The Trip

The Trip

(October 20, 2016) Some of my luckier friends informed me how awesome this recent Desert Trip Festival was down in the hotlands of California. They shared because they know I'm a music...

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Where the Grass is Always Bluer

(October 13, 2016) A couple of weekends ago I got an unexpected call from my old high school friend Akshay, a man of many of talents. A Harvard-trained dental surgeon, he is also...

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Vote, Dammit

(October 6, 2016) In the event you have been dead for the past year, there is an election coming up next month. We're the most No. 1 country on the goddamn planet but...

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Blue Steel

(September 29, 2016) This past weekend I had the pleasure to see and hear from the Blue Dragon Steel Band while up in Blue Lake. Comprised of students from Blue Lake and Trinidad,...

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If It Ain't Broke

(September 22, 2016) While I spend a few hours on Sundays putting together these very insightful, informative and professionally written columns, I take some time to listen to some of the artists who...

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Dropping the Bass

Jamming with your public servants

(September 15, 2016) Over a quick cup of coffee at Ramone's recently, I had a chance to sit down and chat music with Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass. I was curious...

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Teacher, Teacher

(September 8, 2016) There's the old saying "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." There's also a more recent addition: "Those who can't teach, teach gym." Leaving that last one aside, I...

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What's in a Name?

(September 1, 2016) In my brief musical career, I've always been a part of the rhythm section, far from "frontman" status. Partly due to my lack of charisma and over-active sweat glands, I've...

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Location, Location, Location

(August 25, 2016) In a previous Setlist, I mused on what qualifies a band as local. Now, I won't wade into those waters again, but on a somewhat related note, I've been wondering...

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Hot August Nights

Kneel before the Neils

(August 18, 2016) There are two Neils near and dear to my musical heart. The first I would hear cranking out of my father's car when my sister and I were small. I...

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Being There

(August 11, 2016) Last week I had the opportunity to chat with a hardworking band that spends a good portion of each year out on the road. Although we briefly talked about the...

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