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Re: “A False Sense of Reform

So limiting money is dangerous?

I'd argue NOT limiting money is dangerous.

Exhibit A ... One and a half political parties ruled by money.

Money is not speech, there is no danger in extricating it from politics, the danger lies if we fail to.

Posted by Jon Yalcinkaya on 10/07/2014 at 6:02 AM

Re: “A False Sense of Reform

It has long seemed to me that anyone should be able to contribute whatever they want to any campaign, but all candidates on the ballot should get public funds matching the private funds received by their most well-funded opponent. That way, no one's money/voice is being stifled, but neither can anyone dominate the conversation just because they are rich.

No one would need to make the dangerous argument that there is a limit to how much money someone should be allowed to contribute, because most people will not contribute if they know that by doing so they are allowing their opponents to get an equal amount of money. (Of course, anyone contributing to a campaign because they really want all sides' views to receive a fair hearing will continue to do so, but that's not why most people contribute, now, is it?)

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Posted by Sanity's Overrated on 10/04/2014 at 10:50 AM

Re: “The Numbers Game in America's Education Casino

That's right, you won't read about the public realities of "higher education" from an HSU executive, teacher, staff or student desiring to remain employed at HSU, or any other campus in the U.C. system! Alas, self-censorship is the primary reason for academia's lack of innovation and relevance in desperate times..."Fear at Work"!

Instead of vague philosophical quotations, write about your own personal experiences and observations at HSU, it would be vastly more interesting and valuable. The local courthouse is filled with such stories but no one willing to report them.

"Quantifying the unquantifyable??

a Generation ago, in "Schooling in Capitalist America", we find a graph showing the increasing number of college graduates per capita through history, alongside the increasing numbers of Americans living in poverty, a worsening reality that today includes a collapsing economy, environment, and society familiar to the corruption, predation, and inequities inherent in every other unsustainable imperial culture.

Read: "Failure".

If HSU's president spends half her time raising funds, then 50% her salary should be based on the results. Last time I checked, private funding from corporations and individuals accounted for 5% of HSU's budget.

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Posted by Jerry Stewart on 08/29/2014 at 12:49 AM

Re: “The Insurance Leech

But the issue is more complicated for individual insureds, at least for me. I'm self employed, and with no dependents. I did not want to buy a plan on the exchange because I read many doctors were not signing the contracts with Blue Cross or Blue Shield to accept that insurance. I contacted Blue Cross and asked them what individual policies were available that had contracts with my doctors, and would continue to contract with after the ACA went into effect. Basically, purchasing in individual private plan. I was told my doctors were covered. So on 12/23 I purchased a specific private plan. By 1/15/14, I learned that Blue Cross decided that it was going to require all doctors accepting my plan to sign the same contract for reimbursement it was requiring doctors who accepted the exchange plans. The result for me: I bought a private plan to ensure coverage and ended up with the private plan, without coverage because my doctors were not signing the ACA plan contracts Blue Cross required. Until the dates to switch insurance opens up, I am now paying almost $400 a month for premiums, and having to get care from "out of network" doctors and I am paying the full boat on all bills. The consequences of the ACA is to give more power to the insurance companies, and add more people to the insurance rolls and Medi Cal. Me? Self employed, middle class.... I'm screwed.Thank you NCJ and Dr Dalton for covering these insurance issues.

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Posted by Areal Voter on 06/21/2014 at 10:34 PM

Re: “The Insurance Leech

You folks need to remember those providers accept regular Anthem/ Blue Cross claims, or that's my understanding. They just don't accept plans bought under the ACA.

I actually called Redwood Family Practice some time ago after hearing they might not accept A/BC insurance. The gal told me they accepted and submitted all A/BC claims the same way. Whether they would continue to accept the ACA related insurance was dependent on ACA- A/BC reimbursement rates.

I have yet to see my doctor under the ACA plan and it's been some months, so don't know if they've decided whether they'll continue to accept them, or not.

