Reflections in the Emerald Cup

Reflections in the Emerald Cup

Cultures collide as an industry in transition celebrates harvest

(December 18, 2014) A few days before the Emerald Cup, Casey O'Neill, the proprietor of Happy Day Farms in Laytonville, was feeling confident. Well, maybe not confident about his chances of winning a...

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Numbers game

The Federal Reserve Bank's snapshot of Humboldt

(December 18, 2014) Compared to other Californians, we Humboldters are twice as likely to live in a mobile home. Proportionately, there are also more military veterans and disabled people among us, and a...

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Where Have All the Flower People Gone?

(December 18, 2014) Why do activists flock to the Emerald Cup, as Tim Blake tells the Journal in this weeks' issue? It crosses my mind — somewhat pessimistically, I will admit — that...

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'The Revolution Starts Here'

A fledgling political action committee's push to regulate weed in Humboldt

(December 11, 2014) It's Dec. 8, and three members of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt are sitting in the Journal's Old Town office. There's a sense of urgency — and even a little desperation...

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Tea Party

(December 11, 2014) Libertarian boy wonder Rand Paul, a U.S. Senator from Kentucky, recently told a Louisville news outlet he smoked pot in his youth. "Let's just say I wasn't a choir boy...

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When the Waters Rose

Fifty years later, Humboldt County remembers the 1964 flood

(December 4, 2014) It had been dubbed the flood of the century, when the rain came down in sheets in 1955 and Humboldt County's rivers rose to gobble homes and towns. Nine years...

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A Minor Celebration

One of the country's oldest movie theaters turns 100

(December 4, 2014) The Minor Theatre — the oldest surviving multi-reel feature film theater in the United States — turns 100 this month. There likely will be no little girls with golden harps,...

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Pucker Up

(December 4, 2014) The peals of freedom will continue to reverberate in Uruguyan stoners' ears: Last week's presidential election in the South American pot paradise all but ensures that the country will create...

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Flash Fiction 2014

'So there I was' ... your stories in 99 words or fewer

(November 27, 2014) Well, aren't you a pill-popping, lover-offing, strangernapping lot? Channeling Westerns, lurking around noir, donning armor, stalking cosmos, dallying with meta or just up late channeling confessions. And is that frog...

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Port of Call Eureka

Do cruise ship champions have a chance?

(November 27, 2014) Ah, adventure on the high seas, the salt wind tugging at your hair, dampening your ascot. You walk breezily up the gangway, your next port of call ... the Caribbean?...

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Your 2014 Cannabis Gift Guide

(November 27, 2014) Marley Natural This Bob-branded marijuana is certain to be most popular in an, painted-white, brick-walled cube while a pirated copy of Legend plays in the background, but it's...

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UPDATE: Eureka Homicide Victim was a Juvenile

(December 17, 2014) UPDATE: An EPD press release, which states the victim was a juvenile, has been added to the end of this post. Eureka police are investigating what they believe is the...

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Officer-involved Shooting Investigation Continues

(December 16, 2014) The Humboldt County Critical Incident Response Team is currently investigating an officer-involved shooting in McKinleyville, after a sheriff’s deputy opened fire on a fleeing vehicle occupied by two suspects in...

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UPDATE: "Wild Bill' Convicted of Deputy Shooting

(December 12, 2014) UPDATE: A jury this afternoon convicted William “Wild Bill” Nelson of the attempted murder of a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy, according to Assistant District Attorney Kelly Neel. Nelson shot deputy...

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