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Humboldt Has Given Bernie Sanders Almost $400k

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The LA Times just released an interesting report on Bernie Sanders campaign donations, offering a look at the regions that have supported his successful grassroots funding campaign.

The data, which was compiled into an interactive map you can explore by visiting their story here, lets you look at donations by ZIP Code, and contains some pretty interesting details about which parts of Humboldt County are feeling the Bern. (Before we are accused of singling out Sanders, let us explain that the candidate's small-donation data was available because of a fundraising tool his campaign uses — more on that below. Because donors of under $200 are not required to be disclosed, similar surveys of other campaign donors were not possible, the Times reports.)

Humboldt County had donated a total of $390,054 to Sanders’ campaign (which is touring California in advance of next week’s primary election) as of April of this year, an average of $2.94 per resident. There are, perhaps unsurprisingly, pockets of deep financial support and, um, drier areas, too. Let’s look at the outliers:

Biggest total contributions by ZIP Code:

$87,453 — 95521; Arcata and McKinleyville
$56,679 — 95519; McKinleyville
$48,959 — 95501; Eureka
$41,005 — 95503; Eureka
$24,485 — 95524; Bayside

Highest contributions per capita:

$16.83 — 95560; Redway (with total contributions of $23,124)
$12.87 — 95524; Bayside
$10.40 — 95570; Trinidad/Westhaven (with total contributions of $21,655)
$8.00 — 95542; Garberville (with total contributions of $21,731)
$7.40 — 95589; Whitethorn (with total contributions of $9,071)

Smallest total contributions (of ZIP Codes that returned data — it’s unclear if those with no data saw no contributions or if there were other contributing factors):

$297 — 95511; Alderpoint
$364 — 95546; Hoopa
$722 — 95564; Samoa
$744 — 95564; Scotia
$1,320 — 95562; Rio Dell

Lowest contributions per capita:

$0.11 — 95546, Hoopa
$0.38 — 95562; Rio Dell
$0.66 — 95511; Alderpoint
$0.68 — 95565; Scotia
$0.95 — 95540; Fortuna (with total contributions of $12,034)

Those figures could represent a general trend in those communities, or they could represent a handful of deep pocketed people. The maximum contribution allowed per person is $5,400, so it stands to reason that one or two big donors in smaller population ZIP Codes could really skew the per-capita numbers.

Some other takeaways from the report:
  • One in four dollars donated to the Sanders campaign — $209 million in total as of April — came from someone who wasn’t working.

  • Californians have donated more to Sanders’ campaign than residents of any other state: $36 million from mostly wealthy, white, coastal areas in the northern half of the state.

  • But Los Angeles ZIP Codes represented the highest per-person donation rates. 

  • Nearly two-thirds of Sanders’ funding has come from more than 1 million small donors.

  • Although small donations don’t have the same reporting requirements as those over $200, Sanders’ campaign has used a fundraising tool that is required by law to disclose its donors, allowing the Times to explore the data behind its successful fundraising campaign.

  • Students donated less money to Sanders’ campaign than Wall Street — which itself only contributed 2 percent to his overall funding.
Here's our table, compiled from the LA Times data, of donations in all of Humboldt County's ZIP Codes:

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