45 for 45

(December 1, 2016) Editor's note: In the wake of the Nov. 8 election, we invited readers to pen letters of 45 words or less to Donald J. Trump, the nation's 45th president. Here...

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Election Fallout

(December 1, 2016) Editor: To answer Harry Wells (Mailbox, Nov. 17): Maybe you're confused. There's only one Jesus and one Savior and He never came to be a political leader. Yes, He sets...

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Sickened by Fiction

(December 1, 2016) Editor: I am sickened by the story "Mexican Revelations" ("Flash Fiction 2016," Nov. 24) and the part about "with a cock tight in his ass he lost his virginity." Was...

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Yay, Eureka!

(December 1, 2016) Editor: Thank you for your informative interview with Miles Slattery ("The Blight Fight," Nov. 24) concerning Eureka parks and public spaces. Properly designed and maintained parks, trails and public use...

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(December 1, 2016) A story headlined "G Street Squat" in the Nov. 24 edition of the North Coast Journal included a wrong address. The pictured Victorian is at 1635 G St., which neighbors...

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Good Things Coming

(November 24, 2016) Editor: Judy Hodgson shows considerably less grace in her column ("Didn't See That Coming," Nov. 10) than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton post election. In so doing, she amply...

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45 for 45

(November 17, 2016) Editor's note: In the wake of the Nov. 8 election, we invited readers to pen letters of 45 words or less to Donald J. Trump, the nation's 45th president. Here...

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(November 17, 2016) Editor: I have never been more ashamed to be American (NCJ Daily, Nov. 10). We have elected a racist, sexist, rude, arrogant bully to be our president. Trump has spent...

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Conditions are Perfect

(November 17, 2016) Editor: Barry Evans ("Kickstarting Life," Nov.10) presented Steven Benner's theory that life originated on Mars and was transported to Earth via Martian meteorites. I wish to restore some faith in...

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"Lollypop Journalism"

(November 10, 2016) Editor: Your lollypop journalism, especially in regard to our local nonprofits, is all fuzzy and warm but I kind of miss your old "facts and functionality" journalism. The glass...

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Get Educated!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: I'm responding to the perception that the 222-page initiative pamphlet is too much to bother with. Simply put, most of the info you need is in the summaries...

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Vote Third!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: Excited to vote for Trump or Clinton? If so, this letter is not for you. If not, read on. If you are considering abstaining or a protest write-in,...

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Prop 64!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: Decades of cannabis prohibitionist lies, half-truths and propaganda ("Vote No for a Safer Community," Oct. 20, 2016), today, is one of the reasons cannabis (marijuana) prohibition is about...

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Measure E!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: Measure E is a Fortuna police and essential services measure designed to provide funds to maintain essential services in the police department, repair aging streets, maintain city property...

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Measure K!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: I am writing this letter in support of Measure K, a bond to finance needed repairs at Jacoby Creek School. California ranks 42nd in spending for K-12 education....

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Measure P!

(November 3, 2016) Editor: The candidate for Eureka City Council, campaign materials in a plastic bag, trudged through the late October rain to yet another house. It was apparent, despite a valiant...

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  • Re: Sickened by Fiction

    • Wow, Joe! Thanks. I had missed that article completely. Searched it out to read just…

    • on December 1, 2016
  • Re: 45 for 45

    • Great article, I wrote a similar one on my blog at http://john-nevarez.blogspot.com/

    • on December 1, 2016
  • Re: "Lollypop Journalism"

    • I don't get the point. Is it bad or good that Betty Chinn provided meals…

    • on November 12, 2016
  • Re: Measure V!

    • "...you and your pro rent control comrades..." What's it like living in the 1960s, anonymous…

    • on November 6, 2016
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