Humboldt Insider Summer/Fall 2016

(July 21, 2016) ...

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Home Track

Rod Kausen at the Races

(July 21, 2016) "Here you go, darlin." The waitress sets a BLT and fries in front of Rod Kausen and returns to the kitchen for a bottle of ketchup. Bacon hangs lackadaisically from...

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Blazing Trails

The Mountain Bike Systems of Humboldt County

(July 21, 2016) The bed of the black pick-up truck is loaded with mountain bikes. Front wheels draped over the tailgate, back wheels buried in helmets, shoes and riding gear. The riders...

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Back to the Blueprints

Finally finishing a Humboldt landmark

(July 21, 2016) The Benbow Historic Inn, a circa 1926 landmark on the Redwood Highway in Southern Humboldt County, is kicking off an ambitious expansion this summer, one that will draw creatively on...

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Perfect Summer Trips

(July 21, 2016) This is the time of year about which English poet John Keats waxed romantic, describing, "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness/ Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun." Keats not...

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Roadside Attractions

(July 21, 2016) Humboldt has classic summer road food well worth pulling over for. Nothin' fancy, just favorites from the grill and the fryer that will take you back. Don't forget napkins....

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Dive Right In

(July 21, 2016) Once upon a time, to refer to a drinking establishment as a "dive" was to insult it, to declare its dark corners unwelcoming places populated by seedy people who'd...

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Pints on the Patio

(July 21, 2016) Summer stretches well into fall in terms of fine, mellow weather in Humboldt. Revel in the sunshine and eat with your sunglasses on. Photography by Amy Kumler & Rocky...

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Garden Gear

(July 21, 2016) Inspired by our local greenery? Take home a little something to spiff up your yard or garden spot. Miller Farms Nursery - McKinleyville Lite goat gloves $11 Terrarium tool kit $10...

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Hurly Burly

(July 21, 2016) Welcome to redwood burl country, where artisans and craftspeople are turning knotty local wood to create wild and wonderful things. Korbly Wood Products Since the early '70s, Bernie Korbly's...

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