Food Not Lawns

Food Not Lawns

Bringing the farm to your front yard

(April 16, 2015) Growing food at home is hardly a new idea. But in this culture, where more people know how to take the perfect selfie than how to grow a potato, urban...

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Elevator to Space

(April 16, 2015) When a passenger jet takes off, about one-third of its weight is the fuel it will burn flying from point A to point B. Rocket designers would swoon for such...

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Word Oddballs

(April 2, 2015) 1. What word rhymes with "orange"? 2. What's a common 11-letter word starting and ending with "und"? 3. And a common word containing "uu"? 4. How about words containing the...

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Zombies and Natural Born Killers

(March 26, 2015) Zombie Dung Flies While working in my front yard, I noticed insects flying around at ankle height. Soon enough one landed. I identified it as the familiar 'golden dung fly'...

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Organize Your Own Seed Swap

(March 19, 2015) Whether you save your own seeds or just have a bunch of leftover packets from years past, a seed swap is a great way to expand the diversity of both...

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We Need to Talk

Conversations for better sex

(March 19, 2015) For something as delightful as having sex, people sure do worry a lot about it. It seems to me that we have a hard time managing our expectations about sex...

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Thar She Blows

Whale watching on the North Coast

(March 19, 2015) The migration of the gray whale is a phenomenon on a par with the mass movement of the wildebeest across Africa's Serengeti and the monarch butterfly's journey from the Eastern...

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The Future (Weather) is Now

(March 19, 2015) Although the recent winter storms helped replenish California's dangerously low reservoirs and cropland water tables, much (much!) more rainfall is needed to get the Golden State back to normal. However,...

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Kicking Gophers and Moles to the Curb

(March 5, 2015) Whether you live in central Eureka or in the wild outskirts of Trinidad, gophers and moles can be found in just about any North Coast garden. While I would not...

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The Curious Case of Pluto

(February 26, 2015) On July 14, NASA's "New Horizons" spacecraft will zip past distant Pluto, 7,000 miles above its icy surface, while traveling at 25,000 mph. New Horizons will complete a saga that...

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The Three P's of Spring

(February 19, 2015) It's February again, and time to start planting. Growing a garden is one of the best ways to get exercise, spend time outdoors and improve your diet and sense of...

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Scenes from a Sweep: Images from behind the Bayshore Mall and a look at what's next

(April 16, 2015) The Eureka Police Department led a multi-agency effort Wednesday to remove what Chief Andrew Mills called a “criminal element that has infiltrated” the network of homeless camps near the...

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The Early Bird: LeValley home from prison 'sabbatical'

(April 14, 2015) About nine and a half months after surrendering to federal prison, embattled local biologist Ron LeValley recently announced his return home with a grinning selfie taken somewhere on the North...

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Spotted Owl to Get Endangered Listing?

(April 8, 2015) Well, U.S. Fish and Wildlife may have told the Humboldt marten to suck it up this week, but it looks like the service has the northern spotted owl's back. The...

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