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Posted by Fred Mangels on 06/21/2014 at 10:19 AM

Re: “The Insurance Leech

A big thanks to Dr. Dalton and to the NCJ for these articles. I have the new Anthem Blue Cross insurance and feel duped and outraged by my experiences with this immoral company. The list of "network providers" on their website appears to have absolutely no basis in reality. Every single "network" doctor I've called is not (and never has been) in the network. I am going to great expense and logistical turmoil to have a hip replacement out of Humboldt because there is not a single local orthopedic surgeon in the network. Not one! And now, after going through all the trouble of setting up the surgery elsewhere, I discover that THAT surgeon isn't in the network either! Never mind that he's listed on their website. This means I will have to pay at least double for the procedure. Is this any way to treat people who are already suffering? Yes, I'd agree that the system is broken.

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Posted by Linda Mitchell1 on 06/21/2014 at 10:07 AM

Re: “The Insurance Leech

Thank you Dr Dalton for speaking truth to power; as more and more folks experience the outrageous greed of the Insurance companies, more and more folks will understand the efficiencies and benefits of a single payer system.

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Posted by yopeace on 06/21/2014 at 9:20 AM

Re: “The Insurance Leech

It would be interesting to hear how Dr. Dalton deals with MediCal/MediCare patients and their billing.

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Posted by Fred Mangels on 06/19/2014 at 10:10 AM

Re: “A Grape Idea

Now I'm awake and fully functional, my electronic charge at day operation level, I challenge the observant reader to compare the quality of creative problem solving with the magic marijuana mind tool vs. the blitzed out brain of your typical Humboldt beer and wine swizzling Progressive activist. I mean, IS there any comparison? Those pathetic boozer losers couldn't organize a positive thing for Humboldt citizens if they tried which they can't get around to thinking of doing.

Meanwhile, the advanced use of mentality provided by the Goddess Sacrament, creates American know how and culture whizzes churning out creative solutions like there's no tomorrow and there might not be one without the mental enhancement qualities of Humboldt's proven herbal crop-a reputation that's given Humboldt County worldwide recognition that wine makers cannot touch as there is far too much wine competition in the world as is and more coming.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 04/17/2014 at 1:16 PM

Re: “A Grape Idea

Make more winos and more class division. Why not concentrate on sustainable eco-community crops before promoting still another foreign crop monoculture to take over local land resources. The real long term idea is to get out from under the whole capitalist marketing system that requires tremendous amounts of moving this from here to there.

The most efficient economic system is local production for local needs using local renewable resources. We are rapidly moving towards being able with micro-miniaturization of mfg processes to make most anything right here which means the whole economic system will be changing from mass production and distribution to local production which will save our planet, stop Global Warming, end class warfare, and bring in Eutopia, the Good Place, where money is a thing of the past as we finally enter into a permanent Gift Economy as our robots make everything necessary for us if we choose to let those lower class mechanical upstarts and their foul electronic ways pollute our master Human animate race with plastic and metal counterfeits. Pretty soon they'll be asking for equal rights..right along with the whales and dolphins, chimps and gorillas, ravens and wolves. What IS this world coming to? Be Prepared. The End is Nigh. 1st Blood Moon has passed..3 more to go...and I digress as my preferred intoxicant over that pickling agent stuff makes my poor pot deformed and obviously ruined and unable to organize anything worthwhile except various humanitarian aid programs benefiting thousands of human lives brain sleepy this early a.m..

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Posted by Stephen1 on 04/17/2014 at 6:46 AM

Re: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Meth

Great article! I do have one problem with it. When you say "we haven't risen above the tribal instinct to cast our sick out to die.", it assumes that "tribal instinct" is something that has been defined. So would you say the tribes who live here once had a "tribal instinct" to cast out those who became ill? I don't think so. It is an insult to our neighbors. For more info read Medicine Trails: A Life In Many Worlds by Mavis McCovey and J. Salter. As a medicine woman she describes how the ill were and are treated.

