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Re: “The Kelsey Trail

Hi Barry,

I just found your article on the Kelsey Trail. Thanks for the great highlights. I used to live on the Klamath River up Bear Peak Rd near Clear Creek. I proposed reconstructing the trail to the Forest Service but they said that the Clear Creek section was pretty much demolished by logging roads. We (Clear Creek Legal Defense Fund) fought the road construction and logging upper Clear Creek and won administrative appeal with support of Sierra Club legal defense fund. By keeping upper Clear Creek preserved it was thereby able to be included in Siskiyou National Widerness area. I left there in 1981 but have always treasured that area. Someday I hope to see the entire Kelsey Trail reconstructed so more people can enjoy that wild area.
Best regards,
Scott Schroeder

Posted by Scott Schroeder on 08/27/2015 at 7:46 PM

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