The Method to the Madness

The Method to the Madness

(Explanations and parenthetical asides)

(September 11, 2014) Hey there, dear readers! Let's indulge ourselves with an appetizer prior to the main course, shall we? Before we get to this week's music highlights, an account of how those...

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Multigenerational appeal

Inside the minds of the music makers

(September 4, 2014) This week, we check in with veterans of Humboldt bluegrass Absynth Quintet about the upcoming album Telepathy with Glowbugs and discuss making the leap from house parties to professional venues...

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Blues, Brothers

And so much in between

(August 28, 2014) The bad news: Your live music options have been somewhat compromised by the occurrence of the third annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival. The good news: the third annual Savage...

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School's In!

And thus we celebrate musical abundance

(August 21, 2014) Hi, students! We can tell you're back because our HSU-related entertainment options just blew up. The fine talent bookers responsible for AS Presents have added DJ Shadow and Dirty Heads with...

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Audio Transatlantic

An influx of bands from elsewhere

(August 14, 2014) I write this column early on a Monday morning, Outside Lands Festival grit still embedded in the blisters decorating my feet thanks to a misguided shoe decision. The smell of...

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Dance the Night Away

Dead questions and musical locavores

(August 7, 2014) Crabs are over. The students are returning. The end of summer draws nigh. In the meantime, we still have sunshine at the river and a bit of nightlife to soothe...

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The Music Guide That They Don't Want You to Read!

The ending will surprise you!

(July 31, 2014) With just one surprising trick, you'll never want for live music again! Just keep reading... Thursday: The results will shock you! We've all known someone who's gone to Reggae at...

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No! Sleep! 'Til Autumn!

Another show, another fest, another Circle of Death

(July 24, 2014) Heya, Humboldt! I don't know what's caused the explosion, but here we are in the middle of summer and in addition to festival madness — how about that Folklife Fest?!...

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Coming Home

Beyond The Whiskey Rebellion

(July 17, 2014) First up, the Humboldt Folklife Festival goodness continues through Saturday, July 19 – please see the calendar section for full listings, then round out your selections with the shows below,...

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Due Dates

Humboldt is poised to deliver

(July 10, 2014) Somehow what should have been a lackadaisical post-holiday week turns out to have a number of potentially damn fine shows. Of special note, the joy that is the Humboldt Folklife...

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Expression of Freedom

Red lights, white noise and bluegrass

(July 3, 2014) Hey, baby, it's the Fourth of July. What's on your celebration agenda? Debating whether Americans are truly free given the shackles of income inequality, lack of adequate health care and...

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in our blogs...

CANCELED: The Avett Brothers to Reschedule

(September 9, 2014) Do you have tickets for The Avett Brothers at Center Arts tonight? Are they there, held to your refrigerator with a banjo magnet? You may want to leave them there...

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Tonight's Setlist: Two Reasons to Leave the House

(August 31, 2014) The sun's going down soon and you're wondering how to make the most of your Sunday night? You've two options. A listen to Austin psych-pop quartet Tele Novella inspired us...

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