Farm to Flame

Arcata's new cannabis tracking system has some seeing tracers

(August 18, 2016) California's Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act regulates marijuana plants more like painkillers than agriculture, requiring every plant in the state to have a unique identification number tagged to it....

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My Friend Antonio

(February 4, 2016) As I age, I read the local obituaries more often to see if any of my friends or former colleagues have died. I am sure I am not the...

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Grangers, the Time is Now

(February 4, 2016) In "The State of the Grange" (Jan. 3), Linda Stansberry detailed the delicate state of health in which an organization at the bedrock of American democracy finds itself. Civil...

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What's Right in Humboldt?

Feeding people in our communities

(December 31, 2015) There has been a lot of attention paid lately to all that's wrong in our isolated little community — the high crime rate, the struggling economy and more. But amid...

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Humboldt's Information Ecosystem

When AT&T sneezes, the North Coast gets the flu

(December 31, 2015) The communication systems that keep us connected are a complex network of networks. As folks on the North Coast know, when part of that system breaks down — as has...

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What Is Wrong With Our Community?

(November 26, 2015) The events leading up to becoming homeless are always traumatic and often related to violence in one's childhood. About 90 percent of homeless women and about 50 percent of homeless...

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Wiyot Tribe Responds to "Murder in Arcata"

(November 5, 2015) The Wiyot Tribe has been particularly blessed to work with a large number of extraordinary professional historians, archaeologists and other cultural resource professionals who live and work in Wiyot...

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Why are Firefighters Endangering Us?

(October 29, 2015) Make no mistake, I like our firefighters. But something wrong and dangerous is going on. It needs to change, and I'm ragging on our supervisors. I've talked to several chiefs....

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We Can Do Better

(October 22, 2015) Linda Stansberry should be commended for writing the article "Can Humboldt County Solve Addiction?" (Sept. 24). It is one of the most informative, relevant and insightful investigative pieces the Journal...

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