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First Saturday Night Arts Alive! 

Saturday, June 7, 6-9 p.m.

First Saturday Night Arts Alive!
First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive! First Saturday Night Arts Alive!

First Saturday Night Arts Alive!

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First Saturday Night Arts Alive!is presented by Eureka Main Street and US Bank. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and/or performances are held the first Saturday of each month. Phone 707-442-9054, for more information or to have an exhibit/performance included.

1: ST. INNOCENT ORTHODOX CHURCH 939 F St. Patron Saints: Their Images and Stories, icons of different Saints and their stories as presented by parishioners.

2: THE INK PEOPLE CENTER FOR THE ARTS 411 12th St: Tuxford Gallery.*Fabrication Show,* three dimensional art assemblages; Brenda Gallery.Barbara Domanchuck, Old Growth Redwoods Are Alive.

3: SHIP'S INN BED AND BREAKFAST 821 D St. Jill Faulkner, representational style oil paintings.

4: HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda:Lisa Hale, The Rotunda In Bloom; William Thonson Gallery: 7th Annual Northwest Eye Regional Photography Competition and Exhibition; Homer Balabanis Gallery: Morris Graves: Selections from the Humboldt Art Council Permanent Collection and Fermin Aguayo, paintings; Tom Knight Gallery: Janice Pittsley,Traces; Dr. Richard and Elizabeth Anderson Gallery: Shelly Gardner, Surface Tension; Youth Gallery: Humboldt State University Studio School, one-and two-dimensional works; Annex, and Museum Gift Shop: gift items from artisans from Humboldt County and around the globe; Floyd Bettiga Gallery: Joseph Carter,Selections from Sketchbooks.

5a: RYAN FRAY INSURANCE 537 7th and G sts. Jackie Oshiro, watercolors.

5b: EUREKA CONCERT AND FILM CENTER 612 F St. Sanctuary Stage presents Balle du'Fromage, cabaret music and improv teen theater at 7 p.m.

5: EUREKA OLD GLASS HOUSE AND ANTIQUES 604 F St. Eureka Soap Factory, artistic designer soaps.

6: SWANLUNDS 527 F St. Ansel Adams, 31 photographs of American landscapes.

6a: OBENTO517 F St. Music by the Freshwater Jazz Combo.

7: HUMBOLDT JIUJITSU GYM 718 5th St. Major Players, group show.

8: HUMBOLDT TATOO 710 5th St. Paintings of Derek Adams and Space; grafitti art.

8a: BENCHMARK REALTY GROUP 818 6th St. Rachel Daniels, photographs.

9: EUREKA SPA 601 5th St. Sara Westfahl.

10: ARKLEY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 412 G St. North Coast Dance presents Jack and the Beanstalk. 442-1956.

11: PLAZA DESIGN 427 F St. Latino artists Junior DeLeon, Victor Hernandez and Anthony Machado; music by Morgan Corviday.

12: MOON'S PLAY 'N LEARN 5th and F sts. Pine Hill After School Program.

13: SACRED BODIES PILATES 525 E St. Ed Linn and Carmel Reyes.

14: WACHOVIA SECURITIES/AG EDWARDS 318 5th St. John Wesa and Sarah Mitchell.

15: AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 5th St. Marsha Lee, photographs of the local area.

16: COCHRANE AND ASSOCIATES 402 E St. Garland Street Studio.

17a: ALTERNATIVE BUILDING CENTER 4 W. 4th St. David Terry, woodworks with reclaimed materials; Matt O'Brien, paintings.

17: EMPIRE SQUARED 47 W. 3rd St. 5th Annual Invitational.

18: CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY at the Studio 272 C St. Mariel McLoney, Dawn Wentworth and Helena Williams, Mariel's Mosaics Outside the BoxandDream of Art.

19: ACCIDENT GALLERY 210 C St. Lee Harvey Roswells, Mugshots; Natalie Macellaio and Shannon Sullivan, Bump; live Improvisational Soundtrack provided by Kyle Blasé, performance by local belly dancers.

