To Our Health

To Our Health

(January 19, 2017) To be healthy, wealthy and wise. Now not many folks know this, but music can help us achieve two of those goals, and I'll give you a half-second to ponder...

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For Two Nights Only!

(January 12, 2017) Thursday If you've been holed up since New Year's trying to stay dry through our winter storms, you've got a full weekend of events to check out. You can...

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Carpe Noctem

Reasons to go out for live music

(January 5, 2017) The year 2017 is upon us, presenting us with the opportunity to start somewhat fresh. Deep-seated character traits/flaws aren't likely to change — more superficial habits are the best targets...

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The 10 That Got Away

(December 29, 2016) Another year is behind us and, fortunately, another in front of us. When we look back to take stock of the year we're leaving, it's easy to focus on the...

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Happy Christmas

A non-traditional playlist

(December 22, 2016) At the Murphy's Market not far from my house this past Sunday, I got to chatting with Noah there about rock music in general and he made the astute point...

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Holiday After Day

(December 15, 2016) Time's flying. The New Year is approaching. The War on Christmas has officially begun. The kids are almost out of school for the winter — I mean, Christmas break. So...

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Art is Alive

(December 8, 2016) Thursday It's almost guaranteed that if you show up to the Mad River Brewery Tap Room during the evening, you'll recognize someone you know either at the bar or out...

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Looking Back to Look Forward

(December 1, 2016) Nostalgia has been floating around like a faint mist lately, not quite as thick as a fog, but I've walked through bits of it unexpectedly this past week. I think...

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The Turkey Playlist

(November 24, 2016) Smack dab in the middle of Halloween and Christmahanakwanzaa, Thanksgiving always seems more of an autumn holiday than a winter one for me. Yes, I know winter doesn't actually start...

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It's Getting Darker

(November 17, 2016) Pessimism had a good year in 2016. With an unreal election finally behind us, one that throve on negativity and peddled as fact the idea that we were all living...

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On the Road Again

(November 10, 2016) While I'm never fully clear what the "music industry" is comprised of, any professional musician will tell you things have changed on the business end of their profession. The "higher...

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