The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

(July 21, 2016) This week's Republican National Convention was marked by the appearance of 100 naked women holding mirrors, a photography project by Spencer Tunick. Tunick has positioned the naked bodies of people...

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Pot Not the New Almond

(July 14, 2016) How much marijuana is being grown in Humboldt County? We've all heard some store porch supposition on the subject, but there's little actual data to back it up. A recent...

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(July 7, 2016) Union leaders are talking about normal union concerns in a dimly lit Arcata bar. There are cocktails all around. They talk about safety, protecting jobs, keeping wages high, changing laws...

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The Sweet Spot

(June 30, 2016) It was Benjamin Franklin who famously wrote in a 1789 letter that "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Well, California pot...

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Big Brands

(June 23, 2016) Microsoft made some tech industry-sized waves this week with the announcement that it's diving into the marijuana business. Before you get too excited, don't expect to find any Windows 10...

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Worldly Weed

(June 16, 2016) After Grant Scott-Goforth's parting shot last week debunking the racist connotations of the word "marijuana," it seemed only fitting to follow up with another column blatantly pandering to the...

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'Marijuana' Isn't Racist

(June 9, 2016) Last year, I watched a room full of white people cheer as a white grower told a panel of white lawmakers that the word "marijuana" was racist. It wasn't...

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Bye, Bye Night Sky

Light pollution in Southern Humboldt

(June 2, 2016) Dear neighbors, We live in a lonely place. When I was a kid, I'd sit on our porch with only the radio for company and let the big dark...

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Greeting the Pot Czarina

(May 26, 2016) A line of more than 100 eager attendees snaked out of the entrance to Arcata's D Street Neighborhood Center to meet the chief of California's newly formed Bureau of Medical...

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Dude, Where's My Impairment Test?

(May 19, 2016) The American Automobile Association's name cropped up in several articles this month on the topic of driving while under the influence of marijuana. On the basis of headlines alone, the...

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Leaving Humboldt in the Dust

(May 12, 2016) The sleepy, dusty desert east of Los Angeles may be looking like a threat to Humboldt County's marijuana industry. While the arid landscape may seem inhospitable to plants, two...

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Cannabis in the Centennial State

(May 5, 2016) The Colorado Department of Public Safety released early findings on the effects cannabis legalization has had on law enforcement, commerce, health and juveniles. The study, mandated as part of the...

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Butane Hash Oil

It's the bomb

(April 28, 2016) Whether it be oils, shatter, wax or honeycomb, the marijuana concentrates market is exploding. And in the eyes of some, that's a very literal problem. Potent concentrates now make...

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High Enough?

(April 21, 2016) If you spent your 4/20 crumbling up buds, rolling them up in papers and puffing away, you're going the way of dinosaurs, according to industry insiders. "Nobody smokes flowers...

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Farmers Marketing

Behind cannabis branding

(April 14, 2016) Fertilizer magnates have had a presence in Humboldt County for more than a decade, but other industries ancillary to The Industry are also beginning to bud and flower. Creatives and...

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CBDs Go There. Down There

(April 7, 2016) Every drug, yes, every drug, from alcohol as a rudimentary anesthetic to methamphetamine as a weight loss supplement, has medicinal applications. Cannabis retains a strange space in our medical landscape:...

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    • I support the use of the term cannabis rather than marijuana. "marijuana" has long had…

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    • Not surprising in the least. Bill Gates is a longtime legalization advocate. Microsoft money has…

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