The Extended Gaze

Andrew Daniel at Umpqua Bank

(February 12, 2015) Andrew Daniel likes to stare. "I love looking at people," he says. "I like studying their gazes and faces and fashion. You can't stop and do that, usually. It makes...

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The Prolific Hermit

Painter John Motian at Piante Gallery

(February 5, 2015) "I swear from my very being by what I'm doing," says John Motian. "You've gotta do what you are." And Motian is a painter. Sitting on a simple twin bed,...

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Perfectly Imperfect

Lauryn Axelrod's wabi-sabi vessels at Fire Arts Center

(January 8, 2015) Settling onto a wooden stool, artist Lauryn Axelrod relaxes her shoulders and breathes in slowly. Exhaling, she clears her mind and dips her fingers into a bowl of water. Beneath...

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Home Grown

Redwood Art Association goes Off the Wall

(January 1, 2015) Art enthusiasts are a tough bunch. Despite endless holiday events, a new year and buckets of rain, we've still got to get our fix. Arts Alive in January can seem...

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Holiday Road

(December 11, 2014) Despite what Martha Stewart would have you believe, this is not the season for tasteful restraint. Because we are pulling on ugly sweaters, strapping antlers on the dog, putting...

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Sifting Images

Suk Choo Kim on finding a great photo

(December 11, 2014) According to some estimates, nearly 900 billion photos will be taken in 2014. By the time you finish this paragraph, more than 200,000 photographs will have been uploaded to Facebook...

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Fish Tail

Micki Dyson-Flatmo's Visual Opera

(December 4, 2014) Art is elusive, says local painter Micki Dyson-Flatmo. "It may entirely swim away from you." It's not that Dyson-Flatmo is unfamiliar with painting or art — she's a fifth-generation woman...

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Pigmented Memories

Looking back at a life of images

(November 13, 2014) Drunken mobs and brass bands heave with sound and excitement. A matador is hooked in the armpit, his jacket torn open. Three horses drag a dead bull across the dirt....

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Horizons Unknown

Marceau Verdiere at Piante Gallery

(October 30, 2014) Doubt is a luxury," declares local French-born artist Marceau Verdiere. "Being able to doubt means you have the time to doubt; you have choices to ponder." These choices, and the...

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Bird's Eye on the Marsh

Ellen Land-Weber takes to the sky

(October 9, 2014) We'll stop at 1,000 feet and circle right," says pilot David Marshall as we lift off from Murray Field. "There might be a little bit of turbulence." I'm in the...

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A Bay in the Life of Humboldt

First Street Gallery presents A Negotiable Utopia

(October 2, 2014) Rocky, man-made shores echo with barking dogs and squawking riparian life. Inky waters bob with seals, kayaks, porpoises and sputtering boats. Cyclists challenge 18-wheelers; hikers meet the homeless. High tide...

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Slab Experiments

Michael Pearce's ceramics at Arcata Artisans

(September 11, 2014) White dust permeates the cracks in his forefingers and thumbs. Celtic music wheels away in the background. Dressed in a faded red shirt with leather elbow patches and a teal-blue...

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A Fine Edge

On passings, transformations and immediacy

(September 4, 2014) Attending Arts Alive! typically embodies fun, amusement, a bit of awe before a particularly impressive piece of artwork, the joy inherent in being part of the thriving crowd on the...

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Lasting Impressions

Libby George back at her press after 30 years

(August 7, 2014) Printmaking can be a nasty business. Traditional etching uses nitric acid to dissolve an image out of a metal plate. Inks are laden with solvents, and everything is cleaned up...

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Live Wire

Elizabeth Berrien at Sewell Gallery Fine Art

(July 31, 2014) The Wire Lady grips her cat's nose with both hands. Deft twists keep the small object in constant motion as she defines subtle structures around its eyes. Almost imperceptibly, the...

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