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Re: “Discontinuing a Trail in Arcata's Community Forest

Ahh, reminds me of my CCC days.


Posted by William A Hardwick on 02/27/2017 at 9:41 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

Thadeus does a good job, for the most part, debunking "problems" with Breitbart's Klamath dams story. He relies on the Karuk Tribe's Craig Tucker for his facts. Craig knows a lot about the Klamath but apparently there are some things he does not know or wishes to misrepresent. Here are "facts" which the article got wrong:

1. The Klamath Irrigation project did not, as claimed, transform "rangeland into farmland" via irrigation water. In fact, much of the 200,000 acre Klamath Irrigation Project, including the most productive and profitable ag land, is in the diked and drained beds of Tule Lake (now 1/10th its original size) and Lower Klamath Lake (also now a fraction of its original size). While The Reclamation Act of 1905 was sold to Congress as "reclaim the dessert" all over the West it was mostly really "drain the wetlands" which is where the most valuable ag lands could be created just by diking and draining.

2. While the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement "provided for the restoration and expansion of upper Klamath Lake and would have added almost 100,000 acre feet of water storage capacity" that action would not, as Tucker claims, have "increased the ability for flood control on the river". That's because the KBRA would have locked in keeping Upper Klamath Lake full as early in the year as possible leaving little to no flood control ability to the US Bureau of Reclamation using Upper Klamath Lake. Furthermore, federal appropriations for lake expansion would and will be sought with or without the KBRA or any other water deal cooked up in the back room. Tucker knows this but apparently he can just not let go! To learn about the rest of the bad things in the KBRA - like its 19 pages of "Regulatory Assurances" designed to relive federal irrigators of the burden of ESA and state fish and wildlife laws - see

The article also omitted important facts, for example, the fact that in winter Lost River flows are diverted to the Klamath River to prevent flooding of the ton of Tulelake and surrounding farmlands which are in the bed of the original Tule Lake.

Most importantly, the article did not mention how the US Bureau of Reclamation actually does prevent sending flood waters (which would also take out Iron Gate Dam) down the Klamath River. When necessary, Reclamation uses its irrigation infrastructure to spread the water onto the bed of the former Lower Klamath Lake before that water can flow into the Klamath Canyon. With the exception of some wildlife refuge wetlands, those lands are now used to grow grain and as pasture for livestock. The grain fields benefit from flooding and the livestock are moved to higher ground when that area must be flooded to save the dams below.

Once the dams are removed (and they will be because it is in the interest of PacifiCorp and its owner Berkshire Hathaway Investments that they be removed) Reclamation will still be able to divert potential Klamath flood waters into the reclaimed bed of Lower Klamath Lake. As long as the US Bureau of reclamations manages the water properly, no Klamath River flooding will come from the Upper Basin. One should bear in mind, however, that Upper Basin flows controlled by Reclamation are only a fraction of total Klamath flows. Rain on snow in the Klamath Mountains west of Interstate 5 drives the Klamath's major floods.

Thadeus, you really should have called Reclamation about the flooding; Mr. Tucker is knowledgeable but even he does not know it all.

Posted by Unofelice on 02/27/2017 at 3:54 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

There are 225 references I attempted to post with the last message and several more times without success. As with this message, not sure if they will show up later or not at all. Let me know if you wish to see more and I will continue to try.

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Posted by coz on 02/27/2017 at 1:33 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

Dear Wow?

Thanks for your insightful and articulate response, especially for profiling me as a brainwashed idiot piece of s***. Certainly cant question your intellectual perspective or Klamath expertise.

Brainwashed has been defined as subjected to intensive forced indoctrination resulting in the rejection of old beliefs and acceptance of new ones.

It is difficult to claim that someone has been brainwashed whose beliefs were formed by actual experiences. Even today being in the water over 50 times a year, I virtually lived in the Klamath at our location before and after Iron Gate, as my grandfather before me. As a youth, I spoke with a number of my grandfathers senior acquaintances born in the region as early as the 1870s, Tribal, mixed, and offspring of settlors. Though inquired separately, they were yet virtually unanimous in their recollections of pre-Project and post Project conditions. Every local multigenerational resident I have spoken with since has remarkably presented almost the exact same renditions, of which many of those facts have been further supported by historical documentation and archeological evidence. Our personal experiences and current studies have continued to confirm those earlier observations. Obviously, your experiences in this most dams impacted region must be equally extensive and in conflict for you to hold such profound response.

As to the references you refer, you obviously must be a person who revels in the certainties of academia. I have read each of the following in the past and much more, many of them multiple times. No doubt you have as well. If you are someone who can actually make a difference in this process, I would be happy to discuss any or all of them.

Have a great day.

