Hog Riled

Pig ranchers lose their only local USDA-approved slaughterhouse

(July 3, 2014) Humboldt County's pigs recently got a stay of execution, of sorts. A blessing for them, perhaps, but a whole trough of trouble for the many local hog raisers who lost...

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Faces of Humboldt Photo Contest

(July 3, 2014) What's in a Face? All five senses dwell there, competing for the mind's attention. Your emotions are most acutely expressed by the twitch of your cheek and brow muscles. The...

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(July 3, 2014) You never stop being from where you're from, but you stop being a local by degrees. You get a house in town and don't make as many of those long...

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(July 3, 2014) A map that ran with last week's cover story ("Lion Stories," June 29) inaccurately identified the location of Fieldbrook's Wagle Lane, where there have recently been a number of mountain...

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Lion Stories

Man vs. nature in one of Humboldt's rural communities

(June 26, 2014) When she closes her eyes, Marianne Way can sometimes still picture the teeth. It was around three in the afternoon in October 2008, and Way was taking advantage of a...

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Awkward Moment

Morris Graves Museum charts new course in tough times

(June 26, 2014) The photographs are instantly relatable and simultaneously mockable. There are the matching outfits, shirtless potbellies, screaming children and awkwardly posed studio glossies intermixed with candids snapped at the perfectly inopportune...

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Stoned Yoni

(June 26, 2014) Is there anything weed can't make better? In the rush to imbue every last product imaginable with marijuana, we've seen creative candies, coffee, topical treatments, etc., etc. We've likely not...

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Good Fire, Bad Fire

As attitudes toward wildfire slowly change, we're on the cusp of another hot, scary summer

(June 19, 2014) When Thomas Willson was little, his grandmother would send him and his two brothers outside each fall to light fires. "She'd give each of us a book of matches and...

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A Councilman's 'Dying Declaration'

In final civic act, Lance Madsen takes aim at Eureka City attorney

(June 19, 2014) In a sworn declaration signed less than a month before his death, former Eureka City Councilman Lance Madsen claims City Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson lied to him and tried to get...

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(June 19, 2014) A photo accompanying last week's Trinidad Fish Festival preview was incorrectly attributed to Jose Quezada of the Times-Standard....

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PAC a Bowl

(June 19, 2014) Every election cycle the specter of dark money looms, rumors of wealthy cabals silently shaping national and local races flit around the collective, politics-fried consciousness, and boogeymen lobbyists haunt the...

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Nonprofit Sues Blue Cross Over Obamacare Networks

(July 9, 2014) A Southern California nonprofit filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday alleging that Anthem Blue Cross misled millions of customers when rolling out its plans under the Affordable Care Act, leaving many enrollees on the...

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County Moves Forward with Tax Hike

(July 8, 2014) There’s a tax measure coming to a ballot near you. In fact, if you live in a city, you’re likely to see a couple of them. The Humboldt County Board...

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Eureka Denies Release of Controversial Memo

(July 7, 2014) After conferring with an outside attorney, the city of Eureka has denied a Journal request seeking the release of a controversial memo penned by former City Manager Bill Panos on...

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