Cancer: Evolution While-You-Wait

Cancer: Evolution While-You-Wait

(April 10, 2014) Every second, some 4 million cells in each of our bodies clone themselves by copying their DNA into two new cells, each virtually identical to its parent. The process...

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Hiking for Three

On the trail with babies on board

(April 3, 2014) When I found out I was pregnant with twins, my doctor suggested that I stick to "gentle stretching," walking and swimming for exercise. That sounded like the most boring...

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April To-Do List

(April 3, 2014) The garden is finally showing real signs of spring, with new leaves unfurling from branches and spring bloomers putting on a show. Though the North Coast is still in...

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Trees on Mars

(March 27, 2014) "That looks like a face!" What started out as a bit of whimsy based on a 1976 photo from a NASA Mars orbiter quickly morphed into a full-blooded new-age/extraterrestrial phenomenon....

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Using Less Water in the Landscape

(March 20, 2014) Though our recent rains have alleviated some concerns, our brush with drought this winter has many gardeners rethinking water use in the landscape, and rightly so. There are many...

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Just Good Friends

Not doctors, not boyfriends

(March 20, 2014) Hey McGuinty! I have a friend who is overweight and smokes constantly. I worry about this friend's health, but can't think of a way to express my concern without coming...

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Otter Spotter

A tour of river hotspots

(March 20, 2014) While hiking the King Range, I saw a flash of brown just up Cooksie Creek. Then a splash. The small, slicked head of a Lontra canadensis created a gentle...

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Fall of the Khmers

Lessons for here and now?

(March 13, 2014) Empires always fall. After 200 glorious years (the Pax Romana), the Roman Empire took another two centuries to decline into obscurity. Despite his boast of an empire that would...

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March To-Do List

(March 6, 2014) The dry weather through much of winter has allowed energetic gardeners to get out and complete most of the obvious gardening tasks, but there's still plenty to do in...

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Hide Me!

Scruffy boyfriends and spineless pals

(March 6, 2014) Hey McGuinty! My boyfriend is rather rough around the edges — more like jagged. He's like this wild mountain guy with a crazy beard and an illegitimate income, if you...

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King of the World

Hiking the King Range's Chemise Mountain

(March 6, 2014) Stands of manzanita and groves of knobcone and sugar pine grow within sight of the ocean. Redwoods are nearly absent. Golden eagles ride the thermals along the ridges, and...

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Northwest Forest Plan's 20th

(April 14, 2014) Twenty years after the Northwest Forest Plan’s birth, lawyer/writer Daniel Jack Chasan looks at whether the plan has done all it was cracked up to do. Did it save Northern...

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Around Humboldt County

(April 10, 2014) ...

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Big Bad Burl Biz

(April 9, 2014) The New York Times has a piece this week on the despicable business of illegally sawing big hunky burl chunks off of our massive redwood trees — our elders, as the Times...

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