Let it All Out

(August 25, 2016) It used to be way easier to keep a secret. It is pretty close to impossible these days. But it seems the harder it is to keep a secret, the...

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The Week in Weed

Not Even From Around Here

Who's afraid of the Bulgarians?

(August 25, 2016) I get alarmed calls every week about the Bulgarians. They're paying exorbitant sums for property in Petrolia, Bridgeville and Alderpoint, I'm told. They're jogging along rural roads with automatic rifles...

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Growing Pains

(August 18, 2016) The backlash came fast and fierce. "Get ready for some hate mail," warned one Facebook commenter about 30 minutes after the post went live. Within hours, the boycott calls began....

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Cannabis reducto ad absurdum

(August 4, 2016) Damn, but we love our views. We love them so much that, back in 2011, some of us successfully levied this love into stopping the big baddies at Shell Energy...

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Maybe Next Year

(July 14, 2016) I think we can all agree that last week was a particularly bad week for news. I wasn't in Dallas, but I was in Texas — in Austin at the...

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A Small Win for Transparency

(July 28, 2016) The Journal got somewhat of a win last week, when an appellate court upheld a Humboldt County judge's order to release a Eureka police video depicting the arrest of a...

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Media Maven

Make Them Care

(June 30, 2016) With all the craziness happening around the country and globe, I find I don't focus on what goes on in my own geographic world. But one recent story popped out:...

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Farm to Flame

Arcata's new cannabis tracking system has some seeing tracers

(August 18, 2016) California's Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act regulates marijuana plants more like painkillers than agriculture, requiring every plant in the state to have a unique identification number tagged to it....

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De-regulate It!

(August 25, 2016) Editor: It is with breathtaking irrationality and greed that the city of Arcata has embraced a cannabis tracking system ("Farm to Flame," Aug. 18). This plant, after 10,000 years of...

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'Hate is Hate'

(August 25, 2016) Editor: I have been out of town so just got around to reading the NCJ issue for Aug. 11, 2016. I originally was stimulated to write about the article about...

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'Class Warfare'

(August 25, 2016) Editor: What a pitifully grotesque scene is described in Linda Stansberry's Aug. 18 article (Putting Heads Together for Housing First). Many of these 300 heads make their own living out...

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My Life, My Choice

(August 25, 2016) Editor: The excellent article written by Michael Joyce ("End of Life Options," Aug. 18) prompted me to share my own experience with the St. Joseph Health Care System. I was...

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    • I just drove the Mattole road from Ferndale into AW Way Campground for a few…

    • on August 28, 2016
  • Re: Not Even From Around Here

    • I find the Bulgarians of Humboldt County to be extremely polite and amagable. I think…

    • on August 27, 2016
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    • this is a great article! thank you for sharing without prejudice!

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    • No one is "from around here" except the Natives who were wiped out in the…

    • on August 27, 2016
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    • Yet again Linda, your gentle touch belies the razor sharp edge of the journalistic knife…

    • on August 27, 2016
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