Your faithful Brainwashed Idiot Piece of S*** (BIPOS)

1. Atlas of Oregon Lakes , Johnson, et al. 1985) (Upper Klamath Lake eutrophic conditions)
2. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Cyanotoxins and Their Relation to Other Water Quality Variables in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, 200709, By Sara L. Caldwell Eldridge, Tamara M. Wood, and Kathy R. Echols, Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5069 USGS/BOR
3. Upper Klamath Lake Basin Nutrient-Loading StudyAssessment of Historic Flows in the Williamson and Sprague Rivers, By JOHN C. RISLEY and ANTONIUS LAENEN U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Water-Resources Investigations Report 984198 1999
4. CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF NUTRIENT CONDITIONS IN THE UPPER KLAMATH RIVER Klamath Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 2082) PacifiCorp Portland, Oregon November 2006
5. Wikipedia microcystis aeruginso
6. Recreational exposure to microcystins during algal blooms in two California lakes Lorraine C. Backer,*, Sandra V. McNeel b, Terry Barber, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Christopher Williams, Mitch Irvin, Yue Zhou, Trisha B. Johnson, Kate Nierenber, Mark Aubel, Rebecca LePrell , Andrew Chapman, Amanda Foss, Susan Corum, Vincent R. Hill, Stephanie M. Kieszak, Yung-Sung Cheng 2009

7. Comment for July 8, 2010 Klamath Hydro Settlement NEPA Federal Hearing on Klamath Dams Removal - Gail Whitsett (sediment study biased invalidation)

8. NUTRIENT LOADING OF SURFACE WATERS IN THE UPPER KLAMATH BASIN: AGRICULTURAL AND NATURAL SOURCES, K.A. Rykbost and B.A. Charlton, March 2001 (failure of marshes in less water and higher phosphorus)
9. Paleolimnological evidence of change in a shallow, hypereutrophic lake: Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA, J.M. Eilers, J. Kann et al, March 2003 (Shift of algae to aphanizomenon flos aquae, no total cyanobacterial increases, little chemical changes, change in N:P ratios he assumes to agriculture/forestry when current association more likely temporary condition of prior drained marsh organic decomposition with humic acid shift)

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Posted by coz on 02/27/2017 at 11:46 AM

Re: “Last Night at Roy's

Excellent story. End of an era.

Posted by Glenn Franco Simmons on 02/27/2017 at 9:54 AM

Re: “The Devil's Playground No More

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Posted by Sky Illumination Walker on 02/27/2017 at 6:26 AM

Re: “Defense Attorneys Urge Supes to Scrap Public Defender Hire, Start Over

BOS BS scrap the whole it too much to hope and dream for? Real humans conscious candidates to replace the gang on BOS? We need a lot, I mean a lot of competent help!

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Posted by Meaghan Simpson on 02/26/2017 at 10:30 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

Hey COZ. Thanks for that rambling TL;DR pile of shit. "Paid-for-print activism"? Sorry, you're projecting; that's what Bretshit does; paid-for-propaganda. This article clearly pointed out a bad piece of journalism that came out of Breitbart and backed it up with facts that contradicted claims made by Chriss Street. It's not Mr. Greenson's fault that you're a brainwashed idiot. You also provide no sources for your claims in your comment, so I'm going to assume you're full of shit.

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Posted by WOW on 02/26/2017 at 12:37 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

In reading Mr. Greensons condescending opinion piece reply to That Dam Breitbart Story, I am heartened that Breitbart readers may be excused by Mr. Greenson for daring to agree with something other than Mr. Greenson's paid-for-print activism. My question is, who will forgive Mr. Greenson?
It sadly seems that unaccountable self-assured intellectual arrogance and assumptive ignorance all too often walk hand in hand.
We are 4 generations on and in the Klamath River at the focal point of dams impact rhetoric, before and after Iron Gate, though apparently not encompassing the profound knowledge of Mr. Greenson writing 180 miles downstream. Of course, we must also apparently defer the resident majority regionally affected experience, documentation, and current studies to the paid-for-agenda predefined position for which Mr. Tucker was imported to promote.
Iron Gate releases average approximately 12% of the volume at the estuary, and the flood conditions destructive to the upper river that Mr. Greenson so easily dismisses often occur with levels comprising less than 3-10% of those typical to same time estuary non-destructive winter flows. We experienced the almost yearly inundation, riparian erosion, sedimentation, environmental degradation, and regional losses that occurred prior to the needed added capacity which Upper Klamath Lake and Copco alone were unable to quell. Those pundits regurgitating agenda constructed bullet points for the uninformed, such as no flood protection, should consider reading the engineering completed years ago supporting regional reality by describing a debris capturing minimum 9 hour attenuation period provided by those reservoirs during high flow events. Though he may be forgiven for stating Upper Klamath Lake averaging less than 8 feet in depth as a deep reservoir, Mr. Greensons solution of increased Upper Klamath Lake capacity to compensate for loss fails to consider the lack of Agreement assured funding or even a practical ability to do so, or the often far greater flood contributions added to the canyon between Link and Iron Gate. None of the profound regularly experienced damages to our region have occurred in the years since Iron Gate, a large part of why it WAS and is still supported by locals.