20: C STREET HALL GALLERY 208 C St. Landscape Show in honor of John Crater's The Road to 1,000 Paintings features Walt Padgett, Terry Oats, Kathy O'Leary, Augustus Clark, Mariam Pao, Stock Schlueter and Rachel Schleuter.

21: RELFECTIONS 202 C St. Flying Pig Woodworks, wood art.

22: OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING GALLERY 139-B 2nd St. (at the Eagle House). Valerie Carmen and Mark Wells, landscapes and still lifes in watercolor and oil; classical and Baroque music by Judith Louise and Joyce Carter.

23: STEVE AND DAVE'S 1st and C sts. Live music by Dr. Squid; photographs.

23a: THE TREASURE TROVE 220 First St. Alan Justice, nature photographs; live music by Wabe Sabe.

24: CHAPALA CAFE 201 2nd St. Southwest artists' prints.

24a: GOOD RELATIONS 223 2nd St. Thomas Hovie, Study of Form and Color, acrylics on canvas and pencil.

25: CONSIDERATIONS at CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVES 300 2nd St. Carol W. Telesky, 101 in Silver and Gold, representational paintings; live music by Howdy Emerson, Celtic harpist and Hospital Music Practitioner.

26: ART OF WINE 308 2nd St. Megan Thomas, oil paintings; Greg Lattanza, Jocelyn Stewart and Lauren Miller, photographs; Georgia Long, abstracts; Mary Anderson and Julia Bednar, watercolor seascapes.

26a: EMERALD CITY 310 2nd St. Wendy Davis, CampShirts; massages by licensed holistic massage practitioners.

27: ROMANO GABRIEL SQUARE 2nd Street (across from Emerald City). Studio of Dance Arts performs pieces from its annual summer production.

28: CIARA'S IRISH SHOP 334 2nd St. Diane Willliams.

28a: BREEZY BLUE BOUTIQUE 214 E St. Anna Amezcua, original paintings.

28b: CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM 3rd and E sts. Exhibit on Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s.

29: KRONOS ART GALLERY 317 3rd St. Chet Atkins and Mike Depew, raku ceramics; music by John King and Dogbone in the Atrium.

29a: OSCAR LARSON AND ASSOCIATES GALLERY 317 3rd St. Tryggvi Larum and Gary Todoroff.

30: THE BEAD SHOPPE 418 3rd St. Jessica Lynn's Jewels.

31: ANNIE MAGNOLIA 424 3rd St. Liz Garrett, seaside art.

32: GAIA IMPORTS 426 3rd St. Belly dancing with Shoshana and Yahabibi Dance Troupe.

33: THE RITZ TEPANYAKI 3rd and F sts. Suza Lambert.

34: CIN CIN ALL ITALIANA 201 3rd St. Richard Dunning.

35: OPERA ALLEY BISTRO 409 Opera Alley. Vonnie Davidson, Dark and Light; music by David Fouche.

36: HUMBOLDT BAY KEEPER 211 E St. Photos of Humboldt Bay contest entries; music by the Sari Baker Trio.

37: RAMONE'S 209 E St. Donna Bush and Paula Anderson; performance with puppets and musical instruments by Hibbity Skibbity.

38: BOOKLEGGER 402 2nd St. Art of the written word, as well as books on art.

39: TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 2nd St. Charity Grella, textile works.

40: BELLE STARR 405 2nd St. Matthew Flemming.

41: OLD TOWN SQUARE 2nd and F sts. KHUM broadcasts live in front of Venlo Chocolates; music by the steel drum band Pan Dulce.

42: NORTH SOLES FOOTWEAR 417 2nd St. Suite 102. Jeff Foster, photographs.

43: GRAYSTONE JEWELERS 1st and E sts. Students' winning designs from the Mother's Day pendant contest.


45: VANITY 109 F St. The Breast Fest: evening of art, beverages and hors d'oeuvres with the Humboldt Community Breast Project.

45a: STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS 123 F St. Linda Yaple, photographs.

