The strange past and uncertain future of a small town for sale

(February 4, 2016) It's the third Friday of the month, and volunteers at the Bridgeville Community Center are busy. The community center's food pantry feeds around 60 families from neighboring communities. On...

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From the Ashes of Congress

Freed of congressional inaction, Klamath River dam removal rises again

(February 4, 2016) The largest dam removal project in U.S. history appears to be back on track. According to a joint press release issued Feb. 2, the federal government, the states of Oregon...

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Get Out of Jail for a Fee

Mendocino County's innovative and controversial marijuana program brings in millions

(January 28, 2016) By the time locals went to the polls in 2014 to elect a new district attorney, they'd heard a lot about Humboldt County's famous pot industry. Candidates had debated...

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In the Hole

Why aren't Humboldt's rural roads getting fixed?

(January 28, 2016) A Mattole Valley resident for several decades, Teresa Davey is no stranger to rough roads. The 4-mile drive to the local elementary school, which she makes twice daily with...

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Breaking the Cycle

Still in crisis, county mental health OKs stabilization plan

(January 21, 2016) For the third time in 15 months, the medical director of the Mental Health Branch of the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services has resigned. The latest...

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Plan Fray

Planning commissioners are 'outraged' at county staff

(January 21, 2016) Since the beginning of January, the board of supervisors has been working diligently to cobble together a medical marijuana land use ordinance from a slew of parts: a year-long...

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Uncharted Waters

The demise of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement fosters hope, fear and anger

(January 14, 2016) The Klamath River watershed means many things to many people. That's a big part of the problem. To the native tribes near the river's mouth, it means culture and...

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The Sticking Point

Needle exchange gains renewed interest in Humboldt

(January 14, 2016) A newly approved spending bill that partially lifts the ban on federal funding to support needle-exchange programs may make 2016 the turning point for those trying to combat infectious...

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The State of the Grange

A legal battle divides the brothers and sisters of a 149-year-old fraternal institution

(January 7, 2016) On Dec. 14, 1934, the meeting hall where the Mattole Grange held events burned to the ground due to an unattended woodstove. Grange members rallied the community, collecting funds...

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Look Both Ways

Securing Eureka's most dangerous intersections

(January 7, 2016) Following a terrible year for countywide traffic deaths, Eureka is continuing its push to make its streets safer. In August, the city produced a transportation safety action plan, a...

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The Top 10 Stories of 2015

(December 31, 2015) By most measures, 2015 was a rough year on the North Coast. We saw soaring numbers of traffic fatalities, suicides, drownings and homicides, including a pair of officer-involved shootings....

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DA: No Charges in Fatal Hoopa Officer-Involved Shooting

(February 5, 2016) Humboldt County District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced today that no criminal charges will be filed against Hoopa Tribal Police Sgt. Seth Ruiz stemming from his fatal Sept. 4 shooting of...

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Airport Adds Service to Portland

(February 5, 2016) Come April, folks looking to get out of Humboldt County will have a new option: direct air service to Portland. Pen Air, a regional airline based in Alaska, announced via...

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Marijuana gets a Czarina

(February 5, 2016) The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (the BoMM or the BuMMR, depending on who you ask) has a new chief. Lori Ajax, the deputy director of the state department of...

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