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Re: “The Voice

Heidi gone--Bob gone---niches empty???And where are the Archives??????

Posted by jean doran1 on 04/03/2015 at 11:03 AM

Re: “The Voice

Thanks, Simona!

"reader reading," re: Caltrans v. Richardson Grove, what are you talking about?

Posted by Heidi Walters on 03/23/2015 at 7:13 PM

Re: “The Voice

Has to be said: Fear vs. Hope had a very pro-GMO slant, the title alone does the real argument no justice. I also remember Heidi's article about Caltrans vs. Richardson grove, for which she wrote an editorial response to readers at large stating she couldn't comprehend the negative backlash toward what she believed to be a thoroughly impartial report of the situation, yet never really addressed the issues brought up in defense of leaving the grove alone.

Posted by reader reading on 03/23/2015 at 5:44 PM

Re: “The Voice

Best of luck in your next endeavor, Heidi. And congratulations to all the honoree!

Posted by Simona1 on 03/23/2015 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Obesity – How'd THAT Happen?

Now that you're retired there's no excuse to avoid the documentaries that never see the light of day. They air once before eclipsing forever. No journalistic interest, no follow-ups, and the results are tragic.

It turns out that obesity is far more complicated than we thought. It is severely impacted by the endocrine disrupters such as Biphenol-A currently circulating in everyone's blood. A major source is the receipt handed to you at the organic grocery store.

"Plastic Paradise, The Great Pacific Garden Patch" 2014:

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Posted by Barry Gates on 02/16/2015 at 7:59 PM

Re: “Politics, Hunting – Both Sports

Good editorial! Reinforces the fact that every vote matters, and that if you don't vote, you deserve what you get!
The people who supported change in Eureka worked hard in support of their cause and as a result were successful. Let's hope it does not come at a cost of future economic prosperity for the entire county. We really need to expand the transportation infrastructure which will help create good paying jobs with benefits and improve the tax base. As to the Aaron Newman discussion, The publisher makes a GOOD case on why the title of "habitual Poacher" may well hit the mark! I had not considered that aspect of the charges, but filling false affidavits under the penalty of perjury is enough to lose a elected official's credibility and the respect of their constituents.

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Posted by Cynthia Noble on 11/28/2014 at 5:38 PM

Re: “Growth, Change

Other than "opinions", I have yet to read more than 2 actual NCJ print articles in the last 30 years that alluded to the development industry owning local politics. I wonder how many local bartenders have heard Mr. K. Kramer proclaim how he "owns this city", (Eureka).

If local media routinely covered this issue, Mr. Sundberg might have more than one lone and powerless retiree nipping at his heels. Instead, we have 70% of eligible voters abstaining in every election.

Thank you for those 2 articles...

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Posted by Jerry Stewart on 08/08/2014 at 1:19 AM

Re: “The Supes: A Retrospective

Judy Hodgson, Another excellent editorial. It's so important to remind us all of past actions on the part of our elected officials. There were a number of claims made in the last couple of months by Bass and Sundberg that were simply not true but an uninformed public knows no better than to buy that hooey and, apparently, enough of them did buy it and they're back in office. It now behooves us all to keep our eyes and ears open and make sure they don't get too carried away. Bass needs to be reminded that she barely won.
Thank you again, Judy Hodgson.

Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 06/13/2014 at 1:01 PM

Re: “The Supes: A Retrospective

""right to know" thats us-the public--not always easy
"Present the facts" thats the media--not always atainable

Posted by jean doran1 on 05/26/2014 at 11:32 AM

Re: “The Supes: A Retrospective

Being up for election and responding to the public does not guarantee a wise decision. More recently, two supervisors voted to defy a court order regarding a garbage contract.

Posted by tm on 05/23/2014 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Bay [T]rail Update No. 9 + CCT

"I wondered aloud (in this publisher's column) why we — walkers, bicyclists, hikers, bird-watchers, families with strollers, people in wheelchairs — can't have a trail on that publicly-owned railroad right-of-way?"

I've often wondered why the public infrastructure has been focused on lucrative and remote, large-home subdivisions while affordable housing languishes downtown where most people live. Why is this public theft allowed to flourish until our economy collapses and we bailed them out, and why do we allow these same developer-interests to literally run every elected and appointed office? They're not trying to do that again, are they?

When the truth falls in a forest and no one hears it...did it really happen!?

While we wonder about public right-of-ways held in trust for negligible industry, or developer subsidies to build Big Homes, we can wonder about big oil subsidies to the tune of $11 per gallon of gasoline, Big Auto industry subsidies for Big Cars that are defaulting in record numbers, Big medical tests placing citizens in debt for decades, Big Finance legally tricking and trapping Americans into usurious and complex transactions from home, car and "pubic" school loans, or that Big Vacation to Vienna that requires a ton of fuel per person to see a nation sinking due to excessive burning of fossil fuel...

