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Re: “Cancer: Evolution While-You-Wait

That is, SECOND leading cause of death (just). CDC reports for 2010 in the US:

Heart disease: 597,689
Cancer: 574,743
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
Alzheimer's disease: 83,494
Diabetes: 69,071
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

Posted by barryevans on 04/10/2014 at 7:40 AM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

The March 18, 1850 Alta California lists Ben as being there but in the group opposed to killings....and that Sam Kelsey was one of the leaders. Sam is also named as a leader of this group in the paper on March 4, 1850.

Posted by Jim Goldrup on 04/09/2014 at 4:53 PM

Re: “April To-Do List

Don't forget about Spring Cleaning! It's time to clear out the clumps of accumulation as well! Jessica, head housekeeper at Trillium Homecare Services, reminds you that your indoors need spring freshen-ups too! :) Your Indoor Air Quality is ready for open windows & a good deep cleaning!

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Posted by Jessica McCollough on 04/04/2014 at 9:00 AM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

Thanks Jim--I guess we should be grateful they didn't change the name of Union to Kelsey! Can you pls. reference the Alta California newspaper article for me.

Posted by barryevans on 03/29/2014 at 8:15 AM

Re: “Otter Spotter

"Although I look forward to getting to know them, nothing equals the unexpected sighting in the wild."

All too often, what's oddly missing from reports like this is WHY it's "unexpected".

When I moved to Humboldt County 40 years ago I frequented the tributaries that cross the road between Korbel and Maple Creek. Like clockwork otters would run up these streams devouring an amazing abundance of crayfish, clams, amphibians, and eels. Last time I visited this area in the early 2000's they are nearly lifeless.

We're too far into the sixth largest extinction event of life's history on Earth for well-intended, feel-good reporting that omits the most important context critical to understanding and changing human behavior, if it's not too late.

In other words, all animals are best observed in the wild if you really want to "know them".

Posted by Alan Moss on 03/28/2014 at 9:53 PM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

In reality (according to the Alta California newspaper at the time) it was not Ben Kelsey who led the band from Sonoma on the murderous rampage against the Indians of Napa and Sonoma Counties, but it was his brother Samuel Kelsey and a man called "Growling Mad" Smith who led that group. The newspaper article states that some of the band were not arrested and that Ben (who was a member of the group) tried to talk his brother and others out of killing the people. Just thought I would try and clear Ben of that one incident although he was involved with the mining operation at Kelsey Diggings and did shoot the man in Sonoma for bothering his wife. Ben and brother Sam were founders of Union (later Arcata) and it was again Sam that shot the Indian there that David Leeper mentions in his journal.

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Posted by Jim Goldrup on 03/28/2014 at 4:31 PM

Re: “Trees on Mars

No wall structure there with frost wedging which are like dried mud patterns too. It's the wall structure and right angles that get me..

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/27/2014 at 9:16 PM

Re: “Trees on Mars

Frost wedging?…

Posted by barryevans on 03/27/2014 at 5:12 PM

Re: “Trees on Mars


You know anything about these "Martian ruins"?…

If legit photos how do rectangular walls, with interior squared off corners, get constructed by natural forces? Any ideas? They do look similar to ancient city ruins.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/27/2014 at 6:08 AM

Re: “Trees on Mars


You know anything about these "Martian ruins"?…

If legit photos how do rectangular walls, with interior squared off corners, get constructed by natural forces? Any ideas?

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/27/2014 at 6:04 AM

Re: “Fall of the Khmers

Should be 1150 to 1320 CE, of course!

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Posted by barryevans on 03/14/2014 at 2:14 PM

Re: “Remote Viewing and Wayward Souls

Sorry, not coffee, Humboldt Mud. But hey, name your price.

Modern? Hameroff's microtubule-consciousness has been around since at least 1987, as elusive as ever...

Posted by barryevans on 03/09/2014 at 6:43 AM

Re: “Remote Viewing and Wayward Souls

Thomas Aquinas is the only subject matter expert consulted for this article? Other than unfounded skepticisim, the author provides nothing other than ridicule.

Modern research tells a different story:…

The offer of a cup of coffee is as insulting as the rest of this article.

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Posted by Jeremy Webb on 03/05/2014 at 6:04 PM

Re: “Humboldt's Hidden Treasures

Another "PS"- No, there is not a "constant flow" of trackables. Are you even a cacher?? They are rare. I have NEVER found one. Why? Because people horde them. End of story. And I have no issue with DECENT people geocaching and being newbies. But there are some pretty trashy people that read this paper, and you just invited a slew of muggles to thrash all the hard work people have put into their caches and keeping them HIDDEN. It's as if you're saying, "Here you go tweakers, thieves, and prostitutes, all you have to do is download an app and you can raid hidden treasure caches all over the world!". There is a reason that this sort of thing is a "word-of-mouth" type hobby. It's NOT for everyone.

