Quest for the Mother Tongue: Part 2

(July 10, 2014) Last week, we considered the possibility of reconstructing Proto-World, the mother tongue from which all of the world's languages, living and dead, are derived. Although a handful of maverick researchers...

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Quest for the Mother Tongue: Part 1

(July 3, 2014) According to most linguists, all languages trace their roots to a single mother tongue, dubbed "Proto-World," "Proto-Sapiens" or the "Ur" language. Invented more than 100,000 years ago, before humans left...

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July To-Dos

(July 3, 2014) With temperatures rising and both vegetable gardens and landscaped areas hitting their stride, there's a lot to be done in the garden and it's easy to fall behind. Not only...

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Replicants, Unite!

(June 19, 2014) Two reality-bending episodes of Star Trek: the Next Generation are standouts for me. In the final scene of "Ship in a Bottle," a glowing cube not much larger than a...

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Bay Walk

A locadventure at 2 miles per hour

(June 19, 2014) My feet felt like tenderized beef and there was still a layer of sweat salt on my forehead. I had several new rips in my hiking pants and ritual scarification...

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Bitchfests and Love Nests

Welcome to the department of complaints

(June 19, 2014) Hey McGuinty! My best friend has been with her boyfriend for a few years, and for the last year all she's done is complain about him. He doesn't abuse her,...

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The June To-Do List

(June 5, 2014) Though it hardly feels like summer, the half-crazed look of freedom in the eyes of students, college and otherwise, tells a different story. In the garden, the detritus of spring...

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The Bane of Batteries

(June 5, 2014) Right by the checkout counter of my local drugstore is a display of "heavy duty" zinc-carbon batteries. Nothing remarkable about that, you say. They were around when you were a...

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A cook gone wild

(May 29, 2014) If you know what to look for, the world is your kitchen cabinet. Foraging in the spring can be a hungry affair compared to fall's bounty of fruit, mushrooms and...

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Whispers from the Birth of the Universe

(May 22, 2014) Cosmologically speaking, everything changed in May of 1965, when two radio astronomers working for Bell Labs detected a faint whisper of radiation, a fossil relic from the birth of...

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Our Owl Problem in Nat'l Geo

(July 17, 2014) Once again, our owl problem is in the news. National Geographic Daily News has a story today about the experiment to give northern spotted owls a chance at keeping a talon-hold on their...

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A Goosenecking Sight at Clam Beach

(July 16, 2014) I suspect I’m not the only Humboldt-er who finds myself meandering down the beach keeping a gentle eye out for seafaring debris from Japan’s 2011 tsunami - you know,...

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Around Humboldt County

(July 16, 2014) ...

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