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Bigger Vigils 


We, among others who vigil with Eureka Women in Black wish to correct errors in Mr. Bass' NCJ article of Aug. 2 ("Women in Black"). We have more than "only two women" who often vigil at the county courthouse Saturdays at noon.

We disagree that "in Humboldt ... (the WIB movement) is mostly over" and that "the local movement seemed to lose focus." Instead, we, among others in Eureka WIB, are very focused on creating more peace personally and globally. Our Eureka WIB group does not have "meetings and dues."

We suggest readers visit for WIB info. We invite more women to Eureka WIB!

*Cindee Grace, Eureka

*Gay Gilchrist, Bayside

*Barbara Schumacher, Eureka

*Audrey Miller, Ferndale

Hollie Klingel, Eureka

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