The Kelsey Trail

The Kelsey Trail

(November 20, 2014) Ask Yahoo Maps for directions from Crescent City to Fort Jones, and you'll be sent on a 180-mile semi-circular trek across State Route 199 and down I-5. You can, if...

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Autumn colors year-round:

Plants with cinnamon, flame and golden hues

(November 13, 2014) Though I'm usually attracted to cooler colors in the garden like blues, purples and silvers, there is something about the fiery tones of fall which make me appreciate the warm...

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Gutenberg's Legacy

Changing The World (Part 2)

(November 6, 2014) Last week, I discussed the enormity of the revolution jump-started by Gutenberg's system of mechanical printing. His genius was his ability to combine several existing technologies, adapting and improving them...

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Gutenberg's Legacy:

Changing The World (Part 1)

(October 30, 2014) Although Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468) is usually credited with having invented printing, it's fairer to say that he introduced a system of mechanical printing to Europe, since virtually all the technologies...

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Saddle Up!

Humboldt is cowboy country, y'all

(October 16, 2014) I'm fresh off the trail with Sis Bruner of Redwood Trails Horse Rides. An Orick native, Bruner grew up out by the little red schoolhouse just south of town. As...

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A Little Lower Than the Angels?

(October 9, 2014) When Nicolas Copernicus relegated the Earth from the center of the cosmos to one of several planets revolving around the sun, he let the genie out of the bottle. If...

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October Gardening To-Do List

(October 2, 2014) Autumn seems to be coming earlier this year, with the spring and summer drought causing deciduous plants to show fall color and drop leaves about a month ahead of schedule....

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Salmon Mountain: Humboldt's Highest

(September 25, 2014) Around 170 million years ago, in a period geologists call the Middle Jurassic, huge reptiles ruled the seas and skies: quarter-ton pterosaurs above, killer whale-size pliosaurs below. On land, shrew-like...

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Stroller Hike

Hitting the trails with babies on board

(September 18, 2014) The key to any successful backpacking expedition is good recon: Accurate information about the conditions you will face on your trip will inform your gear selection and meal planning. This...

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Suicide: Decision or Disease?

(September 11, 2014) Last June, Golden Gate Bridge directors voted to fund 20-foot-wide "suicide nets" on each side of the bridge, at a cost of $76 million. Over 1,600 people have jumped to...

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September Gardening To-Do List

(September 4, 2014) Though the days feel hot, humid and long, a mild chill at night and streaks of vibrant color through the foliage of birches and maples let us know that winter...

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in our blogs...

Steamin' it up for a Cause

(November 11, 2014) The Arcata Ridge Trail got a large shove forward Saturday at the Arcata Community Center, where a host of folks turned out for Cirque Disco-Leil, a steamy, disco-themed event...

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Strange, Happy Brews

(November 10, 2014) [image-15]Justin Whitaker's booth, in the lobby, had first grabs at all of us rushing into the Eureka Theater for StrangeBrew Beer Fest 2014 last Saturday night. It helped that he...

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Arkley's 'Dog Ranch' on the Market

(October 31, 2014) Ever dream of owning a property that offers room to wander, with ocean front views? Have a cool $2 million to spare? Well, if you answered in the affirmative to...

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