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Re: “Gallagher's Irish Pub, Scotia Inn

Beautiful building, excellent food, however ........... when we arrived at 6.10pm on Friday 15th May 2015, there were 4 tables occupied, amounting to approx 14 diners. We were supplied with menus and left to peruse - for a long time. Eventually, I went to the bar and asked to place an order. A customer sitting at the bar said they were having staffing problems but the man who appeared to be in charge went to our table to take3 the order. He brought 2 pints of Guiness and asked if we wanted water as well, which we confirmed. This did not arrive and I had to attract a waiter with a jug to request two glasses.

We waited over 30 minutes, but if he food is freshly cooked, then one does not mind.
As the meal was put in front of me, I commented that the plate was cold and was told it was hot in the middle, underneath. I felt it and commented that it was barely 'hot.' He went away and I cut into the end of the sausage (Bangers and Mash) and it was cokld, as was the sweet potato mash. I told my husband it was unacceptable, and to my surprise, the Chef appeared at the table, asking if there was a problem.. I explained a nd he tasted it, agreeing that it was below the required temperature.

He took it away, saying he would sort it out, leaving me holding a dirty knife and fork in the air. This took 10 minutes. When the meal returned, ther sausages had been split into three, lenghtwise, presumably to facilitate microwaving.

When I queried why the food was cold, he said there was a new assistant in the kitched. then he did excused it by saying he did not like to put the lamp on the food to keep hot etc etc.

The food was good, but by this time, my husband had finished his meal and the plate removed.

We asked for the Bill and I was surprised to read that no concession has been made for a spoiled evening, not to mention dangerously cool food which could have made me ill. I spoke with the man in charge who asked what I wanted him to do. I felt my meal ought to have been discounted by 50% as a matter of goodwill, but that I should not have had to ask.

He offered 10%, reeluctantly, which I refused - the entire exchange was conducted without anger or raised voices - and so he went off to speak with the Chef. He returned sayng that they felt 10% was fair as the meals had been consumed, so I had no choice but to accept, still saying that I was disappointed with the decisio n and attitude.

I was expecting a discount of approx $4 - imagine my bemusement to read that he had only given 10% off MY MEAL AND MY GUINNESS !!! so this amounted to $2

So derisory, so dismissive, obviously knowing and not caring that we were just passing throoough, never to return.

As I said, good food, but pity about the Service and lack of customer care.

Posted by Jeannette Shepherd on 05/15/2015 at 9:32 PM

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