Flash Fiction 2015

Flash Fiction 2015

Fun-sized fiction

(November 26, 2015) Really, in the age of 140-character tweets and 30-second elevator pitches, 99 words are plenty. (Nice try with those 100-word entries, by the way — oh, we see you.) In...

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'One Big Headache'

Eureka City Schools takes divergent paths on proposed lease-leaseback projects

(November 26, 2015) Eureka City Schools is backing away from at least one of its controversial no-bid construction contracts. Back in September, the district decided to forgo the no-bid construction contract it had...

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A little panda's big adventure tugs a community's heartstrings

(November 26, 2015) About the time Loretta Hancock was heading out to grab something to eat on Nov. 21, a feeling of deep dread was settling firmly into the pit of Sequoia Park...

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How the Hoopa Valley exemplifies the gaps in Humboldt's animal control services

(November 19, 2015) On the morning of the puppy rescue, Shannon Townsend gets unwelcome news: The veterinarian is not coming. Townsend says a few unhappy words into the phone, takes a deep...

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A Running Start

County nabs $20 million in state funds for new transitional jail facility

(November 19, 2015) The Humboldt County jail has always had doors, but officials are hoping a $20 million state grant will keep them from revolving. Sheriff Mike Downey announced last week that...

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'Escalating Behavior'

A chilling picture of Arcata's latest murder suspect

(November 19, 2015) Twelve days before Richard Dean allegedly stabbed a 52-year-old man to death in his Arcata apartment, unprovoked, a restraining order was issued against the 18-year-old in Hoopa Valley Tribal Court....

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Curtis Otto Was a Painter

(November 12, 2015) Only a handful of painted scrap panels leaned against the steps and shrubs outside Curtis Otto's orange stucco house on Eureka's E Street. The crowd of oil paintings that...

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Funding Hunt Begins for McKinleyville Community Forest

(November 12, 2015) A partnership between a land trust, a timber company and a community services district is seeking to conserve thousands of acres of timberlands and establish a new community forest...

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A Place to Go

Southern Humboldt considers public restrooms as transient tensions mount

(November 12, 2015) "We didn't want this to be a polarizing thing in the community," says Robert Froelich. Yet the idea of a public restroom in Garberville has become — and has long...

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The Ripple Effect

Once homeless, once an addict, Kathy Anderson believes her lawsuit may forever change Eureka.

(November 5, 2015) A rat scurried into the open, sniffed the charred remnants of some tin cans in a burn pile, then darted back into the bushes. The sunlight filtered through the...

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Fire in the Six

A debriefing meeting highlights a collaborative forest management effort and the work that lies ahead

(November 5, 2015) The rains may have started, but locals and top officials of the Six Rivers National Forest met in Orleans recently for a candid look at the summer's wildfires, especially the...

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PalCo Marsh Update

(November 30, 2015) Two nights of battering storms had given way to a clear Wednesday morning when Erin Powers-Taylor and Kim Bergel met in the north parking lot of the Bayshore Mall. Powers-Taylor,...

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Jacks Defeated in Missouri

(November 29, 2015) After a win over Augustana University to start the Humboldt State University football team's first postseason since 1968, the Jacks were routed Saturday, 54-7, by the number one-ranked Northwestern Missouri...

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Remembering HSU Journalism Prof Maclyn McClary

(November 28, 2015) "Forgive us our trespasses; here are our press passes." Reporter, editor, professor and wisecrack Maclyn McClary, who was a force of journalistic muster on the North Coast and beyond, died...

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