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Re: “Voter Turnaway

I'm surprised that Mr. Emenaker's report, while informative, is framed in the same old "positive, feel good, happy talk", a sad prerequisite to appeal to media's narrow ad-sale sensibilities and another reason for an uninformed populace.

For example, Emenaker writes, "...37% turnout in H.Co. isn't that bad....and it might even be 40%."

No, it's not "that bad" unless you reveal its proper context. 40% turnout means that only 20% of the eligible voters voted and only 11% are needed to win, a tiny turnout easily manipulated by the campaign ads that make our media the LAST place to read about our illegitimate elections!

Placed in proper context, "not bad" becomes a DISGRACE, and a common criticism reserved by the U.S. against those "rogue nations" defined by their illegitimate, low-turnout elections and requiring a good bombing into "democracy" from time to time.

It's great to have so many solutions being effectively practiced in literally every other industrialized nation...just like the high-paying Green Economy jobs enjoyed around the globe that lawmakers keep fighting in the U.S. on behalf of Big Oil...(disappeared headlines means more disappeared voters).

To Emenaker's credit, painfully few academics offer their broader community any additional insight, nor do many parents for their children. (Maybe this article will challenge local media to actually interview local non-voters and ask them why they don't vote. A random phone call gives you a 70% chance of speaking to one. Make sure to include a few questions about important local facts and where they got their answer).

Note: Not long after imposing nominal fines for "Failure to Vote", Australia enacted universal healthcare.

Posted by Barry Gates on 11/21/2014 at 12:22 AM

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