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Posted by GeoTreasures on 02/24/2014 at 9:52 PM

Re: “Humboldt's Hidden Treasures

***OFFICIAL GEOCACHING ETIQUETTE NEWSLETTER(READ STEP FIVE! PS- Those things are seriously expensive!)****

5 Geocaching Etiquette Tips
The Guide to Geocaching Etiquette
There are two steps to any geocache: 1) it’s hidden and 2) others are challenged to find it. As easy as that is, it’s even easier to make sure you’re keeping your geocaching adventures on the up-and-up. Check out five helpful geocaching etiquette tips below or just watch the geocaching etiquette video.

​— Bring a Pen – It’s like the first day of school. You need to be prepared. Always pack a pen to make sure you’re ready to sign your Geocaching username and the date.

— Leave No Trace – Be kind to the geocaching game board, which happens to be the entire world. Make sure to Cache In Trash Out (CITO) when you geocache: pick up litter along the way and don't leave anything behind.

— Write a Great “Found It” or “Didn’t find It” Log – When you find a geocache, or even when you don’t find a geocache, make sure to share the spirit of adventure with the geocache owner and for other geocachers. Write a log detailing your journey.

— Put the Geocache Back Where and How You Found It – The geocache owner placed the geocache at a specific location for a reason. Make sure the owner can find it again later and that other geocachers have the same experience as you.

— Move Trackables Along – If you remove a trackable, like a Travel Bug ®, from a geocache make sure to post a “retrieved” log and move it to another geocache as soon as possible.

These five steps will have you rocking the geocaching world in no time. What geocaching tips would you add? Post your thoughts on our Geocaching Facebook page. Oh, and don’t forget the sixth step: repeat steps 1 – 5 often!

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Posted by GeoTreasures on 02/24/2014 at 9:46 PM

Re: “Humboldt's Hidden Treasures

No one is hoarding trackables. There is a constant flow of those coming in and those going out. Newbies are not posers. We always need more cachers. Young and fresh energy is good. That is what it is all about. Share the magic. Don't be greedy, brother.

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Posted by Virginia Creeper on 02/20/2014 at 9:14 PM

Re: “Humboldt's Hidden Treasures

NOOOOO!!!!!! The posers will kill it!! And hoarding trackables is a sin!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by GeoTreasures on 02/20/2014 at 5:54 PM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

@Dwain1 Thanks so much for the link to Dr. Parker's talk--probably a good thing I didn't see this before writing my story, I'd never have gotten it into my 500-word limit! Yep, follow up story this summer on the Kelsey NRT. (And the parallel trail thru Cuddihy)

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Posted by barryevans on 02/16/2014 at 6:49 AM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

One more reference Dr. Parker posted on my Facebook page. This is VERY interesting and well written...…

It could hardly get more gruesome.

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Posted by Dwain1 on 02/14/2014 at 6:36 AM

Re: “Ben Kelsey: Arcata Founding Father, Trail Builder, Indian Killer

Here's a little more of the story...

From Wikipedia...

"In 1848, during the California Gold Rush Ben took fifty Pomo men from his brother Andrew's rancho near Kelseyville, on Rancho Lupyomi, to the Sierra foothills in a gold mining venture, establishing a mining camp called Kelsey Diggings. Once at the diggings, Ben decided it was more profitable to sell all the company’s supplies to other miners and then ill with malaria, he headed back to his home at Sonoma. The Pomo workers, forced to camp near a hostile group of local Indians and suffering from malaria and starvation, were left on their own. Only one or two are thought to have survived. This mistreatment of the Pomo and that of Andrew and his partner later provoked the Bloody Island Massacre."

So 48 Pomo died at Kelsey's Diggins and then two Whites died [having sent the 48 to their graves], and then 200 more Pomo were killed at Bloody Island in retribution against the "Digger's."

Yep, that's our very own "cultural" history. Lovely, ain't it?

As for the trail, I know it goes across the Siskiyous before the Marbles (coming from the west.) I have been to the Siskiyou trail summit at Harrington Mountain. I didn't know at the time it had so many tears shed behind it, but I remember it being very a very somber place (super thick fog.)

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Posted by Dwain1 on 02/13/2014 at 6:47 PM

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