Rock Out

Rock Out

Fish cake appetizers

(October 27, 2016) Fish cakes are one of my all-time favorite appetizers. You can make them with just about any fish but I prefer locally caught black rockfish (which are sometimes also sold...

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Apples Made Savory

Moroccan chicken apple tagine

(October 20, 2016) Fall is a glorious time of year. Green leaves turning golden and crimson. Brisk mornings and sunny afternoons. Best of all, apples abound — ready to be picked and eaten....

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The Americano

Nick Stellino returns to Eureka

(October 13, 2016) As a boy in Sicily, Nick Stellino's friends called him "Nick Americano," never Nicolo. He dreamed of visiting America and jumped at the chance to study abroad in 1975. Looking...

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Hum Plate

On the hunt

(October 6, 2016) When Bacon is Your Jam There is nothing like the crushing disappointment of sharing intel on a favorite hole-in-the-wall — the labyrinthian directions! the semi-sketchy location! the limited hours! —...

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Humboldt on Tap

Barley field of dreams

(September 29, 2016) Bent over his field, scythe in hand, Jacob Pressey moves across the barley like a farmer from some lost impressionist painting. Sunlight burnishes the dry stalks. A haze of...

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Salt of the Sea

Making your own sea salt

(September 22, 2016) I was first inspired to try making sea salt after watching the 1982 film Gandhi's depiction of the 1930 Salt March, in which scores of people on a 24-day, 240-mile...

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Beautiful Beans

More farmers' favorites

(September 15, 2016) Some plants have a lot going for them. Take, for example, scarlet runner beans (Phaseolus coccineus). Their clusters of bright scarlet flowers are quite ornamental, the pods can be...

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Chicken Soup for the Vegan Soul

With mushrooms and miso

(September 8, 2016) Like cooks everywhere, I scan recipes in newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, online. But I also have a private habit I don't tell many people: If I'm drawn to a recipe in...

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The Fruit of Your Labor

Blackberry picking and cocktails

(September 1, 2016) For nutrition alone, the call to capture the summer windfall of blackberries is strong. Blackberries are frequently hailed as a "superfood," a media term which simply means blackberries are really,...

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Ramen Rumble

Instant noodles, slurped and ranked

(August 25, 2016) Before I went to college, I had no idea white people ate ramen. In my hometown in upstate New York, noodles were too exotic. If you were broke, you ate...

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Humboldt on Tap

Yay, Yeast!

(August 18, 2016) Just when I'm purring along in no-place-could-be-better-than-Humboldt-mode, some other locale saunters by, its gaze smoldering over a frothy beer glass, and my heart wobbles. This time it's Oregon. Sweet, seductive...

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in our blogs...

Taco Trucks on Every Corner

(October 14, 2016) Can we get back to that campaign promise/threat? It sounds fantastic. It beats a "chicken in every pot," which leaves you to come up with side dishes. No, life...

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