relationship and she would travel often to visit Patty and her husband Ed at their home in Fortuna. They’d hit the casinos and have a ball gambling and laughing until they cried or one of them peed their pants. Actually they both usually did. Poor Ed. Carole was a very tough lady. Not one to complain, her Stage IV pancreatic cancer was advanced by the time it was finally diagnosed only a few months prior to her death. She emained very stoic and tried to do everything herself for as long as she could.

She did so much for everyone in her family. Her kids, grandkids and great grandkids, attending their sporting events up until the end. Even when she was in pain she did it anyway because she was the only one there. Her assistance and loyalty were not expected or unappreciated but, she surely was not thanked enough. She was taken for granted unintentionally. It took me many years to realize that everyone’s mom and grandma didn’t automatically do all the things she did for her family. It was only then that I realized the sacrifices she made for us. She went above and beyond her entire life, placing her comfort and happiness after our needs without complaining or quitting.

She is predeceased by her husband Larry Higgins, mother Lolita Rogers, father James Rogers Sr., uncle Ralph Freeman, aunts Lorraine Cunningham and Maggie, Mae and Cecilia Rogers, cousins Barry, Larry and Janet Freeman and Norman Brogi. Niece Sandra Brown and nephew Corey Jepson.

She is survived by daughters Lisa Scates (Rob) and Robyn Higgins. Step-son Dennis Higgins (Allie), grandsons Jeremy Scates, Bobby Scates, Robbie Campbell and Cody and Ryan Higgins. Granddaughters Mikey Williams and Holly Higgins. Great grandchildren Tenley Campbell, Sawyer Scates, Weston Scates, Hadley Higgins and one on the way (Ryan’s). Sister Patricia Eaton (Ed). Brother James Rogers (Christine). Nieces Carol Davis (Brooke), Amanda Rogers, and Veronica Higgins. Nephews Randy Davis (Shelly), Troy Myers, Roman Rogers, Buddy
Brown, Steven Scates, Joey Jepson and Larry, Ricky and Darren Higgins.

Please remember that there is a too late, there is not always a tomorrow, you can not turn back time, and once someone is gone there is nothing you can do about it. Make memories now while you can. Have fun. If you can’t afford to do it, do something else. Anything is better than nothing. Nothing will only lead to regrets. Regrets don’t die with your loved one. A life without regrets is a happier life.
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