Honestly, do we really need to wonder about a system that subsidizes the rich to save us?

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Posted by Alan Moss on 04/24/2014 at 11:51 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Thank you for the fascinating exchange.

You have neither the power nor the right to tell anyone "what they mean".

And then call them a "liar" after YOUR interpretation is rejected!

You are either suffering some form of megalomania or psychosis. It's truly sad how you ignore our fundamental agreement on the negative environmental impacts of homesteads and subdivisions, instead, your preference for aggressive hostility betrays an affliction, some kind of illness that is causing you to share your pain. Best of luck with that.

A person can bring up "Big Timber" and their political influence, (like in countless other rural communities where Big Corporations exercise political dominance), without bringing up the "Timber Wars" which refers to a specific era of protests. Outside of your obsession, these are not the same topic. Although you never asked, my personal conclusions about the "Timber Wars" is that clear cuts are still taking place regardless of any "reforms" they trumpeted. (NOW, you can say that I have brought up the subject of the "Timber Wars", are you happy?).

Please explain how my unscientific observations of bio-diversity collapse in the Mad River watershed are, "unfair reporting of eco-damage", and yet, your unscientific observations of "healthy" watershed conditions in Humboldt County, are "fair"?

Again, my observation conceded that biodiversity would inevitably occur from homestead development...although at a slower pace.

Posted by Alan Moss on 03/30/2014 at 7:41 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Mr. Moss, why do you keep LYING about your not bringing up the Timber War. I posted your very words before and you still have the ego to think you did not post this?

"Funny, "you guys" (?) have never had any control of local politics, Big Timber handed the baton to Big Developers.

I guess you think you can wiggle out of of saying you didn't say exactly "Timber War" but we all know what you meant by "Big Timber handed the baton to Big Developers". That is Timber War rhetoric, plain and simple. You are dishonest and need to keep trying to wiggle out of ethical responsibility in ACCURATE environmental damage reporting, e.g. your focusing on Korbel's timber cut watersheds and not saying anything about the 1998 South Fork Eel River EPA studies for example that found the majority of stream degradation happening in tributaries draining homestead subdivision developments. Which anyone could have predicted just by using logic: miles and miles of unpaved dirt roads servicing homestead parcels, each one being pounded daily by traffic and each one channeling water runoff into the creeks plugging up deep spawning grounds with silt.

I was just about the only one bringing this problem to the community's attention for years and I got what you are still trying to do for my good deed; endless slander for my efforts and of course, Judy's type of shunning any environmental or community information she can't spin into a weapon against her political opponents and critics like me who she especially goes out of her way to stop any news of my organizing work. You may applaud fellow Prog political gangster Judy but you know, when egotistical editors get it into their heads they can play God with community news, they will be eventually taken down and replaced by people with better ethics.

Lookit, Moss, I've dealt with too many people on forums and blogs who just cannot ever receive criticism and will endlessly try to defend their actions as you are doing. You didn't play fair with your reporting of eco-damage and I called you on it. Own up and move on.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/30/2014 at 3:36 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Judy is wise to ignore you.

You are compelled to lie that I brought up "timber wars", and now you are claiming that "we are talking about the 1987 period". No "WE" are not. YOU are, and you have to lie to retain your obsessed political agenda focused on Timber Wars, Julia Butterfly and Luna.

This is an ugly and pointless manipulation.

As I pointed out earlier, we seem to be in agreement on hypocritical rural "environmentalists". Back when HumCPR was rallying their troops, 1,000 mostly rural residents packed CR's auditorium for a Humboldt County Planning Commission meeting and many stood up to claim they practice "low-impact lifestyles", however, NOT ONE testified in favor of codifying low-impact lifestyles.

You claim: "I would stake Humboldt County's watershed's health on any comparison". The fact is that there aren't any! There are no water-capacity studies and the science has been here for decades. There are state regulations regarding wells but in Humboldt County water remains a "Gold Rush" that you can harvest for the price of a pump and hose. This county can barely regulate the irresponsible developments taking place a few miles from their offices.

Forty years ago as a student at HSU I frequented the tributaries between Korbel and Maple Creek. They were teeming with abundant crayfish, amphibians, blue tail skinks, eels, and clams. Otters would zip-by feasting on them at about the same time every afternoon. I've returned periodically to find these streams nearly devoid of life. There are only a few homesteads in this huge region that has been heavily logged. If it hadn't been logged I suspect the bio-diversity might have continued another hundred years before the SAME HABITAT LOSS would have occurred from housing development.

Again, both the timber and development industries are equally bred of irresponsible and publicly subsidized greed with similar impacts on resources and the environment, and both remain insufficiently regulated due to their political dominance.

