Make Them Care

(June 30, 2016) With all the craziness happening around the country and globe, I find I don't focus on what goes on in my own geographic world. But one recent story popped out:...

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(May 26, 2016) Earlier this year, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled that a macaque monkey in Indonesia did not have the right to control use of the world's greatest selfie....

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Get It

(April 28, 2016) If I had to pick a fictional character I'm most like, it would be Fancy Nancy, the girl in a series of books by children's author Jane O'Connor. She loves...

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Say Cheese

(March 31, 2016) A school picture of my fifth grade daughter is on my refrigerator, secured with a magnet. On top of that is a little slip of paper with a string of...

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I Carry it in my Shoe

(February 25, 2016) If you include my college newspaper, I've worked for eight different news organizations as a reporter or editor. Never once did I flash a press pass. I'm pretty sure I...

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It's All About Us

(February 4, 2016) The best long-running drama not on television just ended. Let's call it Ferndale Law. The show starred a hot British ex-pat who somehow found herself owning and running a small...

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Chump Change

(December 31, 2015) Monty Python, John Cleese and Graham Chapman helped create a movie called The Magic Christian in 1969. It starred Ringo Starr as an orphan adopted by a crazy rich man...

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The Mizzou Myth

(November 26, 2015) When you can take your selfie stick and zip videos of your protest to Instagram, who needs news photographers? In a world of self-publication, we don't need press anymore. Do...

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Fair Game

(October 29, 2015) To me, the county fair is about pies, poultry and pygmy goats. But now the running of the fair and coverage of it is a side show as entertaining as...

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All Ears

(September 24, 2015) A decade ago, I watched the media world consolidate so fast I thought it wouldn't be long before two companies owned all the radio on my dial. But now local...

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Hiding Places

(September 3, 2015) I am not a conspiracy theorist. Well, maybe I am a little. I can't help believing in a conspiracy when some government or corporation keeps me from information that I...

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(July 30, 2015) Places in California confuse me. When I first moved here I went with friends to the Colorado River south of Lake Havasu and, instead of raging whitewater, I found what...

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