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Bert Donald Miller: 1960-2021

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  • Bert Donald Miller, Aug. 24, 1960, to May 9, 2021.

Bert Donald Miller, born Aug. 24, 1960, passed away at the age of 60, peacefully at his home in Tishnon village surrounded by family and friends in Loleta, California, on May 9, 2021, at 4:30 am. He was a tribal member of the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria. He was the sixth of seven siblings.

Bert was Preceded in death by grandparents Fred Marion Miller and Zella Ward; Smith Kendal Brenard and Jessie Dorothy Burtt. He was preceded in death by his parents, Fredrick Lonnie Miller and Ilene June (Brenard) Callahan, and his son, Bert Daniel Miller.

Bert loved to sing while playing the guitar. He enjoyed gambling and going to the Casinos. He was exceptionally good at playing horseshoes at family gatherings, where he often came out the winner.

Bert was good with kids. Taking the time to teach them and show them how to do simple things that kids do. Bert was a favorite uncle to all his nieces and nephews, and he always made time for them whenever he was around them. Something so simple yet so profound that each of them knew they mattered.

Loved ones he left Behind:

Son, Keven Hershey of Redding California.

Daughter, Mykayla Miller of Virginia

Daughter Lora Miller of Fair Oaks, California, and granddaughter Rain Mynes of Fair Oaks Ca.

Christina King of Eureka, Ca., children Amber, Angela Re, Marci, Bobbie Jo, Georgeanna and Ronald.

Wanda Jean Miller, of Loleta, Ca., Daughters Cindy and Cassandra and son Tony of Arizona.

Survived by sisters, Barbara Eileen Salazar, Susan Etla Wagner, and Laurel Ann Miller of Loleta , Ca. Brothers, Robert A . Ellis III, William Kendal Ellis Sr. and Fred Marion Miller of Loleta Ca.

Neices: Ilene Cantrell, Nachel Mell and Luckky Fergison, of Loleta.

Neices: Ilene Cantrell and Nachel Mell were the ones Who took on the responsibility of careprovider so Bert could stay at home instead of being placed in a nursing home. They didn’t do it for financial gain but so he could stay at home.

Nephews, Steven Martinez of Covelo, California, and Robert Glenn Ellis of Loleta, along with numerous cousins, great nephews and nieces

Great nieces, Raylene Cantrell and Francis Macdonald of Loleta.

Great Nephews, Andy Ashley, Thomas Fergison and Luciano Fergison are appreciated and recognized for their labor in helping with the ceremonial fire.

We are thankful and appreciate the services of Barry Brenard for coming to the home, to bless him and pray for his peaceful journey.

We would also like to thank Steven Martinez for taking time away from his family on a moment’s notice to be of service to the family during this time of mourning. He not only stayed focused on the task at hand but gave of himself preparing and providing food to those handling the necessary preparations.

We would also like to acknowledge Shawn Albertson for jumping in with no hesitation, caring for Bert when it was most needed. Bert was comfortable with Shawn as his care provider. We are grateful and appreciate what he did to ensure Bert retained his dignity and his self-respect.

We would like to thank Pastor Johnathon Mcdonald of Eureka Pentecostal church for coming out to the home to pray for the family during this time for their strength in comforting one another and coming together to share memories and special moments by all of us.

Special recognition goes out to Steven Martinez, Derek Bowman, Hank Brenard, Barry Brenard, Donald (Sparky) Brenard, Thomas Fergison , Luciano Fergison, and Dawnita Carpenter, family and friends for maintaining the Ceremonial Fire.
We acknowledge and express our appreciation for all of the hours Hank Brenard, Dereck Bowman and Luckky Fergison put in to complete the proper cultural ceremony in a culturally respectful manner.

The family would like to extend their appreciation and sincere thanks to Lailoni Martin, care provider and Michelle, also with hospice, and Dr. Nelson and others with hospice who made home visits to ensure all his needs were being met.

Honorary Paul Bearers:
Richard Brown, Otis Bruce, Hank Brenard, Dereck Bowman, Steven Martinez, Jonathon Briscoe, Thomas Fergison, Ronald Johnson

Arrangement are being handled by Gobles Mortuary in Fortuna.

Arrangement Counselor: Mark Gilliam

Services will be held at Gobles Mortuary in Fortuna, California.

Friday May 28, 2021 at 10 a.m.

Interment 12:30 p.m. at Sunrise Cemetery

Following services: Food and refreshment will be served at 132 Carroll Road, Loleta, California in celebration of Bert’s life. Family and friends are welcome to share in this event.
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