Perhaps you could say "We haven't risen above the christian instinct to cast out those who do not conform to our beliefs." Enough of my complaining. The point is made.

Your article is wonderful and much needed. Meth does such terrible damage to the human body and anyone in the grip of addiction needs many hands to help. It would be far less expensive to put in place adequate treatment options. I always enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work. Montanna

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Posted by Montanna Jones on 01/30/2014 at 2:09 PM

Re: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Meth

trying to explain addiction to a normal person is like trying to explain motherhood to a bull. It is not that the bull is against it. He is just not equipped to understand it.

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Posted by Gus Erickson on 01/30/2014 at 11:16 AM

Re: “Cheering the bat-thrower? Really, Arcata?

I was also at that game and agree with Sam on one point. Sergio should not have thrown the bat. The ump should have stepped in sooner to stop the pitcher. On the crowd side of things, this is that team's first year playing here. Yes. There is heckling. Yes. Sometimes it's offensive. Most of the time the crowd stands up for the one being picked on. I have been going to Crabbies games for 13 years, and have been a season pass holder for 3 years. I have never been so offended by another team. The statement made about one of their larger players was "do you need a tweenkie". The other team got greatly offended, I tried to tell them it wasn't meant to mean harm, that Crabs fans just heckle. The other team's response was " they are just kids". We apologized again if anyone's feelings were hurt and hoped to move on. Nothing was said for the rest of the game. Upon leaving the park, with my 1 year old son and husband, there's one who was so offended by the Twinkie comment called me a "fat ass" on my way out of the park also saying that " if she saw any of these mother f$ckers out at the bars that she would f&ck them up". As I said I had my 1 year old baby at the game, we really do think of it as a family ballpark.

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Posted by Elaine Ball on 08/21/2013 at 8:13 PM

Re: “Cheering the bat-thrower? Really, Arcata?

i was at the game. that description of the series of events is completely wrong.

the first pitch was not high over his head, it was at his head. as was the second pitch. Sanchez did not then start for the mound. the umpire did not warn anyone at any point. the pitch that hit him was on the shoulder. Sanchez tossed the bat, almost sidearm, out of frustration on to the field. it absolutely did not "sail over the pitcher's head". you can see in the video that it lands in front of the shortstop, nowhere near 2nd base. Sam H. Clauder II must be talking about a parallel universe.

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Posted by jonathan wester1 on 08/21/2013 at 12:39 PM

Re: “Cheering the bat-thrower? Really, Arcata?

Thanks, Mr. Clauder. I think that we Crabs fans can do better.

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Posted by Joel Mielke on 08/15/2013 at 7:54 PM

Re: “Inside KEET

Certainly it is not just a matter of KEET serving a smaller more rural coverage area. It is also a matter of a lack of innovative effort on the behalf of KEET management. It is simply a fact that times have changed and those changes are NOT favorable to entities like KEET.

On one hand, the digital age is taking its toll on both on air broadcasting and printed media. Who needs a newspaper anymore when nearly 90% of its content is provided for free online? And who needs a TV station when the same is true of broadcast media. A whole lot of it is available online in a much more convenient package (watch anything anytime anywhere on any device). This is the direction that media has to move. For premium or unique content there are always paywalls and people WILL pay for online content which has value and is unavailable anywhere else. In the case of public television, the best of it ends up on Netflix sooner or later and probably on other subscription services as well.

On the other hand the continual advance of corporate control of government is resulting in less and less support for public services like PBS that are deemed to be "inefficient" or "nonessential". That means less federal support and that situation is only likely to get worse as well.

