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Re: “GMO Salmon Spawns Huffman's Ire

A response that required no research on the actual circumstances of the issue, I guess he was too busy with those 4 hours of fundraising phone calls to actually study the situation. To find out yourself check out:

Posted by typical male1 on 05/23/2016 at 8:09 PM

Re: “TL;DR: Five Tips for Wanna-be Bigfoot Hunters

My pictures prove it, 100%...I had hair samples too, until that thief Meldrum stole them!

Posted by Joe Kiray on 05/23/2016 at 7:13 AM

Re: “Officers and Suspect in Arcata Shooting Identified, Updated with Photos

In hard times people lacking the psychological fortitude to be police officers are signing up for the living wage and generous pension. They are killing civilians in large numbers that are often mentally unstable or on hallucinogens.

There are many amateur videos of how actual professionals handle similar situations without the rush to kill.…

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Posted by Jessie Sia on 05/22/2016 at 11:37 PM

Re: “Parents of Murder Victim: ‘Her Light Will Always Shine’

Christina was a bright and shining star. She was funny, smart, sensitive and beautiful. We will never understand why, but she will always be loved and never forgotten. ❤️

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Posted by Nancy Ayers on 05/21/2016 at 9:14 AM

Re: “Identities Released in Fatal Weekend Crashes

Larry was a sweet guy. Sensitive with a huge heart. It's just terribly sad.

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Posted by layla on 05/18/2016 at 10:13 PM

Re: “Identities Released in Fatal Weekend Crashes

Larry is from Rocklin, Ca. Not Rockland.

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Posted by Emily Huska on 05/18/2016 at 2:07 AM

Re: “Huffman Feels the Bern, But Endorses Clinton

Not only are you a COWARD but you are WRONG! What don't you understand about if Bernie is more popular than that gold-digging woman and everyone who admires him votes for him, he wins. He also beats Trump because no rational Republican is going to vote for HIM. And there ARE rational Republicans. But you prefer to go with a Republican, and a dishonest one at that, instead of Bernie? You are not a rational being. Sorry I can't vote against you in your district. I would in a split second. I don't care if a cat were running against you, I'd much rather have a cat--they are very honest. I give you credit for being honest about your cowardice. But that's it. Nothing else honorable to mention.

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Posted by harned on 05/17/2016 at 11:36 PM

Re: “Huffman Feels the Bern, But Endorses Clinton

Yikes! Rep. Huffman, we need leadership for the 21st century! $ and presidential elections, Global warming! I'm filling out my ballot right now and am so sorry to be reminded you're supporting HRC. You've been on 'the good foot' and have worked so hard to meet important issues. Bernie has been consistent for more than 30 years, fighting injustices & standing up to corporate power (Greenspan, example). The climate is not favorable for HRC; very transparent the votes were stolen, especially after Nevada and solidified my opinion, very disappointing to witness. Please re-consider. I cannot vote for a war hawk.

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Posted by cholly on 05/17/2016 at 10:17 PM

Re: “UPDATED: Why is Eureka Being Squirrely About Handing over Public Records?

The City is not run "by the people for the people" there is a difference between governing the City for the benefit of the people vs governing the City for the benefit the City. The City Attorney acts more like a mouth piece for the mob. It speaks volumes as to why the primary punishment given to attorneys is taking an ethics class. A Federal Judge ruled what the City was doing at the marsh wronged the 11 people who brought before him. Ethically it was wrong not to give the 130 or so who didn't have the opportunity to bring it before the court the same rights. How sad and obvious that according to the City a persons rights is dependent upon having a lawyer; no lawyer good luck the City will do whatever it can get away with.

Posted by wagthedog on 05/17/2016 at 3:35 AM

Re: “HumBug: Ants

I found big ants would stay in a bottle with wet inlandsea phytoplankton o
n its bottom.that moist blooms ambient algae, pacifies ants, makes oxygen.that keeps ants in bottle.i fed twenty a dy to chamillion, or hornd lizarphytoplanktonand she laid 36 eggs.they usually lay 24.i blame element nutrition from phytoplankton..inland low central spot. Concntrated elements, algae this deposit causes spetacular bloom.

Posted by Fortunato Arriza on 05/15/2016 at 6:17 PM
Posted by Corndog on 05/13/2016 at 9:10 AM

Re: “UPDATED: Why is Eureka Being Squirrely About Handing over Public Records?

Eureka has too much to hide. I wonder how many of those communications were felonious. I can envision the smoke rising from all the overworked paper shredders.

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Posted by SafetyThird on 05/13/2016 at 8:54 AM

Re: “TL;DR: Five Tips for Wanna-be Bigfoot Hunters

So Jennifer, I too have never seen an episode of "Bigfoot Hunters". What network carries that program? Never heard of it...

Posted by Stefan Jagoe on 05/13/2016 at 6:46 AM

Re: “UPDATED: Why is Eureka Being Squirrely About Handing over Public Records?

Eureka and Humboldt's intransigence is new? Isn't the county currently fighting the state attorney general's audacity to investigate child welfare in this county?

Seems like we could/should have a story like this every month on a variety of uncomfortable subjects. Have all those police shootings been adjudicated? At what public cost? What has this community spent relying on untrained police to handle homelessness, addiction, mental illness and at-risk youths?

Thank you.

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Posted by Harold Sumner on 05/13/2016 at 12:23 AM
Posted by Simona Carini on 05/12/2016 at 5:33 PM

Re: “UPDATED: Why is Eureka Being Squirrely About Handing over Public Records?

What a great story, superbly written with wonderful perspective and so much to chew on!

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Posted by Emma Nation on 05/12/2016 at 4:52 PM

Re: “Marsh Homeless' Eviction Notice is Today, What's Going to Happen?

It's eurekas problem they turned a blind eye to it. Till it came back in bit them. They let the problem get like that . trust me that didn't happen over night.

Posted by Steven Mayo on 05/09/2016 at 2:34 PM

Re: “Selling out to Big Soda

Interesting to note: 93 days from today is 8-8-16.

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Posted by Sh0rt_Stuff on 05/07/2016 at 10:05 PM

Re: “Selling out to Big Soda

Now this is journalism, at its finest.

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Posted by ncjlies on 05/07/2016 at 3:35 PM

Re: “Selling out to Big Soda

"The box looks like a fucking grave"..............Nice journalism. Look mom I is a "journalist"

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Posted by cosmos00 on 05/07/2016 at 12:00 PM

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