Emotional Rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster

Inside Out's beautiful mind

(June 25, 2015) Reviews INSIDE OUT. It all makes so much sense now, how at times we're steamrolled by anger, buoyed by joy, puddled by sadness, paralyzed by fear and/or caught up in...

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Pride and Politics

Dell'Arte's Mary Jane: The Musical III

(June 25, 2015) My favorite word is "quiddity." It refers to the defining characteristic of someone or something — that which makes something what it is. A play is an opportunity to explore...

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(June 25, 2015) flash mob at the guard rail, each purple staffan ascendingexclamation of joy....

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Back from Extinction

Jurassic World and Love & Mercy revive their genres

(June 18, 2015) JURASSIC WORLD. As I'd been watching advertisements for it for more months than I care to remember, I figured Jurassic World would be a big deal; I had no reason...

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No Fish

(June 18, 2015) Here I am again Silhouetted on wet sand. The ocean is furiously Boiling in white caps, As I cast another shrimp Dreaming of Red Tails. Flanked by sandstone Holding tight...

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A Little Risk

Matt Beard at the Neighborhood Alliance

(June 11, 2015) Talking about art is hazardous. We might be imprecise or get bogged down in biographical minutia or jargon. Talking about surfing is worse. Every surf article published since the 1960s...

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Broads and Bros

McCarthy's smooth in Spy, Entourage parties on

(June 11, 2015) Reviews SPY. When Bridesmaids (2011) dropped and blew up I, like everyone else, applauded its success. In hindsight, though, there was and is something disingenuous, something backhanded about much of...

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Slow Motion Collapse

(June 11, 2015) Slow Motion Collapse Near the Mad River Bridge, enormous, leaning, roof slanting to weeds, the gray red hay-barn yearns toward level; slow-motion catastrophe slipping down like years. Nearby, pickups loll in...

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Out of the Gallery

And into the artist's studio

(June 4, 2015) Looking at artwork in the studio is special. It's like glimpsing a bird in the wild instead of studying a captive specimen or seeing a racecar on the factory floor...

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Naturals and Disasters

Stars try to shine in Aloha and San Andreas

(June 4, 2015) Reviews ALOHA. The word "aloha" means hello and goodbye, making it an appropriate title for a movie that leaves about that strong an impression. I've been quick to defend writer/director...

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My son looms stretched beneath

(June 4, 2015) My son looms stretched beneath the redwood trees Black Irish Black American Native American history of foster care surging through his blue veins like the sap steadfast in these ambassador...

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Art Walks & Festivals

Third Friday McKinleyville Arts Night

Friday, June 19, 6-8 p.m.

(June 18, 2015) Presented by members of the McKinleyville business community and is open for all McKinleyville businesses to display the work of local artists. Receptions for artists, exhibits and/or performances are from...

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Second Friday Arts! Arcata

June 12, 6-9 p.m.

(June 11, 2015) For more information visit artsarcata.com or call Arcata Main Street at 822-4500. ARCATA ARTISANS 883 H St. Mimi LaPlant, paintings; Diane Sonderegger, ceramics. ARCATA EXCHANGE 813 H St. Jay Brown,...

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Arts Alive

Saturday, June 6, 6-9 p.m.

(June 4, 2015) Presented by Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and performances are held the first Saturday of each month. For more information, phone Eureka Main Street at 442-9054 or...

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Eureka Symphony Announces 2015-2016 Season

(June 24, 2015) The Eureka Symphony recently announced its 2015-2016 season, “Experience the Greats” — a theme offering renowned composers and guest artists. There are five performances scheduled including a season opener, the...

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Photo Contest! Style, Humboldt Style

(June 23, 2015) Hey readers — every year we ask you to whip out your smart phone, pack up your DSLR or dust off that old 35mm camera to frame and snap some...

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Center Yourselves ... the 2015-2016 Center Arts Lineup is Here

(June 17, 2015) All right, kids. The wait is over. Center Arts just announced its 2015-2016 lineup and the offerings are good and plenty. From the Waifs to Weird Al to the Chieftains...

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