35 Days in the Forum

35 Days in the Forum

Unified Students' sit-in shines a light on Native issues at HSU

(February 26, 2015) The room is quiet. It's 9 a.m. on a day in late January and students are spread out across the stadium seating of the Native American Forum at Humboldt State...

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Settled out of Court

The ACLU and Eureka City Schools settled. But who got what?

(February 26, 2015) Last month, the National Center for Youth Law announced that it and the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California had reached a settlement in the federal civil rights lawsuit...

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Big Beer

Eurekans spent $700,000 to expand Lost Coast Brewery — what will they get in return?

(February 19, 2015) Humboldt County's most famous beer maker is a gleaming icon of the modern age of the craft industry. Lost Coast Brewery, the little homebrew-turned-café operation in Podunk Eureka, is putting...

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Danger at McCann

A kayaker's death has raised safety questions about low-water bridges

(February 19, 2015) Last month, 24-year-old Samantha Dweck was boating on the Eel River with a group from San Francisco when a strong current under the McCann Bridge sucked her kayak into a...

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Lincoln's Hearse

(February 19, 2015) A couple of Thursdays ago at Blue Ox Millworks, some of the cats were sacked out in the sunshine and others inside the office by crackling wood stoves. Bluto, the...

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Fur Real

Humboldt furries open up about the fandom, the furor and the freedom of fur

(February 12, 2015) Sitting in an armchair at Because Coffee, Michael Genzoli hoists a big, blue fox head out of his bag and combs the turquoise shock of hair between its ears. If...

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Culture Change

HSU builds efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence on campus

(February 12, 2015) As public outrage and awareness intensify, universities around the nation are grappling with one of campus life's cultural mainstays: sexual violence. As acceptance of the scale of the problem grows...

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The Sex Issue Digital Edition

(February 12, 2015) ...

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Goodnight, Korbel

The 131-year-old sawmill near Blue Lake has closed, leaving employees in search of what's next

(February 5, 2015) Jan. 22, 2015. Late afternoon sun brightened the red-blonde bundles of lumber stacked along the fence line and the large, pale-yellow mill sheds beyond. The scent of fresh-sawn wood permeated...

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How to Die in California

A high-profile death may help usher in a right-to-die option in the Golden State, furthering a local legislator's work

(January 29, 2015) The call comes on your cell when you least expect it, while in line for coffee at Ramone's in Old Town. The doctor, a specialist from out of town, says,...

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The Affordable Care Act Turns 1

Can Obamacare solve homelessness?

(January 22, 2015) The debate over the Affordable Care Act has covered all angles, both nationally and locally. Some have decried it for reaching too far in some corners, and not far enough...

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Policing the Police

EPD Convenes Review Board on McClain Shooting

(January 22, 2015) The way Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills sees it, his department took a "big, bold" step toward transparency and accountability on Jan. 15, when he convened a community review board...

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The Faces of Obamacare, A Year Later

(January 22, 2015) Back in March, when we first reported on the Affordable Care Act's impacts on several individuals and providers in Humboldt County, we came away with a mixed picture of relief...

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Woefully Inadequate

(January 22, 2015) It's been a year since many people discovered that the lists of doctors accepting Anthem Blue Cross' and Blue Shield's Covered California plans, both locally and beyond the borders of...

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A look at four officials who are leaving Humboldt County much different than they found it

(January 15, 2015) It seems like Humboldt County might be running out of golden watches, like one can't turn a corner without bumping into another official who's on the way out. After all,...

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The Pen Responds

(January 15, 2015) Much of the world watched in stunned horror last week as news flooded out of Paris that masked gunmen had stormed the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo and opened...

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