Schooool's Out!

Schooool's Out!

Start your sonic summer

(May 21, 2015) We're happy to report that the sometimes-slow chunk of time following the HSU graduation is not, in fact, happening this year. Instead, a full slate of options awaits your joyful...

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You Should Totally Stay Home This Week


(May 14, 2015) Life is weird. Have you noticed that? When you're a kid, you think you have it all figured out, then you get older and realize you don't know much at...

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Thinking Out Loud

Mud, dirt, Downfall and digression

(May 7, 2015) Let's look ahead to the end of the month for a moment: The 39th annual Summer Arts and Music Festival takes place May 30 and 31 at Benbow and features...

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All Kinds of Music

For all Humboldt's kinds of people

(April 30, 2015) It's a long list of goodness, friends. Let's dive in. Thursday: All You Need is Love (and Money) All right, so there's a benefit for Boys and Girls Club of...

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An Epic Week (!!!)

All the best strings, a rock reunion, True Detective and 'Mrs. Robinson' — seriously

(April 23, 2015) Guys! This week is nuts! I feel like I'm 15! So many exclamation points!!! Forget about sleep or saving money or anything other than getting yourself out to at least...

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Mood Music

Sliding into your heart

(April 16, 2015) You know when you're in a kind of mood and then music comes to you that does more than reflects that mood, it soaks right into you and you soak...

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Classics, Rock

Renaissance men and women

(April 9, 2015) Hi, Humboldt! This week's Setlist comes to you from New Orleans' Faubourg Marigny district, adjacent to the French Quarter, drenched in musical history, tasting of Sazerac rye and smelling like...

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Fill Your Ears

Lose your mind

(April 2, 2015) Hello, Humboldt! I'm writing to you from San Francisco's Outer Sunset district, the final leg of a coastal trip that included seeing SF's very fine Western swing band The Vivants...

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The Odd, The Fad and the Heavy

From the unfamiliar to a comfortable groove

(March 26, 2015) Before we get into where you can go with your bodies, let's talk about where you can go with your ears. This week marks the debut of a new KMUD...

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Life's a Beach

What are you doing sitting at home?

(March 19, 2015) Sunday evening found me neck deep in my computer, clicking back and forth between work stuff and Facebook. I'd stayed up late the night before judging Drag Wars — tough...

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Existential Options

Free your mind and the rest

(March 12, 2015) Welcome to this week, which, like many weeks, features a variety of sounds to please, challenge and motivate you. What a grand time to live. Thursday: Be open Starting things...

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Tonight's Setlist: Loss and Reconciliation

(May 22, 2015) Alejandro Rose-Garcia goes by the name of Shakey Graves when delivering the blues-country-rock that's brought him national acclaim and keeps his debut album, Roll the Bones, near the top...

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Tonight's Setlist: Kickass Psych Punk at Siren's Song

(May 18, 2015) One of the reasons I rarely interview bands is because I prefer to assess the possibilities of enjoying their live shows based on their music, not their childhoods. Another reason...

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Tonight's Setlist: Steve Poltz, More Than The Usual

(May 14, 2015) Sometimes you might glance at a listing and say to yourself, "Oh, another talented, engaging guy with a guitar. Do I really need to go see that? I'm still...

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