So both technology and politics form a strong headwind for KEET that they are unlikely to be able to overcome. There are going to be a lot of losers and few winners in this transition, but if anyone wants an example of a winner, look no further than JPR. JPR has done in the public radio realm what KEET needs to do in the public television realm. KEET needs to strongly consider the following: Place an emphasis on DIGITAL. Expand, expand, expand and I mean geographically. I think an outright merger with KXIE is in order although that would be a bitter pill for both entities. If they don't they are VERY unlikely to be around ten years from now. Combined, they would gain the critical mass to better serve BOTH communities AND many more surrounding communities both on the coast and in the valley and beyond AND become a major regional online content provider. There is no way they can coast through this. They will either have to grow or die. And neither have the resources to survive on their own, let alone grow. Like JPR, they need to be "lean and mean". They could continue to maintain offices both here and in Redding, but there needs to be one parent company dealing with PBS upstream and with contract issues.

KEET is a huge asset to Humboldt county. KEET management has a huge responsibility. If they don't get this right and soon, they will not be around anymore. There will very likely be a new PBS outlet in our area, but it will almost certainly be controlled from outside like JPR is. The choice is KEETs. They can walk into the 21st century or the 21st century will walk over them.

We lost Humboldt Creamery because of management failure, we don't need to suffer another traumatic loss of another non-profit in our community for a similar reason. REMEMBER, Humboldt Creamery is still here, but it is controlled by outsiders. Do we really want this to happen to KEET? With a combination of KEET and KIXE, it wouldn't have to. That combination would guarantee sufficient local support for PBS guidelines AND at the same time guarantee continued local control, albeit in a regional context. But that is far better than outright control by some distant entity. like JPR. The colaboration effort is a good start, but KEET management really needs to think seriously about taking this further. Much further. In short, they need to have a REALISTIC vision for the future.

Posted by George Mitchell1 on 07/06/2013 at 1:51 PM

Re: “Inside KEET

I volunteered at KEET-TV alongside Matt Knight for almost five years. KEET is a great resource to our community and I completely emphasize with him on this. There is a serious disconnection between the board and the people who actually run the station. When Matt Knight left KEET it was truly sad indeed, not only for him but for all of us volunteers. Matt was a true joy to work with and his departure from the station left the atmosphere less then desirable to volunteer in.
I agree it is important that we as a community continue to support KEET, but the board should be reviewed periodically to make sure that the station is caught up with the times.

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Posted by TEM on 06/29/2013 at 3:41 PM

Re: “Should public funds be used to study an East-West rail line?

A 10 percent annual return to investors on a billion dollar investment like this would be over $277,000 per day plus operating costs like wages,fuel,maintenance,repairs and insurance.Total daily revenue needed could easily be over $400,000.If they made $1,000.00 per car of coal they would need 400 train cars per day everyday 365 days a year.The rail corridor on the peninsula is too thin to have coming and going tracks.They would be diverted towards Old Town.The bay is way too small.Only has room for a few shipping berths.This would be like trying to keep a whale in a pond.

The Confusion Hill Bypass alone cost $70,000,000. This ain't gonna happen.

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Posted by Mutt on 05/21/2013 at 6:12 PM

Re: “Should public funds be used to study an East-West rail line?

It's astounding how a public representative can wax poetic over "economic feasibility" in the absence of an economic feasibility study, (that would cost a small fraction of the construction feasibility study they're calling for).

It's outrageous for Mr. Madsen to compare a multi-billion dollar train to Eureka's bay side improvements.

The Eureka city council remains composed of the same kind of dunderheads that spent $30,000 on the "Bay Area Economics" professionals warning that Eureka was saturated in low-wages in 1999. The results didn't comply with their right-wing, faith-based, "free-market" ideology so they ignored it, supporting additional low-wage hotels, big boxes, and the subdivisions the working-poor cannot afford.

It's been a win-win for those who love to complain about record pedestrian fatalities, and the record crime and homelessness associated with policies that worsen poverty.

The legacy continues....

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Posted by Cost of Corruption on 05/05/2013 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Should public funds be used to study an East-West rail line?

It's ironic that Mr. Madsen would argue that the benefit of "transparency" makes this murky scheme worth a public investment, when we've already had a well-paid city manager spend a year promoting the rail on our dime without sharing any useful information about it.

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Posted by Joel Mielke on 05/05/2013 at 8:47 AM

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