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Tela 'Starhawk' Juanita (Donahue): 1959 to 2022

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click to enlarge Tela "Starhawk" Juanita (Donahue) Lake, May 3, 1959 to Oct. 22, 2022.
  • Tela "Starhawk" Juanita (Donahue) Lake, May 3, 1959 to Oct. 22, 2022.

Tela “Starhawk” Juanita (Donahue) Lake, 63, of Redding, California, passed away peacefully on Oct. 22. Youngest daughter and one of eight, she was a member of the Yurok Tribe and grew up in Del Norte County. Tela was a homemaker, author, medicine woman and Sundancer.

She had a love for family: spending time together camping, storytelling, gathering rocks and at sweat lodge ceremonies. She loved to find agates, go on trips to the high country and attend Tribal events. She could find a four-leaf clover anywhere. Tela lived her life for her children and grandchildren. She had unmatched spunkiness and sassiness, and kept everyone in the family connected. She was an international traveler who could always bring the fun and unexpected. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Tela is preceded in death by (Aawok) her parents Alveretta Spott-Green and Chuck Donahue; brothers: Baldy, Whisky and Pergish; sister Marjorie; the father of her children Bobby Lake Thom; nieces: Lovebug, Angel; and nephews: Hoot-Se, Jessie and Benjamin.

Tela is survived by the love of her life, Kevin Arias; stepdad, Kenny Green; sisters, Phyllis and Gladys; brother, Bobo; children: Chay-gam-em, Moon Raven, Wind Wolf (Delores) and Kanawha (Luna); grandchildren, Angelina, Sierra, Lily, Loyalty, Alexus, Aaliyah, Evalyn, Thunder and Lance, Jason, Leland, Ada; great grandchildren: Nova and Cela; as well as many, many nieces and nephews, and people she loved.

Pallbearers: Kevin Arias, James “Bobo” Donahue Sr., Wind-Wolf “No Name” Lake, Frank Kanawha Lake, Brian “Eagleboy” Donahue, James “Bull Calf” Donahue Jr., Chris Peters Sr., Delmar “Seagull” Jordan, Roger Buckskin Jr., William Bommelyn III, William Bommelyn Jr., Santee Martin Sr., Santee Martin Jr. and John Donahue (Little John D).

Honorary Pallbearers: Kenny Green, Ron Griffith, Frank Thom, Rick Arias, Ricky Alemania, Chaley Thom, Robert Ray Jr., Phillip Shaw Santmier, Levi Tripp, Erik Barnes, Kagett Donahue and Chris Hawkins.

Services were held Oct. 29, with a viewing at the Elk Valley Sovereign Building and graveside services at Requa, followed by a memorial dinner at the Yurok Tribal Community Room.
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