Rash Decisions

Rash Decisions

Your guide to battling poison oak

(January 22, 2015) Exactly why I was thrashing around in the brush behind a trailer park south of Alton is a story for another day. But suffice to say my adventure did not...

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Take it Outside

Just hitting the gym isn't enough

(January 22, 2015) The gym: That altar to fitness, that sanctuary where we'll transform our flabby triceps into taut, tight muscles. Surely, at the gym we'll achieve the gleaming body of our dreams!...

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

(January 15, 2015) What is considered the world's first book? There was a time in the pre-Internet (practically Paleolithic) era, when I never thought to ask a question like that — too complicated...

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Adventure Club

Surprise! You have no idea what's next

(January 8, 2015) Kayaking. Pan drumming. Blacksmithing. Beer tasting. Glassblowing. Laughing yoga. Ziplining. In Adventure Club, the escapade is limited only by price and the imagination of the planner. Outings are monthly, with...

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Orion, Hunter of the Winter Skies

(January 1, 2015) Winter is Orion the Hunter's season as he strides across the evening sky, trusty sword hanging below the three stars of his belt. Orion is the most recognizable of all...

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Shelter for Critters

(January 1, 2015) As the winter weather becomes cold and wet, many of us are retreating indoors with a good book, a hot cuppa and a crackling fire, but what about the birds,...

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Consciousness: Magic or Meh?

(December 18, 2014) You're sitting opposite your friend Susan and you see her glance down and notice a stain on her blouse. You immediately know pretty much what's going on in her head...

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Walking on Water: No Faith Required

The miracle of inflatable paddle boards

(December 18, 2014) Looking out at the bay from the Eureka boardwalk, I could barely believe my eyes. In the mist I saw a figure walking on water. He looked mythic, out of...

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Gifts for Every Gardener on Your List

(December 11, 2014) Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed, I'm guessing many of the deliciously materialistic pleasures found on those days seemed to fall a little short for the gardener...

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To Sleep, Perchance to be Brainwashed

(December 4, 2014) All animals with brains sleep. Why? In humans, at first blush it seems like a perfect waste of time for us to spend a third of our lives in somnolent...

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The New Magic Carpet

Zipping around on an electric bike

(November 27, 2014) We are long-term cyclists and ride our handy folding bikes a lot, both around Humboldt and beyond. Purists, we never thought we'd succumb to an electric bike. But last July,...

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in our blogs...

We Mostly Flunk

(January 21, 2015) We’re a (mostly) sad, bad, hackalung lot up here in Northern California. According to the American Lung Association, “Progress in the fight against tobacco use is at a standstill...

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Facing Possible Removal, Newman Resigns Land Trust Post

(January 16, 2015) Facing the threat of a vote to remove him from office, Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Commissioner Aaron Newman has stepped down from his seat on the Northcoast...

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Ho Ho Heave Ho

(January 9, 2015) Your dear old Christmas tree wants to go back to the good green earth it came from. Come, compost! Come, energy! So get on it, before Valentine's Day smooches in...

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