46: BELLA BASKETS 412 2nd St. Sandy Popko, photographs of Humboldt County.

47: GEPPETTO'S 416 2nd St.

48: EUREKA BOOKS 426 2nd St. A Celebration of Peter Palmquist,books and historical photographs.

48a: SHORELINES GALLERY 434 2nd St. Local glass blower Mike Warren, seashells and jellyfish.

49: MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 2nd St. Lunel Haysmer, river stones decorated with different spiritual traditions.


51: TALISMAN BEADS 214 F St. Performance art in the window stars Jimmy Jam.

52: BELLA DESIGN 218 F St. Linda Sundquist, paintings; music by Jimi Jeff and the Gypsy Band.

53: SASAFRASS 226 F St. Julie Frith, Kinetic modern mobiles.

54: ALIROSE BOUTIQUE 228 F St. Amanda Elizabeth Woodward, watercolors.

55: SHIPWRECK FOUND TREASURES 322 F St. Gretchen Anderson and Jess Trudeau.

56: DOT AND DAUGHTER 311 F St. Tom Strutton, mixed media, drawings and paintings.

57: CODY GALLERY 527 4th St. Ralphie Hendrix, watercolors; John Crater, oil paintings; George Bucquet, art glass.

58: COCO AND CUVEE 531 3rd St. Amber Billings, photographs.

59: DISCOVERY MUSEUM 3rd and F sts. Kids' Alive: Much Ado About Theatre, drop off children ages 3-11 from 5:30-8 p.m. $15/$12 museum members.

60: AMERICAN INDIAN ART AND GIFT SHOP 241 F St. Lou Moerner, Ani-yv-wiya tribal member, handmade fabric tote bags made from reclaimed and recycled fabrics.

61: OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 233 F St. All-member show for Open Studios.

62: BON BONIERE 215 F St. Shoshanna Bernie; music by guitar/vocalist Dale Winget.

63: OLD TOWN COFFEE AND CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Music by Spudgun; Alan Sampson, photographs from India and Tibet.

64: NATURAL SELECTION 203 F St. Bob and Donna Sellers, Kinetic Sculpture paintings and North Coast images.

65: HOLLYGOLIGHTLY 514 2nd St. Susan Strope, paintings.

66: LINEN CLOSET 127 F St.

67: HURRICANE KATE'S 511 2nd St. Dennis Miller, photographs; Jo Pritchett, abstract paintings.

68: BLISS 527 2nd St. Terry Cook, photographs.


70: BUHNE ART STUDIOS 207 G St., 2nd Floor. Cory Calantropio, watercolors, sunsets, abstracts and prints; Studio 102: Karen Merry, watercolor and mixed-media paintings and pen-and-ink works; The Artist's Connection Studio 116: Pamela Reeder, Michelle Murphy-Ferguson and Juanita Larson.

71: HUMBOLDT CARPET SHOWROOM 2nd and G sts. Robert Vasic, multi media works; Blake Reagan; Shanon Korb.

72: SUKI BOUTIQUE 612 2nd St. Dan Caspary.

73: PIANTE GALLERY 620 2nd St. Frank Buffalo Hyde, Smith River, oils on panels; Dona Blakely, Illuminated Spring: Love Letters from Mother Earth, mixed media; Jesse Corning.

74: SMUG'S PIZZA 626 2nd St. Justin.

75: AVALON 3rd and G sts. William Pierson, Thirty-Five Days in Southern Europe, photographs.

76: FRONT PORCH at Lost Coast Brewery 615 4th St. Hearts and Roses.

77: RD REALTY SERVICES 728 2nd St. Lisa Kinn, prints and oils.

78: HAS BEANS 738 2nd St.

79: STUDIO S 717 3rd St. Susan and Seth Strope, paintings; Open Studios preview.

79a: BIGFOOT COMPUTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHY TOO... 905 3rd St. Frank Mallatt, photographs.

80: ANTIQUES AND GOODIES 1128 3rd St. Still lifes by various artists.

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