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Re: “Just Searing Some Duck

I wonder...could one remove the skin, either before or after searing to render off more fat and then put the crisp skin back on top of the duck to serve? I have some rabid anti-fat eaters here, more's the pity!

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Posted by Carolyn Filby Furman on 03/21/2015 at 12:23 PM

Re: “Hum Plate Round-up is packrat(a giant mouse)$1.50. Packed with purslane(purple from fertilizing with phytoplankton.the rat dies with stash of mesquite seed,left from honey mesquite.just that from rich climatic zone under bean tree. Nitrogen.unexploited soil.they think rat cures cancer.the elements in purslane make me
dream.alga powder to 3" wheatgrass makes thick green rounded,not pointed tip.that gave nightmare.overdose 72 so called micro that made with Granulite?

Posted by Zoltan Welvart on 03/04/2015 at 6:18 PM

Re: “Funky Cold Medina

Nicely said! I believe I should hobble down to the bar and try these!

Posted by Jacquee Fiesler on 02/13/2015 at 9:01 AM

Re: “Apples by the Pint

I had a dry cider at 6 Rivers Brewery by Humboldt Cider. It was really good, can't wait for work to send me the 300+ Mikes next time when the tap room opens!

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Posted by Garrett Brockman on 02/05/2015 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Hot Wheels

Tea Time has really great tea!

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Posted by Deanna Sisk on 01/22/2015 at 10:08 AM

Re: “Hot Wheels

Way cool...gonna hit it up for sure. Triple bonus if they offer a good cup of real jasmine. Seems like most of the jasmine tea on the shelves is only so from "flavors", one of the food industry's mystery concoctions. Gotta say it though, milk and honey in black tea is da bomb...bioflavizoidz be damned!

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Posted by flavinoids shmavinoids on 01/21/2015 at 2:27 PM

Re: “Hot Wheels

Very cool! A great addition to Humboldt

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Posted by Anthony Mantova on 01/17/2015 at 10:40 PM

Re: “Secrets of Holiday Bartending

I hope you all can imagine the sacrifices I make for my husband. I had to eat and drink all of these after the photos! ;-)

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Posted by Rae Robison on 12/26/2014 at 10:12 PM

Re: “Adobo for the Soul

More please! I love Philipino food.

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Posted by Juliette Monroe on 12/11/2014 at 7:26 AM

Re: “Adobo for the Soul


Posted by Juliette Monroe on 12/11/2014 at 7:25 AM

Re: “Toad in the Hole

You can get WAY better Banger's at Pixie's Loleta Meat Market. And she makes them herself. (Local Local Local!) My ex father in law raved about them. Said they were the best he'd ever had. And he was born and raised in London and lived most of his life there. He knows a good Banger when he tastes one. I highly recommend giving them a try.

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Posted by Kimberly A. Eastlick on 10/10/2014 at 1:47 PM

Re: “Toad in the Hole

My mother-n -law wa British with traditions-elenensies {sherry}, tea.,food---kegeraee [Sp???,ateak and kideney pie, triflle---all
when we went to england , we ate best at t he pubs

Posted by jean doran1 on 10/10/2014 at 1:04 PM

Re: “Toad in the Hole

Butchered pigs yesterday and briefly thought of your john as I tossed the livers and other offal into the gut bucket...does he want the kidneys? I DO think I saved those, lol

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Posted by Joan Crandell on 10/09/2014 at 6:48 PM

Re: “Bien Padre Corn Tortilla Chips

I am wondering if this is the Journal's move into native advertising. Is this a paid ad?

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Posted by T Jonathon Proctor on 08/05/2014 at 9:00 AM

Re: “Sushi for the Gluten-challenged

I absolutely LOVE Kyotos :) Everything is amazing! They are super accommodating for any dietary restrictions especially gluten free :) Nom Nom Nom <3 Another new favorite is Hana. They also are great with GF tempura and sauce :)

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Posted by Havilah Anne Deaton on 06/20/2014 at 7:46 PM

Re: “What the Pho?

u should try our phos. Our phos are one of the bomb pho U've ever had. We are located @ 8618 86th Ave North and 49th street North. Come give us a try!

Posted by Thanh-Thao Ngo on 04/20/2014 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Sausage Party


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Posted by Rachel LaMell on 03/26/2014 at 8:42 AM

Re: “Bittersweet

People who like this recipe should contribute to Boujie Baking Company's Kickstarter campaign:…

Posted by Hal Grotke on 03/16/2014 at 1:12 PM

Re: “Hum Plate Roundup

Rumor has it that these are all good tips all but can only, first person, testify as to the outrageousness of the "XXX Adults Only Grilled Cheese Sandwich," which is the best grilled cheese I've ever had. I say this being not a Vegan and consider myself very fussy about my grilled cheese's.

Posted by G. Gilbert Yule on 03/01/2014 at 9:50 PM

Re: “Hum Plate Roundup

But is the steak grass fed meat or is it antibiotic, hormone filled meat?

Posted by Sylvia De Rooy on 03/01/2014 at 8:50 PM

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