We're All Above Average

We're All Above Average

(December 8, 2016) Most of us consider ourselves better and smarter than average. According to sociologists who study "illusory superiority," 94 percent of U.S. college professors rate themselves superior to their colleagues, while...

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Season's Greetings for the Garden

(December 8, 2016) Take a look at your garden right now. Do you like what you see? Creating gardens that are attractive in all four seasons is one of the goals of landscape...

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Life: The Long Game

(November 24, 2016) Last time, I made the case that life on Earth started on Mars. Now, 4 billion years later, that life has evolved to the point where we can start thinking...

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Bring us a Shrubbery!

Best plants for an edible hedge

(November 24, 2016) No garden is complete without a yummy patch of edible, perennial shrubbery! Even a small garden can squeeze in a few brambles, berries or 'chokes. To create a low-maintenance food...

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Kickstarting Life

(November 10, 2016) How did life start here on Earth? Ever since Darwin, scientists have been struggling with that question. (Before him, there was nothing to explain — God did it.) When Darwin...

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Lying Low in the Garden

(November 10, 2016) What are low-maintenance plants? These are plants that are hardy in your region and adapted to local soil and climate conditions (think native plants); plants that thrive without heavy watering...

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Halloween, Samhain and Jack o' Lantern

(October 27, 2016) The Christian celebration of Halloween (holy evening), like its predecessor, the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, is that liminal time of year when the boundary between the worlds of the...

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For the Love of Figs

(October 27, 2016) I can't stop eating them. There's a fig tree at the place where I am staying and I can't seem to keep them out of my mouth! It's a huge tree, maybe...

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Ghost Town

The Haunted History tour bumps in the night

(October 27, 2016) Most of the sky has darkened but for an apricot streak of sunset over the mouth of Humboldt Bay. Alex Service stands with her back to the water at...

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Little Monsters

(October 20, 2016) Black Widows I spend a lot of my outdoor time looking for and at bugs. Especially ones that are dramatic looking or interesting to photograph, so when I noted a...

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Candelabra Trees

(October 13, 2016) Ten miles south of the Humboldt County line, the insanely steep cliffs of the coastal range mellow into Shady Dell, a half-mile-wide oasis set back from Usal Beach. Unless you're...

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Nice Sweater

(December 8, 2016) Some things are so ugly they're cute. On Sunday, Dec. 4, nearly 300 people leaned into the ugly, donning bright, lumpy, spangly and snowman-festooned pullovers and cardigans for the Ugly...

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Huffman on DAPL: 'Justice and Environmental Protection Have Won'

(December 5, 2016) North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman issued a statement last night applauding the Obama Administration’s announcement that it will deny an easement needed for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross...

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Yurok Tribe Blames Feds for Salmon Die-Off

(December 4, 2016) SAN FRANCISCO — The federal government was hit with a second lawsuit this week claiming its bungled management of waterways allowed a deadly parasite to infect 91 percent of endangered...

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