(October 16, 2014) I rolled with my wife in the neck of the woods we got poison oak and scratched till our skin fell off We walk around as skeletons, fully exposed now...

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Humboldt Tango

(October 9, 2014) Antediluvian high heels attitude lofted to the level of art a glint of steel in an embrace James Dean gone gaucho silver bells at the brim of my black hat...

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One of Them

(October 2, 2014) To be one of the trees, Mistaken for one of them. Unnoticed in their midst, They include me without thinking. I grow tall, Stretch down into the earth Where my...

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(September 25, 2014) Love A slither from my brain tries to tame the people that I meet  I was taught better but can't seem to stretch it my careful thought blows in the...

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Staple and Nails

(September 18, 2014) I'm a sidewalk People trudge on me everyday I've been cracking lately Constantly being redone Though I'm sturdy and hard to break Everything does at some point I'm a wall...

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(September 11, 2014) Do-si-doing with the moon, your oceans swirl around your waist. You’re oh so beautiful, earth of mine, dancing with the moon in space....

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(September 4, 2014) she walked in the wild ate from the earth kissed the love she had no past the stars were her guide free was not a word she knew, it was...

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