Virtually EVERY original profiting special interest assured bullet point fabricated in the creation of secret and exclusionary dams removal imposition Agreements has been subsequently shown by experiment and currently monitored data to be completely unsupported and defective in premise. However, NONE of that public rhetoric or orchestrating biological opinions are being allowed alteration until AFTER the hydroelectric/water storage/hatchery facilities are slated for destruction to secure a rewilding agenda. Nearly 80% of those most affected and knowledgeable concerning the facilities now proven environmental benefits have officially voted to keep the dams, but of course Mr. Greenson is infinitely wiser. Current data is now revealing facilities profound and irreplaceable benefits regarding unameliorable natural Upper Basin conditions including biological nutrient sequestration, mircrocystin, and temperatures, and yet none of that is currently allowed in the frenzied maneuvering to forcing environmental/public/private loss and uncompensated confiscation upon the majority most affected before the uninformed become aware or care. Impairments have now been proven benefits, and volitional passage for millions of salmon to hundreds of miles of previous habitat has been refuted not only by ignored pre-Project historical documentation and majority multi-generational experience, but now by proponents own paid studies trying to prove the opposite. Freedom of PacifiCorp choice was NOT the mantra uttered prior to continued threat of seated members proponent lawsuits and specifically altered 401 permits to effectively force Agreement acquiescence, nor does it address the impacts to the unrepresented public/private affected interests in a quasi-public entity facility. A myriad of documented examples exposed by diverse whistleblowers proving the extent of corruption to achieve pre-defined policy directives is available to any who wish to research. Multiple PROVEN alternatives to removals of dams certified in EXCELLENT condition have been repeatedly presented for a FRACTION of removal costs, damage, and risks, but NONE are considered in the face of this one outcome special interest agenda refusing to amend now proven defective FERC EIR mandates. None has said Governor Brown STARTED the removals, but his Water Crisis Management Plan policy directed order that ALL his appointed agencies, including DWR, DFG, and CPUC, WILL do whatever is required to facilitate Klamath Dams removals (which they have) is hardly exculpatory. But then, Mr. Greenson obviously knows all this. Even stranger, had he examined equally available statistics of salmon returns to the dams region over the last hundred years, he might find it not only suggests no pre-Project statistical decline, and in fact productive consistency, but a significant INCREASE of returns with the addition of Iron Gate artificially further enhanced downstream conditions.

Hopefully, Mr. Greenson, I will be another one that the readers might forgive. However, in your accusation to the prior author, whom I dont personally know, questioning his possible motive, I find it interesting throughout this debacle, I have yet to hear of ANYONE from the most knowledgeable and affected majority speaking in opposition to the environmentally and regionally destructive removals who is paid or reimbursed for their moral obligation to do so. On the other hand, in their attempt to divide and conquer a previously trusting regional community, I have also yet to hear a SINGLE locally knowledgeable PROPONENT for removals who ISNT personally profiting from their position, and absolutely NONE who are willing to be held liable for the damages caused. Are you the exception, Mr. Greenson? I thought not.

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Posted by coz on 02/26/2017 at 11:44 AM

Re: “Huffman: 'I Know My Job is to Fight'

Enjoyed the artical content, but the composition needs editing desparately!

Posted by Connie Patterson on 02/26/2017 at 1:01 AM

Re: “Drugs! Guns! Eureka Police Department POPs Five

I feel sorry for his family...
He definitely is not the role model they deserve...

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Posted by Laurie Lynn LaMar on 02/25/2017 at 10:02 PM

Re: “Drugs! Guns! Eureka Police Department POPs Five

I do know the Camilli family. I love both Bill and Delores,and have known and loved them my entire life. However Doug and Dougie are both a disgrace. Big Doug has been a drug using ,selling piece of shit for 40 years. Little Doug is a loser junkie and been on and off heroine since he was a kid . Now he's a grown man and needs to finally be accountable for being the piece of shit he is. It's a shame that these two men were allowed to even have the Camilli name .

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Posted by Jodi on 02/25/2017 at 4:12 PM

Re: “Huffman: 'I Know My Job is to Fight'

California has enacted the National Popular VOte bill.

