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Re: “35 Days in the Forum

This is a very balanced and well written piece. Thank you!

Posted by Stefani Baldivia on 02/26/2015 at 2:10 PM

Re: “Settled out of Court

What a waste of money. Only the lawyers get rich. Learn to be adaptable, work your hardest to be your best. This applies to school till the end of your life.

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Posted by Shane Green on 02/26/2015 at 1:39 PM

Re: “The Not-So-Peaceful Atom

There is no safe way to store nuclear waste, either in the long or the short term. We can only do with the best of what we have.

The waste at Humboldt has cooled down both in temperature and the most active types of radiation, by sitting in the fuel pools for 35 years before being moved to cask. It was the best we could do for Humboldt, but is totally inappropriate for storing fresher fuel like that at San Onofre and other nuclear power plants.

And, obviously, we've got to quit making more of the stuff.

Posted by Solar Bozo1 on 02/25/2015 at 4:23 PM

Re: “Big Beer

There's nothing weak about this report.

If the folks that advocated and approved public money for private business, (while schools, services and infrastructure collapse), only have "no comment" I want to know!

Our supervisor ideologues don't need no stinking General Plan! They ran on a platform of finishing it but took their own years to rip it to shreds.

They are of, by and for "big".

Big is good.

Bigger is better.

Make the public pay.

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Posted by Barry Gates on 02/24/2015 at 10:57 PM

Re: “Big Beer

If only somebody at the journal could be as comparatively insightful about our supervisors' spending etc. How much did that GPU update rewrite cost the public? Well, we know they demanded at least $20,000 for "meetings" in which they rewrote a few sentences at nobody's request, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars they had already been paid for closed-door nothing. Etc. etc. etc. The last article I can recall about the logging companies titled something-or-other "greenwashing" was pathetically one sided, horrible journalism. Seems if reporters are willing to go a distance to dig for dirt among smaller private businesses, they could do so higher up the food chain.

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Posted by tired of weaksauce reporting on 02/24/2015 at 12:31 PM

Re: “Richmond Reflects

Support????Where needed?The Natural History Museum?Nurses?Soccer Team, Male--Native American Faculty----5 to 1 1/2.....
Humboldt has both HSU ad CR\==what an educational project to integrate thesepublic serving projects...I spent six years as a student
at HSU-it is a fine university and the only representative of naive Americain theState College System------

Posted by jean doran1 on 02/22/2015 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Danger at McCann

Silly nut.

Even if you ignored the other public costs of the "rural life", the infrastructure and emergency services are being subsidized by Americans that will NEVER be able to afford to live out there, it would take decades before McCann residents had enough money from their property taxes to build that bridge!

According to Dr. Alan Arbutus of British Columbia's School of Planning, housing built 10 miles outside of city centers require tens of thousands of dollars in unfunded infrastructure and emergency services annually.

Many of our rural folks migrated from SoCal where they happily escaped the disasters of unbridled rural development.

Posted by Barry Gates on 02/21/2015 at 11:48 PM

Re: “Danger at McCann

So, Barry, they should just pay their property taxes and expect no access services from the Government?

Posted by KenMalcomson on 02/21/2015 at 1:05 PM

Re: “Policing the Police

And Greg Allen. Useless as a member of the so-called Redwood Chapter ACLU.

Posted by Verbena on 02/20/2015 at 5:10 PM

Re: “Policing the Police

Why is Thadeus Greenson the writer about police and court issues? This is the same Thadeus Greenson who worked (newly?) for the Times-Standard right around the time Martin Cotton was beat to death by EPD. Greenson was horribly slanted in favor of the police and failed to report ANYTHING during the civil trial. There was testimony, video, etc, and a clear verdict against EPD's Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, and Gary Whitmer. I sent updates throughout the trial, quoting experts and witnesses. Greenson did nothing, told the people here nothing. Instead, he waited to learn about the verdict against the cops, yet continues to spew the same lies that he tried to make people believe BEFORE the trial.

