The Bostonians

The Bostonians

Live by Night and Patriots Day

(January 19, 2017) Reviews LIVE BY NIGHT. Up to this point, Ben Affleck's scorecard for directing is marked with three wins and zero losses: Gone Baby Gone (2007) used local color and emotional...

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(January 19, 2017) Gone is December's method, Practiced under the gauze Of coming storms And long mornings, finally Duped into evening's silent coup. Now, January, Chilled cradle to summer's unborn, Giving way to...

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Brief Bio of a Leaf

(January 12, 2017) Whitening to recall a snowy day Greening to promote spring Yellowing to store summer sunlight Oranging to reflect a morning glow Reddening to catch the smile of a setting sun...

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Winter Break Walking Tour

Art in the HSU library

(January 12, 2017) Winter break in a college town is a good time to seek out exhibition spaces that may fly under the radar during busier times. This month, I revisit the art...

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Over the Moon

La La Land and Hidden Figures

(January 12, 2017) Reviews LA LA LAND. There was a moment of breath-holding, a couple of years ago, after Damien Chazelle's Whiplash (2014) had finished taking the world by storm, leaving the great...

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(January 5, 2017) I feel neglected 92 million miles I travel to get here to give you my love and you take me for granted I warm your souls your hearts and watch...

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Crossing the Tracks

With Paul Rickard at the Morris Graves

(January 5, 2017) Paul Rickard's early morning painting expeditions favor the intrepid. "I like to go out painting before dawn," he told me. "I end up scrambling down past the No Trespassing signs....

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Source Material

Fences and Lion

(January 5, 2017) FENCES. I usually approach theater with trepidation, not for any particular dislike of the medium or the material or the setting, but because I more often than not find myself...

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Super Moon Over Eureka

(December 29, 2016) What was Super wasn'tthe size (it was waning)or the brightness (though it shonelike a torch through my skylight,pulling me in a human tide to the roof) —no, what was Super...

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Top Five

The best of streaming 2016

(December 29, 2016) A simple, unwritten rule of this organization holds that a "request" from the editor shall not go un-granted. For the uninitiated, the editor is a fearsome figure: "dictate" or "directive"...

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We give thanks for Donald Trump

(December 22, 2016) Who so clearly illustrates both the magnitude and the specificity Of the work to be done, and for being an acute example of the unexamined life. We give thanks for...

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Art Walks & Festivals

Arts! Arcata

Friday, Jan. 13, 6-9 p.m.

(January 12, 2017) Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street's monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held at locations in Arcata. Visit for more information or call 822-4500. ARCATA ARTISANS 883 H...

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Arts Alive!

Saturday, Jan. 7, 6-9 p.m.

(January 5, 2017) Presented by Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and performances are held the first Saturday of each month. For more information, call 442-9054 or go to A...

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