It is 61% of the way to guaranteeing the majority of Electoral College votes and the presidency in 2020 to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in the country, by changing state winner-take-all laws (not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, but later enacted by 48 states), without changing anything in the Constitution, using the built-in method that the Constitution provides for states to make changes.

All voters would be valued equally in presidential elections, no matter where they live.

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Posted by Susan Evoy on 02/25/2017 at 2:24 PM

Re: “That Dam Breitbart Story

As I remarked the other day, the dodgiest part of that whole sad article is that allegation regarding the Pat Brown-Ronald Regan election hinging on North Coast flooding:

"It's laughable to suggest that big city California voters gave any fucks whatsoever about the conditions of life on the North Coast, whether in 1966 or today."

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Posted by Charles Douglas on 02/25/2017 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Last Night at Roy's

This is such a great story. I was born and raised in Eureka. I'm very familiar with old town. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my family didn't visit 1st or 2nd st often. We did shop at Daly's on 5th street though. And woolsworths was fun. What about bonanza 88. The old Eureka Theatre was great. Loved the drive inn on 101 when opened. We had really great days in the past. I would love to have been raised during the happening times at Roys. I remember going to Roys in 1991 on a prom date. It was a place reserved for special occasions. Always great food. I appreciate the history shared here. The negative commenter above should remove his comment since not appropriate and out of line. In the future should you have an issue, please fill out a comment card and not blast it on the owner's farewell. Please go back to your rock and troll somewhere else. Best of wishes to the families!!!

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Posted by Humboldt Native on 02/24/2017 at 9:34 PM

Re: “County Elections Office Seeks Injunction Against Fart Joke

Because of course.

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Posted by Kathy With A K on 02/24/2017 at 3:21 PM

Re: “Fair Fight

Yea most entities do not reveal there fleecing of tax dollars. They especially dont want to let the tax payers of this county knowing anything about accountability. It gets real interesting when you see a city or county cry that there is no funding for roads. the county owes millions on cal pers retirement system with making minimal payments each month. Anymore they would rather watch the road deteriorate until a good storm comes along and declare emergency funding disaster rather than maintain the roads.. When the whole chicken pen is full of foxes there is no honor among thieves. Government gets more expensive to run every year while getting better benefits and there output is less, like right down to cal trans level ( shovel in hand bs' n all day). Its easy for them to pencilwhip the financial reports to match what looks good to them. The auditing is just as bogus , and now with browns shred document law which his family has trademark patent rights in (just kidding) . Sometimes it's best not to know and or get involved and tell your elected leaders we demand accountability!

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Posted by Roger Bar on 02/24/2017 at 4:57 AM

Re: “Last Night at Roy's

How dare you write such a disparaging review if a restaurant opened in 1919 by the Fanucchis, who have served up fine Italian cuisine since that time. Over 3 generations of my family have enjoyed dining at Roy's Club, and i remember how exciting it was when my Grandparents took us there the first time. Service was always wonderful, along with a number of excellent chefs manning the kitchen.

I don't know where you are from, but we were born and raised here in Eureka. We always enjoyed the different courses that arrived before dinner, and the entrees that followed, the great service and hospitality, the ambiance ... and left full, happy, looking forward to the next time we'd return

Hopefully Roy's Club will be designated as a Historical Landmark, maintained s such, and reopened soon.

So very sorry this restaurant is closing for now. Many thanks to Evo & Catherine for keeping it open for so long. Congratulations on a happy retirement !!!

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Posted by Roy's Fan on 02/24/2017 at 2:04 AM

Re: “Last Night at Roy's

How dare you insult a fine restaurant established in 1919 by the Fanucchis and where at least 3 generations of my family have enjoyed dining all our lives. My Grandparents took us there for special occasions and we always looked forward to the delicious food that arrived steaming hot from the kitchen, and where a number of fine chefs cooked an array of wonderful Italian dishes.

The restaurant itself should be designated as a historical building, kept up to that standard, and hopefully re-opened soon.

Perhaps you are not from this area; however, my family was born and raised here in Eureka. Every time we went to Roys was a special occasion! We left full, happy, and could hardly wait until the next time we'd return. So sorry Evo & Catherine, you're closing. Congratulations on a very happy retirement!!!

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Posted by Roy's Fan on 02/24/2017 at 1:39 AM

Re: “Last Night at Roy's

For as long as I've live in Humboldt County the food served at this establishment has been unrecognizable to an Italian palate. Poorly cooked seafood risotto covered in cheep domestic Parmesan cheese and over cooked pasta, my point to those journalists covering the local food scene it that they do an establishment no favors when they cover for mediocre food.

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Posted by HONEST ANSWER1 on 02/23/2017 at 1:27 PM

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