Why is Greenson the NCJ's writer about the police? Does the Journal need to make sure their police/court writer kisses police ass? (figuratively). It does not make for ACCURATE or FULL reporting.

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Posted by Verbena on 02/20/2015 at 5:08 PM

Re: “Big Beer

Linda Atkins should know that Barbara Groom does not provide living wage jobs in her facilities. That is why Groom opposed the Eureka Fair Wage Act.

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Posted by Verbena on 02/20/2015 at 4:48 PM

Re: “Big Beer

Just the good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm
Beats all you've never saw, been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Posted by Humboldt Hunny on 02/20/2015 at 12:49 PM

Re: “Danger at McCann

While public resources continue to dwindle, it should be the responsibility of those desiring to live in isolated areas to pay the full costs of that luxury.

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Posted by Barry Gates on 02/19/2015 at 7:37 PM

Re: “Big Beer

Is booze good for society? How many fatal accidents are caused by these products being mass produced and subsidized by the government?
This isn't a real Craft Beer it's a mass produced beer on par with Schlitz or Fallstaff.
I'll take weed any day of the week.

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Posted by Hugh Stoner on 02/19/2015 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Big Beer

Thank you for an excellent report.

Unfortunately, the title is should read: "Eureka residents will NEVER know what it cost them."

A $700,000 public subsidy?
The players won't be interviewed today?
Only ten more people employed?
The old brewery and restaurant business is included in calculating the increase in sales tax?
The estimated increases in property taxes are wrong?

This is merely another example of Eureka's enduring right-wing, faith-based, "trickle down" hogwash.

If these foolish ideologues simply got ahead of the curve by eliminating, instead of maintaining, regulations against the personal use and sale of Marijuana, they would need zero public money and gain millions of dollars in business investments and sales tax revenues from the "Humboldt label" including dozens of spin-off products and unique packaging, with Marijuana sample-bars attracting tourists by the thousands.

When the owners of Mulkey and Kovakovitch near Broadway and Wabash sent a letter to Eureka's city council members requesting a change in zoning from light industrial to commercial, because they were having problems selling their property, the city immediately obliged these good old boys.

Light-industrial zoning is critical to attracting higher paying jobs downtown.

For many decades, blind and corrupt planning has resulted in haphazard, deadly, and costly development patterns for Eureka.

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Posted by Barry Gates on 02/19/2015 at 4:52 PM

Re: “Danger at McCann

I always wondered why we couldn't repair/upgrade the railroad bridge below the McCann crossing. Although as old as that is, it might not be workable.

Posted by Louis Iglesias on 02/19/2015 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Fur Real

I concur with Michael Genzoli we need to stop being ashamed and just laugh at anyone who don't like us, it may not seem like it's just as simple as not caring what someone thinks but it is, its your life and should live it as you wish and not give a flying foxtrot about what anyone thinks, to quote a good song *One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember* and i myself intend to do that AND NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF ME you only live once so *live a life you will remember*.

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Posted by Brenton Herbert on 02/16/2015 at 4:24 AM

Re: “Honeydew's Hangout

I like Mr Shinn, he sounds like he REALLY cares! Remember, once we lose the Mr Shinns, this country is going to be screwed.

Posted by Sami on 02/07/2015 at 5:12 PM

Re: “Goodnight, Korbel

Great story, and well researched. I feel fortunate to have worked in Korbel and attended the annual picknick at Bauer.

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Posted by Robert Jensen on 02/05/2015 at 5:06 PM

Re: “Fighting Floyd Squires

im sorry but he aint the dope fiend who wreck his buildings if not for him alot of us would be living under a bush ,,,,,ya some buildings are a wreck but he didnt wreck them ..if anymore fiends wreck were i live i may end up homless ,i never need when i have a issue with floyd he fixes my home but i pay my rent ,

Posted by Jack Lee Brown on 02/05/2015 at 7:39 AM

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