Posted by Alan Moss on 03/28/2014 at 10:46 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Hot debate going on this topic, folks, so Judy has to take it down, her own "I'm still worried" editorial off the front page NCJ links now, lest more political damage be done to enviro and Progressive rural legends.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/28/2014 at 7:00 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Alan Moss, you can't win this one if you gotta lie to push your failed old Timber War agenda. I'm sorry but I would stake Humboldt County's watershed's health on any comparison between logging in Humboldt County in the period we're talking about, 1987 when Maxxam obtained PL, to the present. You have to drag in all those prior years of almost totally unregulated gypo logging and another State's logging history in order to shore up your politically biased attack on the timber industry.

You really don't get it. The Timber War was a FIASCO, an almost total waste of time and worse, in nearly 20 years of protests and lawsuits, it did not save a single old growth tree on Palco land except the one bought and paid for and severely wounded, Luna. In one year, 1991, EPIC stonewalled Palco's compromise offer to set aside 20,000 acres of prime stream corridor old growth redwoods along all of Palco's blue line fish spawning creeks. 20,000 acres side aside forever and EPIC said no thanks, it's not enough. Thank you, EPIC for losing 20,000 acres of old growth redwoods by playing Timber War games with Maxxam. And Palco now? Oh, it's the Fisher Family's private bank now, where they don't have to cut much, just let their bank account grow while they make their billions off the backs of 3rd World garment sweatshops that sometimes burn them to death. In Cambodia, the gov't shoots garment sweat shop protesters while GAP Fishers team up with Walmart to derail garment worker protection laws.

And meanwhile, back in the subdivision hills, how many endangered species lost their lives due to unregulated homestead development? We will never know. No one was keeping track and still aren't partly because too many passe enviros and Progs are still stuck in the past's era of bad idea environmental protection, the era of going for the public attention, the headlines and posing as some kind of timber warrior heroes when all along these fame junkies were only diverting our attention away from homesteaders, from whom they took money and still do in total hypocrisy to environmental protection.

I don't want to see this stupidity in environmental protection ever again, thank you very much, which is why I am slamming your bad environmental ideas that obviously show political prejudice.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/28/2014 at 5:38 AM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Odd "logic" Stephen.

Big Timber did, in fact, dominate local politics and I never mentioned the "Timber Wars".

You did.

Thus, your points remain blatantly disingenuous, vague and unsubstantiated. I suspect the NCJ editor is more familiar with your sophistry than I am.

To my knowledge there's not a single researcher that has compared the impacts on biodiversity from 150 years of unbridled logging and spraying in old growth forests with the troubling loss of habitat from unbridled development.

It was interesting to see that big timber is still getting away with massive clear cuts surrounding the leveled developments and large number of victims in Washington's recent landslides.

Both are equally bred of irresponsible and publicly subsidized greed.

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Posted by Alan Moss on 03/27/2014 at 11:05 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

"Get a clue"? "Beat a dead horse"? So far you are the only one bringing up the Timber Wars,.."

Nice try, moss, but no cigar. Here's you bringing up the Timber War:

"Funny, "you guys" (?) have never had any control of local politics, Big Timber handed the baton to Big Developers.

And you're quite wrong about the damage timber companies did in the same time frame as homesteader development. Do the math: Maxxam at their height of operation fielded 220 men cutting trees and all the accompanying trucking and cat work per day in a relatively tiny portion of PL's 225,000 acres. Compare that with subdivision activity on subdivision lands and roads going on 24/7/365 days a year with far more than 220 people on far more than the sections being logged piecemeal across a large acreage. Your prejudices are showing is all, the same ones that made enviros and now Proggies make bad environmental decisions so that you guys can't be trusted to know what your doing when ganging together as little public mobs at Humboldt County future planning meetings.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/27/2014 at 9:27 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

"Get a clue"? "Beat a dead horse"? So far you are the only one bringing up the Timber Wars, we appear to be in agreement on unbridled development, which, in my opinion, is a direct result of an uninformed public forfeiting their right to vote-out development interests that force them to subsidize the infrastructure serving McMansion subdivisions while ignoring affordable housing needs for a generation.

Big timber did a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Irresponsible development will do the same thing, it will just take a little longer.

Posted by Alan Moss on 03/27/2014 at 7:48 PM

Re: “I'm Still Worried

Sell it to yourself anyway you want but I'm not buying your leftover Leftist attempt to once again, divert attention away from the failed Timber War fiasco that left Humboldt County watersheds with homestead subdivision developments continue for 20 years, still going on, of un-ecologically regulated land use, road construction that killed who knows how many endangered species. Dogs killing deer, cats killing every little animal, people killing porcupines, bears, racoons, and MUD pouring off hundreds of miles of dirt roads being pulverized every day so the rains can carry the mud and silt down into the watershed creeks ruining salmonide spawning grounds. And then there's all the pot poisoning horrors..

Get a clue, Alan, the days when you could pound the Timber War dead horse are over. It was only greedy people hungry for public fame and political power seeking headlines and even money by exploiting environmental concern.

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Posted by Stephen1 on 03/27/2014 at 6:18 AM

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