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Re: “Bob’s Footlongs

Well, I waited a year before revisiting this poor excuse for a restaurant, so that the poor service I received would have an opportunity to work itself out, but you still suck. Did I really just pay +$15 for this tiny, mediocre cheeseburger, 3 jalapeno poppers, and some cheese fries? $2.40 of it extra for fricking nacho cheese out of a dispenser to drown my fries? I will NEVER do it again. Last time I intended to give you a chance to explain or make it right, but when I called to complain that you messed up every part of my order other than the milkshake, the little turd that answered said, "Well, I made the milkshake, so I'm feeling pretty good about that,". Seriously? You're not even gonna APOLOGIZE? I just hung up, and avoided visiting you for a year, hoping that it was just a matter of bad timing. I was wrong: It is apparently a permanent fixture for you to hire incompetent kids that have yet to develop a work ethic.
And WTF is the difference between a double bacon deluxe cheeseburger and just a double bacon cheeseburger? Because I asked for no pickles, no onions on a deluxe, and I have two patties, a strip of bacon broke in half, and some cheese on top of a ketchup-smeared bun. What is deluxe about that? And since there's no difference, why couldn't we just use the bacon cheeseburger combo you had listed on the board, and just charge me extra for bacon? Oh, wait, I see on "Yelp!" that someone points out that lettuce and tomato make it a "deluxe", so you just generally screwed up my order as well as overcharged me. I have never in my life seen such poor standards, uninvolved cashiers, and overcharging, even though I am becoming used to the local Dumboldt-level of customer service. I will be visiting every review page I can find to explain and describe what failures anyone that visits can expect from Bob's Footlong, and how the name is only appropriate in how deeply you are gonna get screwed.

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Posted by Benny Lee Maynor Jr. on 11/12/2013 at 5:30 PM

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Re: “Before You Stiff Your Server

You know, as a long-time member of the service industry, I agree with just about everything you said. But then you had to mention Humboldt, specifically.
I have never seen the overall poor level of service ANYWHERE else in the country as I do here. I'm not sure if it's the easy availability of trim jobs ("Why should I have to actually WORK, when I can make $15/hr trimming?"), the stoner mentality of people that get burned out before they graduate, or just a lack of self-pride, but when McDonald's in Fortuna is the least likely place to get your order wrong, that should say something.
I was trained to believe that dining out is an experience people pay for, not just an obesity training program. Anyone can cook food for themselves, but when you go out, you want more than just sustenance. I expect smiles from my server, even if they are just polite. You don't have to get all obsequious and deferential, but just stop scowling at my eggs! If you're THAT unhappy and it permeates every part of your being, go get your life right, first. Hell, we all have bad days, but F.F.S, people, here in the land of the eternal stoner, you would expect to see a lot more happiness, or at the least, blissful ignorance.
On the other hand, sure: Cannabis is available here, but while you may have a need for it, a prescription, or even a legal RIGHT to it, it does NOT excuse improper use of it. Some people work more smoothly with a toke, but no one works more smoothly after getting so fucked up you can't remember if I said I wanted coffee or a Harvey Wallbanger. If you need to get so blazed that you can't interact with the rest of us, just GTFO. Seriously! Obviously you have medical/psychological issues, and if they need so much treatment, it can't be healthy for you to be straining so hard to just half-ass the job. Nothing wrong with having problems people! We all do, but if you can't deal with YOUR problems, please stay out of the way of the people who are helping me solve my problem of hunger satisfaction.
My tip reflects the quality of service. My jobs in the Service Industry gave me a sense of understanding and generosity, in fact, for those that work the field. But I will be damned if I tip well for poor service just because Lazy Shits can get away with it at the few worthy places to eat in this county.

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Posted by Benny Lee Maynor Jr. on 02/06/2014 at 4:29 PM

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