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What You Clicked: A 2012 Humboldt Year In Review

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Yes, it's obligatory end o' the year list time. No media outlet can resist.

Thus, in this week's Journal print edition, once again we've imposed on you, our reader, what we think are the Top 10 most important local events and issues of the year -- 'cuz we think we're really smart, and stuff. So go pick up one of those.

But in an attempt to reflect what really drew your eyeballs this year, we went through Google analytics statistics for and compiled a Casey Kasem-approved Top 40 list of pieces that made you move your fingers an inch or so.

Did you miss any of the Humboldt year that was? Get to clickin'!

click to enlarge sharkbite.jpg
1. Details Emerge About Gruesome Shark Attack
Bite survivor and shark puncher Scott Stephens' late October surf session-gone wrong received worldwide exposure. A legend was born.

2. Downey Calls for Backup
Humboldt County's sheriff looked to the feds for help with ganja overwhelm.

3. So, Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Think Humboldt State's New Weed Institute Sounds All That Necessary

click to enlarge jimmy-kimmel-loves-humboldt-state.jpg
HSU inevitably ended up the subject of a late night talk show for its Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research Institute. It was pretty funny.

4. Know Your 2012 Kinetic Sculptures!
Three days of continually updating colorfulness from this year's Kinetic Grand Championship. 'Twas glorious.

click to enlarge dsc_0203.jpg
5. The Eureka Wal-Mart Has Been Blessed
A local pastor prayed for God's hand to guide the stewards of the low prices. Always.

6. Betsy Lambert Out at KIEM Channel 3
And did we ever find out who pooped and peed on the bank? No. No we did not.

7. Dave Chappelle Drinks "Regular Coffee and Cream" in Fortuna

click to enlarge dave-chapelle-in-humboldt.png
The reclusive comedy megastar pulled his motorcycle over at the Friendly City's Starbucks. No, really.

8. Seemann Obituary Released
Relatives of the late Suzanne Seemann memorialized their loved one.

9. Arcata Planning Commissioner Accused of Drunken Door-Kicking
The tale of an unfortunate night for an Arcata business owner and freshly minted city planning commissioner.

10. This Week on The Marijuana Follies...
Humboldt County, where the streets are lined with marijuana ...

click to enlarge john-tutuska-photo-by-heidi-walters.jpg
11. Old Town Sunbather John Tutuska Has Died
"The light in me recognizes the light in you." - John Tutuska

12. Capleton's Red Fox Tavern Show Canceled
After community outcry over violent homophobic lyrics, a local music venue canceled a Jamaican dancehall star's local performance.

13. How I Was (Temporarily) Banned from the KIEM News Channel 3 Facebook Page

click to enlarge screen-shot-2012-03-26-at-30818-pm.png
Be careful whose news judgment you question.

14. Jogger in Fatal Crash Identified
In late September, a very sad day.

15. The Yurok Grift
A million dollar embezzlement scheme affecting the Yurok Tribe, and allegedly involving prominent biologists.

click to enlarge jason-anthony-warren.png
16. Homicide "Person of Interest" in Custody
Jason Anthony Warren, believed to be involved in a Hoopa homicide and a Freshwater hit-and-run, is apprehended.

17. Plaza Design Lockout
The bizarre end of one of the Arcata Plaza's most beloved retailers.

18. If You've Never Seen a Live Mudslide...
Wanna see some mud slide? We got video.

19. Humboldt's Wal-Mart Resistance
Impassioned protests preceded Eureka's newest big box.

20. Bohn Underscores Faith in Cops, Law
The newly appointed county supervisor responded to the arrest of his son on kidnapping and assault charges.

click to enlarge cover5.jpg

21. Drug Money
Spending records offered a rare glimpse into fiscal life of Humboldt's drug cops.

22. Jesus Christ, Chester Cheetah Invited to Wal-Mart Opening Ceremony Mega-Party Extravaganza Festivities
We were invited to Wal-Mart's grand opening! And it sounded epic!

click to enlarge dsc_0399.jpg
23. Dancing Mascots Usher in Humboldt's Wal-Mart Era
We went to Wal-Mart's (second) grand opening! It was epic!

24. The Mormon Moment
Hanging out with Humboldt brethren of the Republican presidential nominee.

25. ‘Don't Bother Coming In'
Humboldt County paid a lot of employees a lot of money to not work at all.

click to enlarge owen.jpg
26. Female Cage Fighter Tackles Eureka Transient
Sometimes badassary happens right outside NCJHQ when our smart phones are charged.

27. Former CR President on Verge of Dismissal
No one likes Jeff Marsee.

28. Arcata Plaza New Year's Eve: Meh
The inevitable overreaction to years of Mckinley face humping.

29. Senseless Tragedy
A community tried to make sense of the tragic loss of Suzie Seemann.

click to enlarge dog-orleans.png
30. Your Dog Is Dead
Guest poster and animal lover Mark Dondero's letter to whoever abandoned Toby (a good dog) seven years prior.

31. The Rural Bar Crawl
Three days. Seventeen bars. Swastika. Bobcat Goldthwait. Hazy memories.

32. Surviving
Hank Seemann gave his first interview after the loss of his beloved wife.

33. LaRue Out At Redwood Curtain
The end result of No. 9 above.

click to enlarge cover1.jpg
34. Burlesque!
We exposed local boobies.

35. Freedom to Boycott
No one is oppressing your reggae, mmmkay?

36. On the Implications of Evangelical Prayer at the Eureka Wal-Mart Opening Ceremonies
Guest theologian Austin Roberts wasn't too keen on Jesus being co-opted for commercial purposes. Jesus wasn't that pumped either.

click to enlarge dsc_0473.jpg
37. The End of Occupy Eureka?
Sheriff deputies attempt to end the non-stop courthouse party by enforcing the "urgency ordinance" passed in March. To answer the question, this was not the end.

38. Political Polling Shenanigans
Elections are rife with bullshit. We did some shoveling.

39. Picking a Bohn
According to numerous silly season political mailers, every person on earth supported Rex Bohn.

click to enlarge brooks.jpg
40. Karen Brooks is Bold
The third district supervisorial candidate debuted her groovy new website that used up all the local remaining color pink reserves.

Geez, are you really done (re)reading all 40 of those? OK, you've earned tthe right to revisit 2011's top click earners! Congrats!


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