'Profoundly Disturbing'

'Profoundly Disturbing'

Dick Magney was preparing to die on his own terms, then the county of Humboldt stepped in

(January 12, 2017) Dick and Judy Magney knew his life was drawing to a close when he was admitted to St. Joseph Hospital in February of 2015. The 73-year-old former truck driver...

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Extraction Alley?

Businesses on Eureka's West Fourth Street might get a shake up

(January 12, 2017) A strange quirk in city zoning could mean an upheaval for business owners on Eureka's West Fourth Street. The city's medical marijuana ordinance, passed in September of 2016, only...

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How to Kick Ass in 2017

(January 5, 2017) It's a new year, and while that's of little consequence to the universe at large, it's a convenient place for us to take stock and up our game. We did...

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Eureka Settles Police Shooting Lawsuit

(January 5, 2017) SAN FRANCISCO (CNS) — The family of a man shot dead by a Eureka police officer settled a wrongful death suit with the city one month after a jury found...

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(January 5, 2017) In last week's "Top 10 Stories " the Journal mistakenly referred to the recreational marijuana ballot measure as Proposition 19 instead of Proposition 64. The Journal regrets the error....

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Top 10 Stories From 2016 in Humboldt

(December 29, 2016) Every year our editorial team collaborates to discuss the year's top stories, compiling those we thought had the most profound and lasting impact on our community. Exactly a year ago,...

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New State Laws in 2017

From guns to bathrooms, a look at what's changing Jan. 1

(December 29, 2016) With the New Year comes new laws, and 2017 is ushering in a number of changes that will impact everything from gun sales to gender-neutral bathrooms. The following is a...

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(December 29, 2016) A story headlined "44" in the Dec. 15 edition of the North Coast Journal used information gathered from a number of unofficial sources familiar with the ongoing Critical Incident Response...

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A billionaire's high-stakes gamble with patient lives

(December 22, 2016) Are the most vulnerable patients in Humboldt County — the disabled and the elderly — better off here than they would be in skilled nursing facilities hundreds of miles away...

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Ship Ashore

Nonprofit has 90 days to fix a historic ship that time rendered an environmental hazard

(December 22, 2016) On a recent Monday morning, a crew stood on the banks of Humboldt Bay and watched with bated breath as a rickety, 200-ton bundle of history and environmental risk was...

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Four officers, an armed suspect and 12 terrifying minutes in downtown Eureka's rush hour

(December 15, 2016) It was about 4:40 p.m. on Dec. 6 and Steve Fowlkes was out driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck that he'd just rebuilt the transmission on. The 56-year-old father...

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in our blogs...

HumBug: No Bugs Today

(January 15, 2017) Last week, for the first time in several hundred excursions along the Van Duzen River spanning over 20 years, I saw no bugs. Only the sad remnants of a...

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Eureka Council Prepares to Pass Human Rights Resolution

(January 12, 2017) Tuesday the Eureka City Council will consider adopting a strongly worded resolution that delineates city attitudes toward the rights of immigrants, women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, people of...

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Homeless Count Postponed

(January 10, 2017) This year’s biennial Point-in-Time count will be postponed one month in order to recruit more volunteers to assist the homeless count. The count, scheduled to take place at the end...

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